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Warren Urges CDC Director to Push Mask Mandates as Covid-19 Cases and Deaths Surge Across the US

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/22/warren-urges-cdc-director-push-mask-mandates-covid-19-cases-and-deaths-surge-across

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Oh no. That will take away my “freedumb”.

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There have been many plagues in the world as there have been wars, yet plagues and wars always find people equally unprepared. […] When a war breaks out people say: 'It won't last, it's too stupid.' And war is certainly too stupid, but that doesn't prevent it from lasting. Stupidity always carries doggedly on, as people would notice if they were not always thinking about themselves. In this respect, the citizens of Oran were like the rest of the world, they thought about themselves, in other words, they were humanists: they did not believe in pestilence. A pestilence does not have human dimensions, so people tell themselves that it is unreal, that it is a bad dream which will end. But it does not always end and, from one bad dream to the next, it is people who end, humanists first of all because they have not prepared themselves.

Albert Camus, The Plague

I recalled how cruel the plague had made people to each other, and was obliged to concede that there is no disaster which can befall humanity, that we will not fail to make worse by our own hands, for it is fear that makes us cruel.

Sarah Burton, The Strange Adventures of H

Intelligent men are cruel. Stupid men are monstrously cruel.

Jack London


As I said before, this is a viral intelligence searching out host inhabitants
And it is finding hosts sites in STUPID people locations.
It really is targeting stupid.

Yes there is collateral cases, ie healthcare workers or people unable to protect themselves.
But the real target is those people unwilling to acknowledge the virus and unwilling to take precautions. (that would be Republicans mostly)

Rather like not wearing a seat belt, a helmet, or DWI, or Texting while driving, or running red lights.

Just because you have a license doesn’t mean you know how to drive.

Yes you have rights, not sure the right to be stupid is a very productive life extending right.

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This most contagious virus is intimately connected to ecological breakdown so on August 22 a day of action–and yes, we need a whole lot more than a day–to connect the issues of health for planet and all species.

But when the echoes had fully ceased, a light laughter at once pervaded the assembly; the musicians looked at each other and smiled as if at their own nervousness and folly, and made whispering vows, each to the other, that the next chiming of the clock should produce in them no similar emotion; and then, after the lapse of sixty minutes, (which embrace three thousand and six hundred seconds of the Time that flies,) there came yet another chiming of the clock, and then were the same disconcert and tremulousness and meditation as before.

  • Edgar Allen Poe, Masque of the Red Death