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Warren Slams Bloomberg for Blaming 2008 Financial Meltdown On End of Redlining Policy

Sad to hear this. I thought she was one of the good ones in congress. Are there any?

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Which one? Sen. Sanders gets about $30+ every month. I’m buying Vermont Cheese & Micro-Brews, too. Sacrifices must be made, imo.
I’m looking to park my food cart at the Senator’s Inaguration festivities. Permits, etc. ya’ know.
So it goes…

Your comment makes me sad. Such fatalism.

I don’t think this is the time to be defeatist about democracy.

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It’s supposed to. That’s why it’s here. Don’t let it bring you down…

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Yet the black elite still fawns over Bloomberg

“Mike for Black America”


“Two prominent Democratic donors in Chicago with deep ties to Barack Obama will next week co-host an event for former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg…”

If Trump does not dig his own grave in November, we can predict, if Trump is re-elected he will certainly dig ours!

The former mayor said in 2015 that stop-and-frisk was a necessary measure in largely black and Hispanic neighborhoods because that’s “where the crime is.”

Looks like we are going to have two choices in November: A REPUBLICAN RACIST: OR A DEMO…RAT RACIST!

He has also been subject to a number of sexual harassment claims both through his Companies. He has also alleged to have made many comments degrading to women such as “if you looked like her I would do you in a second…” and pointing to a pregnant woman who was working at one of his businesses and suggesting she have an abortion.

Now the media were all over the claims made by Ms Warren that Bernie Sanders did not think a woman could be President and went out of their way to claim he was sexist. That same media fawns over Bloomberg. Bloombergs sexism and racism are not important to them.


This helps to make my point. A person posted audio of Bloomberg making racist comments and rather then address those comments CNN slammed the person that posted the audio.

Why Bloomberg will definitely lose to Trump. 67% of Progressive Dems will not vote for him if the Democratic Party nominates him:


Bloomberg has a Billiooo,ooo,ooonaire’s 40,000-foot view of the Housing Crisis, doesn’t he? In his mind, the problem wasn’t Banks trying to monetize mortgages, but Banks “having” to sell those mortgages in the first place. Of course he doesn’t count the IMMORAL means they used to sell them, or the CARNIVOROUS way they went about profiting from them, by selling those “bad” mortgages like thawing boxes of ice cream sold from of a stolen-goods truck… and then, to increase their profits, the Banks TORE DOWN the “extra houses” the “boom” had engendered… One of the main measures of housing health is the “home starts” number, but who keeps track (no one, duh) of how many homes the Banks tear down to increase their profits?

Must be nice, to think that you have NO culpability in the problem at all… That YOUR OWN obscene profits were somehow not subject to the ethic-free dirt that hit ALL profits from this source… How else could he then be the “moral” voice that tells us that (surprise!) it was the very efforts, by “Liberals,” to make things fair, that ended up stopping the Merry Go Round… Maybe he’s never thought, that to ensure fair treatment, one must first have the concept of it, rather than setting up the WHOLE SYSTEM from the ground level, to profit from stamping on people’s faces with hip-boots…

But at least we know how Bloomberg sees such issues of fairness… they are simply attacks on the Banks, and their efforts to make everyone and everything work (for them)…

Including me! Even though it seems like a lost cause, I will support the Green Party…again.

Anybody but Bernie from my view. Can we imagine if Bernie had made the same video? The media whores are already having a hard time admitting Bernie won Iowa and New Hampshire saying: " Bernie barely won and Bernie’s wins were ugly wins".

And if they aren’t rich when they get there, they surely are by the time they leave.
I’d like to hear more about Bloomy’s girls.

I think it’s well past time to pay attention.
Our side is losing. Badly.