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Warren Silenced: The Patriarchy Strikes Back


Warren Silenced: The Patriarchy Strikes Back

Adele M. Stan

There’s nothing the patriarchy hates more than a woman who’s got a point to make, especially a powerful point to make against the man the white patriarchy means to install in the highest law-enforcement office in the land. And the patriarchy really is not down with the fact that the point was originally made by a black woman, one of the most revered civil rights activists in modern history.


Who is the boss?! I cannot wait for the day that the Mother shows these idiots who is REALLY the boss! My gut is going nuclear right now. Off with their heads! But I'll settle down and try to engage my brain.

These prehistoric men don't have much longer on this planet. What we need to work on is replacing the younger set--the ones following in the footsteps of the white, racist, misogynists. We cannot allow another generation of close-minded bigots to fill government posts.

If we are to have government, we must work to create a new one--a more enlightened one, i.e., Progressive, Green, Socialist.


An excellent analysis of exactly what McConnell did to Warren, and the reasons behind it!

I'm a white male. Let me say right now, publicly, that I hope to see the death of white male patriarchy!
It is a blight on politics, economics, the "justice system", social justice, environmental issues, foreign
policy, and a plethora of interpersonal issues. I do not believe that a white, Anglo-Saxon Male is any
better than any other human. Those who believe in that natural superiority are fools. No one can be
truly free, as long as others are less free.


I would add autonomous democracy to your list. Complete gender equality is its starting feature among the Kurds of northern Kurdistan and the Zapatistas of southeast Mexico.

Autonomous democracy exists outside of government. It is an ancient organic tool used by humans to focus distributed intelligence. Oligarchs often attempt to silence it by denigration as wife's tales or gossip


Its not just patriarchy. Its conservatism, the definition of fear, mysoginy, racist, greed, war, cowardly, superstitious, reactionary, authoritarian, dictatorship, corruption, pollution, xenophobic and stupid,


Interesting concept. Not totally sure what you're saying tho. Word of mouth? Spread written word via social media? Talk to people? Write opinions in local papers? Is that what you mean?

Ah, I just googled "autonomous democracy." You're talking about a form of anarchy. Well, the biggest problem I have right now with that is....what gets the most PR are the anarchists who smash windows and burn cars. That's not what we want! Until anarchists can organize a non-violent showing, they will be denigrated. Besides, that's what trump and his thugs want....an excuse to label resisters and marches as "enemies" and to tighten the screws on his police state. Violence plays into the hands of those who wish to use it against the people!


BRAVO, Adele!
This is clearly a testosterone-fest!
Shame on our nation for voting such thugs into office.


Four male members of the senate have since read the letter without a peep from McConnell.
It's very clear that the problem from McConnell's point of view is not what was said, but who said it,


rump criticized Berkely for "denying freedom of speech" when they chose to not have a certain white supremecist speak on their campus. Did rump criticize the senate for silencing Warren? No he did not. If that doesn't say everything... Obviously, the only time rump cares is when people are saying things that he agrees with. I wonder when rump will create a bureau to approve and "edit" all newspaper articles and television news before they are put to print or broadcasted. Y'know "gotta make sure that no fake news gets out." Yeah, he's heading that way.


The wrath of nasty women everywhere is being stoked big time.

So be it.


"Until anarchists can organize" thanks for the laughs, I need those whoever I can.


Your point is well taken. It does seem that Patriarchy and Authoritarianism always seem to exist together. It seems either one is almost a prerequisite for the other.


Authoritarianism requires serial fabrication of new enemies, and targeting Warren and other women gives the authoritarians one more demographic to categorize as an enemy that only Trump can save us from.


Not anarchy unless you are referring to something like the Spaniards who were defeated by Franco and Hitler in Spain. People running around wearing masks, tipping over garbage cans and breaking windows call themselves anarchists yet don't have a brain that can think beyond petty trashing.

Autonomous democracy today is practiced mainly by populations living where their governments are hostile. Zapatistas are surviving indigenous peoples of several names who are under assault by the Mexican government and have survived continual attacks since Cortez. Kurds live in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran; this makes it difficult to have a democracy. Kurds learned they shared similar aspirations and problems with Zapatistas and traveled to Mexico to develop philosophies and techniques.

Philosophers here might link their ideas more with quantum physics than political science. The link being that when a new and more fun story is accepted by humanity then that story becomes reality.

Something like; Cosmic powered biology manifest as human began when the first quarks solidified and began discovering various attractive combinations produced interesting offspring with opportunities for evermore interesting combinations. Evolution is accelerating along with the accelerating cosmic expansion of a big bang still banging. Humans now see and appreciate Cosmos. Etc,

One may read the closing Zapatista science meeting here


A rough translation of the opening talk is here


This is all way more than tipping over trash cans


regardless of how you feel about those tactics, the one thing they aren't is violent. That word has pretty specific meaning in political usage. Non-violence is not synonymous with "peaceable", and it's best to discard this conflation soonest. It simply means that no living beings were harmed in the making of this resistance.

I'm not a fan of inchoate infrastructure destruction myself--I think there are more effective ways to be forceful--but dismissing it as an act of "violence" is reactionary, even for liberals.


Oh wow! My brain is slowly frying! This is hilarious and prescient at the same time! I'm still absorbing so pardon me if I can't comment intelligently as yet. I'm completely aghast! A new story--YES!!! Quarks are firing, brain cells stirring up and threatening to explode! :o)


Please read Garrett_Connelley's reply to me--above.


Just how, pray tell, does the Senate do its Constitutionally mandated job of vetting candidates for cabinet positions, if they happen to be a sitting Senator when other Senators cannot question them about moral or ethical matters that touch on their ability to take on the position, if such matters will potentially reveal the unsuitability of the candidate? If you aren't allowed to bring the matter up then you cannot fulfill your mandate to vet the candidate!


Thing is, she's never been louder, or more effective.


Done, and there's not much point in doing so. I did find the comparison of the Bloc with the Zapatistas pretty amusing considering how the Z's got their start in the resistance business.

I think it's reasonable to suggest that just because a tactic turns you off (rhetorical you, not you) doesn't mean that the people doing it have no idea about what they're in service to. Most of us resist in ways that our operating space permits. We also resist to the level of our comfort more or less.

And just because something is scary to some doesn't make it violent. I don't like bricks flying near me any more than you do, but it's not like they're aiming at me.