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Warren: Trump Climate Move a "Gift" to Right-Wing Donors, Not American Workers


Warren: Trump Climate Move a "Gift" to Right-Wing Donors, Not American Workers

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Adding to the massive wave of outrage sparked by President Donald Trump's "stupid and reckless" decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord, Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Thursday denounced the move as a "big gift to Republican donors" at the 'Joyous Persistence' rally in San Francisco.


The jobs are in solar and wind. Millions of jobs! There are only 30,000 coal miners. It is con artist Trump leading the charge to persist in using outmoded technology. Old man Trump doesn’t like trying to understand new fangled technology it seems. He leads only in the corrupt pocketing of profits even if it makes America lose again. We fall behind relying on old tech like coal and oil. Trump gets on his high horse and says charge back to the past!

Old fashioned old man Trump should retire if he really wanted to make America great again.


Johnson sez: “The 22 Republican senators … received ‘a total of $10,694,284’ in donations from oil, gas, and coal interests …”

Better to forego the euphemism of ‘donations’ and identify this funding by its proper term: investment.

Or, to quote the inimitable Inigo Montoya: “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”


Trump’s obsession with employing more coal miners is devoid of reality when you consider that coal mining keeps being more automated, requiring fewer workers.

Lets hope Trump’s infrastructure plan includes building many more bridges, seeing how the additional numbers of unemployed Murkins Trump creates will need more bridges to live beneath after they lose everything. Most of the new bridge denizens will be Trump voters.

Can you say ROGUE NATION ?


Warren is wrong – again. The Paris Accords go in the wrong direction and are merely PR cover for the polluters to keep polluting until we’re all dead. Proof of that is that wonderful corporations like Exxon-Mobile and Shell are screaming the loudest about Trump’s withdrawal. Now they won’t have the cover of Paris to shade their murderous operations. A shade that the Dems and the Accords provide.


Stated in true Russian hacker language - both parties are bad.
If you expect anarchism to one day reign, your thinking enables fascism.


Actually there about 100,000 coal miners. The vast majority are non-union. But your point is well taken. And of course all workers, like coal miners who have given us so much, deserve a decent transition to a sustainable economy. They did not create this shit called capitalism. Like the rest of us, they have tried to figure out ways to survive it.


Ah yes. I lived through the tail end of McCarthyism and have to live through it again from ahistorical, uninformed. truly stoopid comments like this.Try reading history some time. Oh, never mind…


Your “blame both parties” is the same argument the rightwing makes to defend its actions. In other words, your comment can be attributed to rightwing propaganda, thus untrustworthy. And if you are some goddamn black mask anarchist vandal, you are truly stupid. Otherwise, I don’t mind making an attempt to talk sense to affect your pea brain notions about the best course of action. I just called you out on your BS and whoever fed it to your vacuous mindset.


Since the Paris Climate Accord is voluntary anyone can see anything they want in it. Basing the earth’s climate in 2075, on a Scout’ s Honor pledge made in 2015, shows what weak legal enforcement mechanisms are in place to control bad actors in the planet’s community of nations.
Along the same lines; money laundering and drug smuggling, illegal trafficking in children and people from poor countries ( slave labor ), the wholesale pirating of natural resources by Corporate private mercenaries ( contractors who are openly advising and consulting the Trump Adm. ) and out of control extortion by legally recognized int’l financial institutions… oh, brother, the whole nine yards again. SOSDD or just a different century.
This all leads back to one thing, of course. Multi-national Corporate control of the mechanisms of power, linked to International Kleptocrats and sanctioned by the MIC of a handful of nations with nuclear weapons, and the willingness to use them.
It remains a world of gunboat diplomacy, real politik, brinksmanship and some very small, but growing, pockets of sanity. Oil and natural gas today, what will the need be for all these advanced killing machines in 2075? What reason will be used to prevent the growth of worldwide cooperation and progress? And, the end of wasting precious resources and human life for the comfort of a few?
When it appears everything is monetized and financialized for future $Trillionaires and their holding companies, is Scout’s Honor all we got?


There are no “both parties.” There is the Duopoly party of capitalism that is run on behalf of the oligarchs and plutocrats that rule the entity that is mis-called “America.” As for my “pea brain,” it seems like a universe of intelligence in comparison to whatever produces that diarrhea of this comment. To stick with the analogy, pea soup seems to work. Although that is an insult to that wonderful soup.


As I understood the stats, there are somewhere around 70,000 people working in the coal industry of which only 30,000 are actual miners and the others work in offices etc.


I used to work w/ the UMW and the 100,000 number has been pretty consistent over decades, along w/ about 1 billion tons of coal (of varying grades) produced annually. Maybe stuff has changed in recent years. These kinds of numbers are fungible because nobody actually wants to keep real numbers.

So believe me, I am not quibbling with your central point that any dispalced worker can be given a decent job in a related industry (like wind/solar). The problem, as always is political: pay for conversion training and make sure the new jobs pay as well. It’s all economically doable. Politically it is another thing. I appreciate your sensitivity to displaced workers. In the “new economy,” we have all been displaced too often.


Just goggle it and you’ll see. You are using woefully out of date information.


NO MS. WARREN! Not climate move, “Gift” - No! Planet death. When ya gonna stop campaigning, just, just for grins sake? 2020 is all Bernie. 2020 is all Jill. 2020 is all Keith. 2020 is all Tulsi. 2020 is about We the People over profits. 2020 can never be “corporate anything”. Or we all perish, sooner than later. An, abnormal course of events has occurred - namely the rise of fascism. Peace over war, Ms. Warren. Earth Justice, Senator. We the People do forgive. Though, we never forget. As long as we have our beloved Constitution and its guarantee of a Free Press - the banksters can go ef themselves.


I’ll goggle it. Thanks.


That was very unkind…Lol.


The more you stand by your notions of anarchist anti-capitalism, the more you play the role of servant to the ruling class. Like it or not, refusing to make distinctions about which party serves the majority only increases the odds that republican party leaders will maintain their stranglehold on a dying economic system. You have a notion of what to protest, but no ideas for solutions to propose. You’re a witless agent provocateur.


[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:42176”]Warren: Trump Climate Move a “Gift” to Right-Wing Donors, Not American Workers – Jake Johnson, staff writer   “Adding to the massive wave of outrage sparked by President Donald Trump’s ‘stupid and reckless’ decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord, Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Thursday denounced the move as a ‘big gift to Republican donors’ at the ‘Joyous Persistence’ rally in San Fran-

It’s also a big gift to the Saudis, and especially the Russians.  Both will benefit from a slower decline - maybe even a temporary rise - in the demand for oil, but Russia will also benefit from climate change more directly when Siberia thaws and becomes the new Kansas & Iowa — feeding the world!  I presume ConAgra and Monsanto already have contracts with Putin to oversee northern Russia’s agricultural development, while Tillerson & Co. handle expansion of the northern oilfields . . .


“Profanity is the desperate attempt of a feeble mind to express itself forcefully.”

Barack Obama himself, though hardly a progressive, is not exactly a member of the Alt-Right, either.  Obama pretty much settled this argument way back on January 27, 2010, when he said, “The differences between the two major parties are not nearly so great as they are sometimes made out to be.”  IMHO, they differ only on “social issues”, and only those which are not too closely tied to the well-being of the Multi-NaZional Korpora- tions which control both the DamnocRats and the RePooplicans.  (All RePooplicans but only “establishment” DamnocRats oppose a $15/hour minimum wage and Universal Health Care / Medicare for All. There are sev- eral other examples of the slight difference between the two parties.)