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Warren Skewers Wells Fargo CEO for Greed and 'Gutless Leadership'


Warren Skewers Wells Fargo CEO for Greed and 'Gutless Leadership'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

As many hoped she would, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Tuesday gave a thorough tongue-lashing to Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf for what she described as "gutless leadership" for his failure to take responsibility for the recently exposed, years-long banking fraud scandal.


Both the Republicans and the Democrats skewered Mr. Stumpf.
Warren certainly did her best to be the one who gave him the most crap, but the Republicans did the guy no favors.
It would be surprising if Trump…err, Stumpf survives the pummeling he is now receiving from all side for too much longer.
Whether Obama’s Justice Department has the good sense to go after him legally is questionable.


It might just cost him too much in future speaking fees…


Warren has a lot to say about gutless leadership for someone who insults Jill Stein, undermines Bernie Sanders, and endorses Hillary Clinton.


Nobody’s perfect.


wouldn’t you love to see one of these criminal banxsters go to jail… just one of them…


It is Obama’s No Justice Department.


Will Warren similarly skewer AG Loretta Lynch if DOJ brings no criminal charges?


“We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.” - Louis D. Brandeis


I think Liz should just ask her buddy Hillary to go over to Wells Fargo headquarters and give them a little speech to school them up.


“Cross-Selling”, “Robo-Signing”, NJNP (No Job no Problem) mortgage loans…add up to the same thing…how to scam your customers; feed them ice cream up front and jam the harpoon up their rear ends with fees…
None of this scum ever goes to jail; so many lower level employees of these financial scam joints tried to change what was happening before the crash of 2008 and almost no upper executive in compliance gave them the time of day…the excuse was: “Everybody is doing it; if we don’t our stock price will fall”…including FANNI MAE/FREDDIE MAC; and the US government trashed and starved the regulators and we have the total immoral criminal US economic system that exists today.
And, we focus on the inane stupidities of the two leading presidential candidates so as to divert the attention away from the gross criminality and lack of Congressional oversight that exists.
Damn! The quicker this ends even in the streets the better off in the long run America will be!
I usually say, “peace” in the end, but the hell with that…


Wow,I can’t believe the stupidity of most of the anti -Liz commentators on this site. Here is the one courageous fighter for economic justice, who’s been carrying the load alone for years, and you so called progressives do nothing but take snotty potshots at her from your commode. It’s ridiculous. Killary–in her megalomaniacal ambition to be president, a woman with no charisma, no political sense, no policies or principles worth having, and a likability quotient of zero, forced Warren out of the contest early on, no doubt by implying that the shitstorm that Bernie faced would be Liz’s to face if she didn’t drop out, and you in your tinyweeny brain conclude that Liz deserves to be blamed. SMN. America deserves T-rump.


It was a great show but what are they going to do about it?


as soon as I saw that header, I knew someone had to have gotten it by now. thanks!
apparently Warren’s scrambling to recover her lines in the play after blowing her “(wall) street cred” all to hell.
good luck, Liz. You’ll fool plenty still waiting for their savior. But even more are going to remember how you kissed the ring of the Queen.


Not to mention the Securities and Exchange Commission.

This is just one more of many examples where the Obama administration doesn’t even follow up on wrong doing by the banking sector. There was a bit today from The Young Turks where Dr. Warren had sent a list of people and banks that should be prosecuted back in 2010 and recently asked the DOJ and the FBI what became of those investigations. They had never been followed up on, not a single one.


She went after Mary Jo White.


America deserves Progressive leaders that hold their ground and don’t lie to the public. Warren made a deal with the devil–and I used to be 100 percent behind her. You can’t have it both ways. You just can’t. This dithering over greater or super-greater evil is ridiculous. It’s time to stand up for something or shut up.


A Democrat complaining about gutless leadership is insulting.


Oh boy. Stumpf got a ‘severe’ tongue lashing. Bet that will keep him up nights - not.

Now what? Is this all here is?


Will any criminal charges be filed? No? So why all the theater?

My thoughts exactly. I like her words, but it is all grandstanding unless criminal charges are actually brought, and we’ve seen how Obummer’s Justice department lets Wall Street banksters commit fraud and wreck the economy without any prosecutions.

Don’t hold your breath waiting to see a prosecution.