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Warren's New $2 Trillion Green Manufacturing Plan Welcomed as 'Win-Win' for Climate and Workers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/04/warrens-new-2-trillion-green-manufacturing-plan-welcomed-win-win-climate-and-workers

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There is a solution: birth control.


Sounds like a terrific plan, and Warren seems to be on a roll with a lot of new, wonderful ideas.
But it seems to me it’s not very difficult to come up with new and appealing plans when you’re running for President. What I look for in a Presidential candidate is not just policy ideas (though they’re important), but much more important, the character of the candidate. That’s the best indicator for me of what they’ll be like as President.
Having followed Warren’s political career over the years, I’m frankly not that impressed with her integrity and courage. The worst thing, of course, was when Bernie Sanders needed her support in Massachussets during the 2016 campaign, and Warren, despite being ideologically aligned with Bernie, way more than with Hillary, decided to stay neutral. Phew… that was a true profile in cowardice.
Maybe I’m stubborn, but that was, and is, very hard to forgive and forget.


Liz you are singing a Progressive Tune.

We have not had this type of thinking since FDR occupied the White House.

Keep pushing these brilliant ideas on the Electorate and you will be doing what Hillary failed to do; excite voters with enthusiasm and a reason to believe in the American Dream for All Americans, not just the Super Rich Donors.

                    BERNIE  -  LIZ -  2020

Can we start by neutering Trump?

Ooppps! Too late, already infected the gene pool.

What to do now.

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This is what bothers me: these articles featuring Warren which gives her huge exposure. I’m in favor of what she says. Mostly. I’m not confident that she will stand up to the powerful people. I think Gabbard will because she has. Mike Gravel will because he has. Bernie will because he has. All 3 have been beat up pretty severely in one way or another and they appear to have emerged stronger and more committed to what they say they want to do. Common Dreams does a lot for Bernie but not nearly enough for Gabbard and Gravel. How about an article on the OFF Act? How about an interview with Gabbard and Gravel together? Come on Common Dreams! I know you can! If you elevate these 2 people they will strengthen our movement.


If that’s the ONLY thing you hold against her, shame on you. It’s called “politics”, man. And, everybody plays it to some extent, EVEN my guy Sanders. Myself I would support her if for some reason Sanders left the field, but I want to know more about where she gets her campaign money.


How about EFCA? That would do more for the American poor and workers than anything I have heard proposed so far. $15 per hour minimum wage, sure we need it, but the EFCA would make it extremely easy to form and join a union which in my opinion would do more for the working/poor classes than anything else I have heard proposed.


Elizabeth Warren has also been relatively uncritical of the US militarism. She has been unwilling to criticize the US Drone killing and crowd killing program (Source: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/rosiegray/warren-warns-against-civilian-deaths-in-warfare-but-no-menti )


Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren will let Big Nuke in through the back door:


All I can say is my heart gas been in this kind of green energy marshall plan for several decades and Warren is awesome.


Gabbard is a total suspect having come from the military she wants power most of all

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Unlike 90%+ of US Senators, Warren has innovative and progressive ideas for the future. She has the intellect and persistence that is so badly missing and so sorely needed into the U.S. today. Saw her in Oakland on Friday and she was very impressive. I think she understands the situation of so many americans economically and sounds like she is ready to challenge the establishment. Although I have donated to Warren, I tend to waiver between her and Bernie. I think both of them have the potential for a truly progressive agenda for the U.S. So far - very impressive to me.


For the sake of brevity, I only mentioned one of the things Warren has done that makes me feel she is not a good candidate.
Her militarism does not sit well with me, as that is the main issue I look for in a candidate. She voted for the 700 billion dollar military budget in 2017… enough said there. Also, she claims to be part Cherokee, but where was she at Standing Rock? Nowhere.
And her playing “politics” may be a non issue for you, but it tells me who we will be dealing with if she became President. To you it’s just politics, but to me it’s a lack of integrity, and a lack of deep faith and belief in the things she claims to stand for, which are the things Bernie stands for, and which she did not support when push came to shove.


Well - neutrality seems better than her endorsing Hillary. Give her a break, please.


“Create jobs…spur innovation.”

Yoo hoo, that’s how we got into this effin mess.


Liz, I am all for what you are driving at, but need to see/hear some specifics about how to transition away from the petrodollar and the petroeconomy under which we currently live. How would a transition to green energy be done while keeping the infrastructure necessary for fossil fuels safely running during this period? With less energy harvested from fossil fuels there will be fewer resources (dollars, whether petro- or not) available for maintenance. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for the goal, but the gear head in me needs to see that some of the inglorious tasks are to be tended to in a manner that is consistent with the precautionary principle.

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This changes everything – Not. The scale of what is needed requires systemic shift. Profits and business as usual attract con artists like bees to honey. My home planet needs much more. If we are serious we will give away technology so that the whole world can manufacture solutions at massive parallel scale. To hell with profits. Some of the clearest thinkers are not motivated by profits.


Gabbard was a vice chair of the DNC, an up and coming star who had spoken at the Democratic Convention. She had a lot of power coming her way.
But she quit her position as vice chair when she saw the DNC screwing Bernie, and worked to defeat the war monger Hillary Clinton. This put her totally on the outs with the Democratic Party.
Does this sound like somebody who is power hungry?


If you haven’t had the chance already, check out what climatologist Kevin Anderson says about nuclear power on any of his recent youtube talks on climate change in general. Too expensive, too dangerous, plus there are already better alternatives.

Thanks for pointing out this article.

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