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Warren Urges CFPB Defenders to Fight Trump's 'Double Kiss to Wall Street'


Warren Urges CFPB Defenders to Fight Trump's 'Double Kiss to Wall Street'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"For six years, this agency has fought to give consumers a chance. For six years, this agency has fought for working people. And now it's time for us to fight for the agency."


Wall Street Oligarchy’s days are numbered:


Judge Kelly is about to cause a tidal wave of support for the next French Revolution, American Style.

Protect your neck Kelly.


“And now it is time to fight for the agency.” Warren
I agree but the agency is not the problem. Why we have to fight for the agency…IS THE REAL PROBLEM!


Get out your pitchforks and get uppity: You are citizens of the World and not its consumers! Make that psychological leap.


No problem.

  1. They were instrumental in discovering the fraud in the Wells Fargo case and winning penalties from them to repay consumers affected.
  2. They stopped the credit card companies from their predatory actions at college campuses
  3. They eliminated the practice of credit card fees that were undisclosed to consumers (that saved people about $20 billion so far). They did a similar thing with undisclosed mortgage costs.
  4. They handle a few hundred thousand complaints a year and in following up on those they’ve won something like $10 to 15 billion for the consumers they represented

Hope that helps.


Let’s hope so! I am ready to vote for Elizabeth for president if she runs for that office. I really appreciate her tenacious and confrontation approach to Wall Street, who RICHLY deserve it. They have become a rabid group of white collar criminals, especially since the 2008 housing speculation driven recession. And Trump can’t quit butt kissing these White Collar Criminals to the point of lip lock.

Then Trump himself is mentioned in the Panama Papers about offshore tax evasion through offshore investment in shell companies. He is mentioned over 3,500 times after being worth $3.1 billion at the end of last year and paying no income taxes at all. This is absolutely pathetic coming from Trump, a narcissistic sociopath. America does not need to have this type of person in the white house.


This is ridiculous … IF we had any leverage over our elected officials we’d have
a liberal government, not fascists taking total control of our government.


mountain –

How thankful should we be for the small handful of members of Congress
who support non-criminal activity?

And in the case of Warren, she didn’t even have the courage or desire to support
Bernie Sanders campaign against these crimes.

The reality is that voters have nothing to do with the rise of the right wing – rather
they have been put into office by Elite/wealthy and hack-able electronic voting
machines Americans have been voting on for more than 50 years now.

WE HAVE NO LEVERAGE over our Congress.

Our nation is being run by criminals and topping it off with a sexual pervert in the
White House as “The Pussy Grabber” –
and at least one on the Supreme Court in Clarence Thomas.


Yes. There is always criticism of the progressives and liberals as a tactic to take our attention away from the horrific president in the White House and the Republican controlled congress that supports him. My prediction remains that there will be a huge backlash against Trump and his Trump Republicans in the 2018 and 2020 elections. If Republicans don’t want to get Trump backlashed out of office in 2018 they need to distance themselves from this narcissistic sociopath.


mountain –

What you’re saying isn’t a “prediction” … it’s already happened this past Election Day.

And, as I’ve commented, the DP is counting on that backlash so they will
make NO adjustments to their running of government for the benefit of

And re this …

If Republicans don’t want to get Trump backlashed out of office in 2018 they need to distance themselves from this narcissistic sociopath.

WHY would you expect anything like that to happen … ?
The GOP sociopaths and Trump himself are destroyers and united in that destruction of democracy.

BOTH parties are owned by the same Elites/wealthy/corporations.

WHY would you expect anything different to happen while we are in the hands of sociopaths and fascists?


As I was looking up Judge Timothy Kelly, the D.C.district judge that ruled for Twitler on the who shall ratfck the CFPB, I found that the only two senators that voted against his confirmation were E Warren and K Gillibrand. Hmmm …


BOTH parties are owned by the same elites/wealthy/corporations? Excuse me but I think the few remaining Republicans here are trying desperately to establish a false equivalency. The false equivalency tactic has become way, way, way too maximized here because obviously Trump is a horrific president. He is a White Supremacist in a country that is all about diversity


Not a single Democrat voted for this tax bill in the House, none are in the Senate. Zero.


mountain – and KC …

If you’re suggesting that I’m saying that “voting for the lesser evil” has
delivered us into the hands of criminals and fascists, then I agree with you.

If you’re saying that pointing out that both of our national parties are owned
by the same Koch Bros./John Birch Society and other large corporations is
a GOP tactic, then you’re wrong.
Ralph Nader has been saying just that for decades.

Yes, Trump is a “horrific” president. And he is a “White Supremacist” –
and I’ll add, that Trump likely has strong fascist instincts and would have no
problem working for and with criminals and fascists.

But you’re also presuming that Hillary Clinton is at least “the lesser evil.”

Rather than vote again for a “lesser evil” I voted for Jill Stein.

But I would as you and KC2669 … how is it that the GOP managed to BLOCK
all legislation by DP previously while Dems were the majority with a Dem president, as well …
yet can’t be blocked now by Dems?

Sioux Rose – where are you?


Anything electronic can be hacked.

And this idea – granted with less frills – was looked at long
ago (voting by phone) in elections and rejected because
that was recognized.

Nonetheless, we still got HACK-ABLE electronic voting computers
which Americans have been voting on for the last 50 years.


In 2016 in the primaries I voted for Bernie. You seem to completely overlook Bernie as a progressive in order to say Democrats are the complete and total equivalency as the Republicans. Then there is Elizabeth Warren who supported Hillary in the main election as the first ever possible female ;president. . But I voted for Hillary also in the main election because Trump was so horrific and she was the alternative.

