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Warren Urged to Help Form 'Progressive Front' With Sanders as Big-Money Establishment Fuels Biden Surge

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/04/warren-urged-help-form-progressive-front-sanders-big-money-establishment-fuels-biden


the is really the moment of truth for ms warren.

it’s time to show us whether she is principled, or if she is just another in the long line of anti-worker republicans hiding in the democratic party.

which side are you on liz?


Whoever will line her pockets. I have zero faith in her integrity.


I can see her staying in as part of a deal to be Biden’s VP. Would be a very Warren kind of thing to do.
I very much hope I’m wrong.


So, I guess this means no one cares that Tulsi Gabbard is still running, and that she qualified for the next debate, and that the DNC just yanked away the debate from her again?



Anyone with eyes will tell you that Warren is going to find a way to pimp for Biden. She might find some weasel words to make her actions sound progressive to the chumps, but in the end, this is what she always does: sell out to the Plutocrat/Pentagon machine.


To “urge” someone means they’re not really willing. You either do or don’t. Ms. Warren has made clear more than once where she is standing…


It’s so obvious this is fixed.


I doubt she will do it, but then she runs the risk of looking like a hypocrite if she does not. Remember Warren supported Hillary over Sanders in 2016, so I don’t expect her to do any different this time by supporting Sanders over the establishment candidate.
If Warren does support/help Sanders she might have a very good chance at being his running mate, she’d be wise to consider that.


" ‘We fell well short’: Warren team considers ending campaign

Warren is spending Wednesday with her campaign team to “assess the path forward,” an aide said."



I don’t think that is out of the question. Could happen. It may be why she stays in.

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Warren does such a great job of talking the progressive talk, it is time for her to walk the progressive walk. Fighting corruption and taxing the rich aren’t going to happen in a Biden administration. I hope Warren and Bernie can work together for the sake of the progressive movement.


Current delegate count by the AP news service
Biden: 566
Sanders: 501

delegates still not assigned from states Bernie won yesterday (CA, UT, CO, VT): 189
delegates still not assigned from states Biden won yesterday (AL,AK,ME,MA,MN,NC,OK,TN,TX,VA): 95

When everything is counted the delegate race may be closer than people think.


Thanks, that’s useful. Chuck Rocha was saying the same thing this morning.


she brings him nothing he can’t already get.

she’s not anyone’s veep.


According to Caitlin Johnstone, someone back in January claimed they’d been in on a DCCC meeting where the decision was made to put Biden in a pres with Warren as VP Being Sanders’ VP makes more sense maybe, but only if she’s really progressive. That business where she accused him, probably falsely, of saying “a woman can’t win” is a hint. It will be a struggle to justify joining Biden but I bet she does–then Trump will win in November but the DNC is comfortable with that. They’re comfortable with pretty much any slate that doesn’t include Sanders or She Who Must Not Be Named, Tulsi Gabbard


Wanna bet she will be? Probably Biden’s. Until November 3.

i’d take that bet.

AP called California, delegates assigned: 93 to Biden, 155 to Sanders. (not all the vote counted, there will be more delegates assigned)

MSN current delegate count: 513 Biden; 461 Sanders.

Biden: 513 (+93)= 606
Sanders: 461 (+155) = 616

Bernie will probably take the lead for the next several days. Once FL votes and if Biden wins Michigan, Biden will likely become the frontrunner again. Bernie is not giving up.


I don’t think so, he (Biden) is a misogynist that would never name her as VP and I doubt she would either. However, I think she and Bernie would be a good team minus their ideological thinking which neither of them stand much of a chance on their own.