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Warren Vows 'This Is Not Over' as Senate Tees Up Vote on Jeff Sessions


Warren Vows 'This Is Not Over' as Senate Tees Up Vote on Jeff Sessions

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Amid bitter partisan fighting and public outcry, the U.S. Senate will vote on the confirmation of Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) for attorney general around 6:50pm EST Wednesday evening.

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I must admit, I am totally repelled by M McConnell. He just bit his own penis off.


I'll say this obvious Truth forever ...

... the "Republicans" are afraid of honest people ...

... and they're scared to death of an honest, intelligent strong Woman ...


She scares the old boys' club. By going to extremes to silence her, they'll find that they're, in fact, silencing themselves.


"Real people" don't need the services provided by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which is largely her creation?
Really? Real people don't need protection from unscrupulous payday lenders or dishonest credit card lenders or mortgage brokers?
"Real people" don't need someone who consistently speaks truth to power?
Actually, as a "real person," I certainly appreciated her pointing out that Jeff Sessions was considered too racist for a federal judgeship by a Republican senate during the Reagan administration. How racist do you have to be to fail that low a standard?


What can I say- I believe he is in his mid seventies- way past time to go out to those Kentucky hills.


And real people don't need protection from Wall Street which has even eaten up people's pensions?


They just made A's out of themselves but they got their good ol boy in.


We need people who are courageous to act decisively in these days. Even though I would rather have her in power than another Republican, Warren is unfortunately a very "wait and see" kind of person who misses many potential opportunities to actually further the call to action of the progressive vision she supposedly supports. The GOP are wasting no time acting decisively furthering their agenda. The progressive movement is so far behind the curve..


She is a rock star who was one of the founders of the CFPB. She's also one of the few in DC who still call out Wall Street. Be happy she's our senator.


If she's "an empty vessel," why are you talking about it? Why are you attacking an 'empty vessel?' Sounds to me like Ms Warren, the empty vessel, has hurt your feelings.


It's not her fault that the progressives are behind. She is trying to help them catch up after almost forty years!


By staying silent about the progressive candidate that could have stopped Trump and instead supporting the one that progressives hated. Real helpful. :unamused:


Right on- remember these are the same people who believe that women are nothing more than their lady parts.


Sounds like you are bitter and going backwards instead of going forward. Perhaps that is why we progressives have been behind for so long.


That's it. He's in.

One Democrat voted for him, Joe Manchin of WV.


Get it trending, folks. There must be consequences, but there won't be if we don't engage.


I won't argue with that. Its just that Warren will have to prove to me that she is willing to act when it is really needed. What she did these past couple days is a good start. And to be perfectly honest I don't want to see her voted out. She is a good progressive voice. Maybe she would be willing to take more risks if there was more people like her in the current political scene but alas.


To look at every single one of Don's nominees, it is bluntly obvious that his "administration" does not care one iota about the American (chuckle) people. Except the 1/10th of 1%; he can't do enough for them.


The Major Pig just got his Minor-Major Pig to cover his back. With the Minor-Major Pigs in alignment all the little piggies will follow the teats. Speak out about blackmail by asset forfeiture, " i'll destroy his career " said Major Pig. " Silence these so-called judges. " said and tweeted Major Pig.
To Major Pig: You've bitten off more than you can chew, even for a Major Pig & His Minor-Major Crew. Pigs are natural omnivores; eating indiscriminatily can be a problem that even rich boars can't overcome. In fact, Major Pigs eat the undigested corn in cow shit, so that explains your behavior quite accurately.
Hey, Major Pig, here's a big F U.


Bet hedging is what they call that. True, true. And it cost the US and the world dearly. Some of us remember that. Picking your battles is one thing, and maybe it was a shrewd move on her part. Maybe she becomes 46?