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Warren Tops MoveOn Survey for Preferred Biden VP Pick

I’m probably doing that as the biggest FU I can send to the democrats.

That or something drastic that will most likely ruin the rest of my life. Can’t decide. (to be clear, never anything that would cause physical harm to an individual. But damage to personal property I condone the fuck out of and even then, I think there are better ways sometimes. The problem there is solidarity.)


I usually go back through at the end and take out all the swears, or reduce it to 1 well placed F.
But good advice. Apologies ladies.

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The Democrats, the Democratic Establishment that is, are nothing but Republicans impersonating an opposing viewpoint. The country has been irreparably harmed by both parties complicity in destroying any semblance of a Democracy and sense of equality that once existed.

You can’t really blame one, without acknowledging the other’s part in the deception they have wrought on our population.

They all must go. However, the masses are weak willed, and tolerant of the corruption they support every two and four years.

Perhaps, another even more deadly pandemic might awaken their Zombie like state of denial.

I have my doubts but also I retain some hope for future generations.

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