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Warren Tops MoveOn Survey for Preferred Biden VP Pick

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/21/warren-tops-moveon-survey-preferred-biden-vp-pick

I got one of these types of polls from The Nation and I filled it out as the only two I would tolerate at all are Baldwin and Gabbard (I read recently someone here claiming Baldwin was a war hawk which I haven’t looked into - but at least she as a better supporter of Medicare for All than anyone else on the normal Biden VP lists I’ve seen - the best female choice on this topic would be Jayapal if she were eligible to be VP - too bad we are attached to our archaic constitution on that native born rule which is meaningless now).

I’m in the camp that is now completely turned off by Warren. I’m not going to vote for Biden anyway, but him picking Warren certainly wouldn’t move me in the right direction. If he picked Gabbard (I know he won’t), that would get my attention since at least I’d hope he’d be less likely to get into a war with Iran or Venezuela.


Moveon’s IQ has always been a little dodgy.


I need a family size container of Maalox handy whenever I read anything about the dimcritter party.

I see that Joshua Collins is the Essential Worker Party (ESP) candidate in Washington State’s 10th Congressional District open seat. Hope he gets enough votes to make it to the top two slots in the general election and that the ESP is fielding more candidates across murka.


I’m pretty sure this deal went down the weekend before Super Tuesday. Liz would remain in the race, splitting off enough progressive voters to make Biden the victor. Then remain silent until such time as called upon to serve as the phony bridge between Biden and progressives.
Liz has always been a phony.


Warren wants the job. That’s why she’s given her finger to progressives and rejected medicare for all: ttps://www.politico.com/news/2020/05/21/warren-vice-president-271938

Don’t think she do anything but trash any notion that she is progressive. My sense is that Biden will pick a center-right politician such as Whitmer.


How ironic that a supposedly left wing organization supports a former republican.


It’s not a left wing organization. It’s flypaper for semi-disgruntled Clintonite sheep.


I joined Moveon during the shocking, awful and illegal attack on Iraq, but soon left when I realized I had been scammed and had no input All they wanted was my $$$$!


Gabbard? Please rethink. PRESENT!!!

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Well since Biden fully and forcefully supported the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and Gabbard fully supports the drone wars and the “war on terror,” (but not “regime change”???) I doubt there are differences between them too great to overcome, or that any kind of war would ultimately be “off the table.”

At some point in time they seem to have become irrelevant. This confirms it.

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If Biden wants to attract the youth and climate voters – and yes, also Medicare for All voters, he needs to do better than Warren.

How about Marianne Williamson? (She at least is willing to work for changing our society.)

Or “Swingline” Amy.

No to Gabbard. She is too linked to Modi and Indian right-wing. And Baldwin is no progressive either.

I would definitely be pushed to vote third party if either of these two women are on the ticket.

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That BigB is a no brainer Warren supported TWICE! TWO WALL STREET STOOGES OVER BERNIE.

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I haven’t read a word of this article, as of now I’m sitting home election day but if they make warren vp i might vote for trump. Fuh-uckkkkk that.

And yes, i know that makes me a petty asshole and trump is the worst president. Fuck that bitch.

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CBS is reporting that Biden has asked Klobuchar to begin the vetting process.

Who needs to win anyway? :man_shrugging:

They were originally formed as a pressure group to fight Bill Clinton’s impeachment. They’ve always been an in-house group.


Why is that exactly? On the Medicare for All topic, her piece in a local paper (~https://www.jsonline.com/story/opinion/contributors/2017/09/12/baldwin-why-support-medicare-all-and-other-efforts-expand-health-coverage/657254001/) was pretty clearly pro M4A - more so than I believe Warren is (or Gabbard).

Note: M4A is the issue that caused me to ultimately give up on Gabbard. I don’t like the Modi stuff, but ultimately that doesn’t impact very many foreign policy decisions we make that can affect many people - nothing we do is going to push India to do better, that change is going to have to happen internally. And just saying you’d use drones is pretty much the norm these days - how much you’d use them and to what degree you’d tolerate civilian deaths is the way you have to compare politicians these days - they are all (including Bernie) going to be willing to use drones - but the better ones won’t be as much of a monster as Obama was about it (see Greenwald’s video discussing Flynn for a nice feel of what a jerk on drone bombing Obama was). Though I was disappointed on Gabbard’s weak defense of M4A (saying bullshit lines like taking away choice was unamerican), I think she is authentic in wanting to keep us out of absolutely irrational wars which a war with Iran or Venezuela would be and our current war with Syria is (and she is opposed to our involvement in Syria). She’s way better than most democrats on war, regardless of a couple of quotes you can find on the internet.

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