I really have to take issue with your on going position for the old false equivalency strategy, as if Democrats have the equivalents of a Donald Trump, or a Mitch McConnell, or a Paul Ryan, etc… . .


mountain –

I also voted for Bernie in the primaries – and supported his campaign financially.
I certainly have never overlooked Bernie Sanders as a liberal and have long been
aware of his truth-telling over the decades.

Again, BOTH parties are owned by Koch Bros. and other large corporations.
Koch Bros. are the John Birch Society family which worked for more than 100+ years
to overturn democracy in the US.

They also recruited Bill Clinton for the Democratic Leadership Council which they funded.
Joe Lieberman was Chair of the Executive Board and representatives from both Koch
and other large corporations were on the Executive Board.

I’d be very happy along with Elizabeth Warren to see a “first ever female president.”
But, NOT one who thinks as Hillary Clinton does in regard to Syria or as she does on many
other issues – including having a “public and private position” on political issues as she
bragged about when addressing Elites.
Yes, Trump is “horrific” … but Jill Stein was a better alternative than Hillary according to
my conscience.

Someone said long ago …

“The GOP is the Express train to Auschwitz and the Democrats are the Local train to Auschwitz.”

You have to look to your own insights as YOU have done …
and as I have done to make your own decision on these questions.

I really have to take issue with your on going position for the old false equivalency strategy,
as if Democrats have the equivalents of a Donald Trump, or a Mitch McConnell, or a Paul Ryan, etc… .

Whenever you vote for the “lesser evil” you are still voting for evil and that has to be understood.

And if you recall, we also had total betrayal from Obama immediately upon his election in the
appointing of Rahm Emmanuel as White House #1 … and he worked steadily to move right wing
Dems into the party, and supported them over liberal Democrats.

You might not have noticed it but Obama immediately moved to destroy the majority he had won in
resurrecting the GOP from the ashes after the '08 election. Joe Liberman was a ruse - Kabuki.
And then the two parties began to game-play together as to “blocking” Democratic legislation –
always successfully.

Ask yourself why Dems can’t successfully block anything the GOP is doing now

Also NOTE ----

The Rightwing Koch Brothers Fund the DLC | Democrats…

Do deep-pocketed “philanthropists” necessarily control the organizations they fund? That has certainly been the contention of those who truck in conspiracy theories…

View on www.democrats.com

these rightwing benefactors are the Koch brothers. But the Kochs have been working both sides of the fence. As Bill Berkowitz writes, the Koch brothers have also been funding the Democratic Leadership Council.

According to SourceWatch, a project of the Center for Media & Democracy, the brothers are "leading contributors to the Koch family foundations, which supports a network of Conservative organizations and think tanks, including Citizens for a Sound Economy, the Manhattan Institute the Heartland Institute, and the Democratic Leadership Council."

Charles Koch co-founded the Cato Institute in 1977, while David helped launch Citizens for a Sound Economy [now FreedomWorks] in 1986.


"Freeing Democrats from being, well, Democrats has been the Democratic Leadership Council’s mission since its founding 16 years ago by Al Gore, Chuck Robb, and a handful of other conservative, mostly southern Dems as a rump faction of disaffected elected officials and party activists. Producing and directing the DLC is Al From, its founder and CEO, who’s been the leader, visionary, and energizing force behind the New Democrat movement since Day One." --Robert Dreyfuss, The American Prospect, April 23, 2001.


An August, 2000 Newsweek story on Joe Lieberman, The Soul And The Steel[1] reveals that some of the early funding came from ARCO, Chevron, Merck, Du Pont, Microsoft, Philip Morris and Koch Industries:

His selection may also complicate Gore’s efforts to depict Bush as a patsy for big business. Since 1995 Lieberman has chaired the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), the centrist think tank that eschews liberal dogma and promotes market-oriented approaches to policy. Like many similar groups, the DLC (of which Gore is a founding member) has never disclosed its funding sources. But last week, in response to requests from NEWSWEEK, it turned over a list of top donors. If Gore still hopes to score populist points by bashing Big Oil and pharmaceutical companies that oppose his plan to add a prescription-drug entitlement to Medicare, he may have some explaining to do. Among the DLC’s biggest benefactors last year (contributions of between $50,000 and $100,000) were ARCO, Chevron and the drug giant Merck. Other big underwriters include Du Pont, Microsoft and Philip Morris (which has kicked in $500,000 since Lieberman became DLC chairman). There is no evidence that the DLC has trimmed policies to accommodate its patrons, but some contributors say the money has helped ensure an open door to Lieberman. “We’ve been able to have a dialogue with the senator and his staff,” said Jay Rosser, spokesman for another DLC benefactor, Koch Industries, an oil-pipeline firm that is also a big GOP donor.

•Ralph Nader: described them as “corporatist” and "soulless."
•Joan Walsh, Salon.com,“The Democratic Weaselship Council”, July 2003 "Has Karl Rove taken over the Democratic Leadership Council?"

Koch Bros. also fund the NRA and ALEC.
And as of yesterday they were buying themselves a Mega Microphone in
picking up Fortune Mag, People, Sports Illustrated and Time Mag.

Democratic Leadership Council - SourceWatch

The Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) was co-founded in 1985 by Will Marshall, who served as its first Policy Director and who is the founder and President of DLC’s think tank, the Progressive Policy Institute.

View on www.sourcewatch.org