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Warren Tops MoveOn Straw Poll for First Time With Double-Digit Lead Over Both Sanders and Biden

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/25/warren-tops-moveon-straw-poll-first-time-double-digit-lead-over-both-sanders-and

Good to see Sanders is way ahead of her outside the Moveon crowd. She’ll make a good VP!


A few comments on this:

  1. Classifying an internet straw poll as any kind of newsworthy scientific poll is a huge stretch (e.g. anyone with the url for this kind of straw poll can vote multiple times with the smallest fraction of technological expertise)

  2. Classifying MoveOn’s membership as “progressive” is a stretch.

  3. Noting that the last time they announced their straw poll results at the end of 2018, Beto O’Rourke was in the lead - illustrating how much of a stretch this is as being representative of progressive voters.

  4. Classifying this as something that should be posted on Common Dreams is thus a huge stretch.


Four out of Four !


Here we go again, it’s the Clintons all over again. I do not believe Warren can beat Trump. Nor do I believe the “capitalist to my bones” Warren will fight to eliminate insurance co’s and attain the goal of Medicare for All. Sure she’ll probably expand Obamacare, expand hat-in-hand social programs but we will not have universal single payer health care, not w/Warren – not with a capitalist to her bones. Warren’s blather about paying off students loans is campaign talk with the intention of creeping into Bernie’s base: the youth vote. Warren is Obama redux.

Why Centrist Democrats Disdain Bernie Sanders — And Prefer Elizabeth Warren



And where is Tulsi to be found? Does she even have a seat at the table in the debates?


Put all this together, and the article is more about who CD wants to win, rather than who MoveOn’s members want to win.

I’d like to see an article on WHY CD wants her to win. I just checked out Zogby’s article, with this quote:

Most disappointing was the non-response of the usually thoughtful Senator Elizabeth Warren, who said that she would urge the Israelis and Palestinians to “come to the table and negotiate” and then “stay out of the way to let them negotiate,”

Warren has a golden “If I ruled the world” plan for everything she cares about. So the fact that she does not have a plan about the Palestinian conflict means she doesn’t care about it, which means she’s fine with letting Bibi massacre muslims.

Great. But another overall point of this article, specifically with respect to your point 4, is we can no longer pretend that Warren and Sanders are in the news and Gabbard is out of the news because the first two are doing or saying newsworthy things and the third isn’t. With such a crowded field, I can understand wanting to whittle it down, but only AFTER we’ve heard from everybody.


Yes - she satisfied the debate requirements and was randomly chosen to be in the Wednesday night first debate which will also have Elizabeth Warren. Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden are in the Thursday debate.

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So maybe we should expect another UFO question like they tagged Kucinich with.

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With ten people on stage, each candidate will get very little time. I do hope there are at least a couple of foreign policy questions in the mix so Tulsi Gabbard has a chance to distinguish herself. Luckily, she has already made the cut for the second debate - but after that her poll numbers have to go up if she is to be there for the third round.


Warren has declared : “I am a Capitalist” that’s why.

Is this the same MoveOn Org. that gets a prime seat at the MSDNC table 2-3 times a week? Also, if Sen. Warren is the " split the difference " choice between former VP Biden and Sen. Sanders; why do the movers and shakers in the MoveOn Org. not demand more transparency from her on foreign policy matters? What are Sen. Warren’s positions on DoD budgets? On Police & Security State policy, including HSA? On base closures, on new nuclear weapons programs? Where, oh where, does she expect the $$$ ( revenue ) to come from to create a Social Democratic majority? And, a New Deal 2.0 for the 21st Century.
I know where Sen. Sanders and VP Biden are on these issues, pretty much at opposite ends of left-center spectrum. Where’s Sen. Warren?
FYI-I’ve given to the campaigns of all three in the past and am currently supporting Sen. Sanders.


No doubt, for Joe Biden!


I use to belong to MoveOn and what you say is true and I would only add: it is a huge stretch!


I think the DNC is playing a much more intrusive and dirty game compared to 2016-- I know… hard to believe they could be worse than Hillary’s campaign, but I believe they are. They are more uncertain about the outcome at this stage. Remember that Hillary did not go after Bernie during the summer of 2016 because his poll numbers were low and there was a feeling within the DNC that he could bring in the “fringe” left since he agreed to support “the winning candidate”. He played by their rules, even campaigned for and with her, she lost, then the DNC immediately and hurriedly knocked out Sanders ally Keith Elliston as Obama stepped in and pushed through Tom Perez for DNC chair. Then Bernie, the loyal “independent” held his nose and toured with Perez… didn’t go well for the DNC. Gabbard, meanwhile, was blacklisted for supporting Sanders and she was primaried in 2018 as the DNC hitmen promised.
Fast forward to now. The Dem field is flooded so the DNC will be able to pick one of theirs. Sanders is still by far a threat but they’re working him over bad. Personally, I don’t think his campaign will continue to build momentum and the puff pieces on Warren by Move On which Common Dreams appears to be complicit with are going to hurt him. Gabbard is at the edge of their radar at this point because the mainstream and progressive media have attacked and then continued to keep her out.
Remember what happened in 2008. Obama’s campaign and subsequent betrayals will tell us what to expect from the DNC approved candidate. We need to plan for how we will mobilize and respond and we should do that now. including how we will vote November, 2020 and let the word out.
Here’s an article that gives a history of what has happened since 2008, good for planning the next step.


Personally, I think Warren has support within the DNC but not on Wall Street. So the DNC, I believe, would still be ok with Warren but they will need to convince Wall Street; if they do that means Warren will at some point begin to reach out to Wall Street with some form of olive branch. Watch for that.


Buttigieg is a nonstarter. I think originally the DNC put him in the race to suck up the LBGTQ vote but Wall Street is falling for him. He also has military intelligence along with Harvard or Yale on his resume.
No way he will get enough Black, Hispanic or white working class votes. Doesn’t matter how you feel about a guy who’s married to another guy, those groups will not show up to the polls on election day and vote for him.
He’s also totally comprimised and sold out which I think most people here already know.


Yeah, well, Beto O’Rourke won it last December.


Attorney General is where I’d put her. She knows law. And her centrist leaning wont be so much in the way.


This is not unexpected. MoveOn is left, but not too left. Reform is still a word used by MoveOn.