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Warring Visions of Puerto Rico's Future


Warring Visions of Puerto Rico's Future

Harvey Wasserman

Amid all of this corporate conniving, the people of Puerto Rico remain in dire straits.

Blue roofs, temporary blue plastic sheeting, installed on homes damaged by Hurricane Maria, by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in partnership with FEMA in Ponce, Puerto Rico.


Thank you, Harvey Wasserman , for making crystal clear the differences between the Sanders/Warren vision for Puerto Rico and the money-grubbing plans of the Republicans, the Libertarians, the Fossil Fuel Industries and their proponents in “Think Tanks” such as the American Enterprise Institute. The servants of the Fossil Fuel Industries and the “Developers” are so obviously salivating over this large-scale opportunity to impose their “Shock Doctrine” strategies. It is time to finally do something for the residents of Puerto Rico, as opposed to doing it to them!


right you are. it’s a tragedy and a travesty. hopefully the solar panels will pour in before the shark tankers.


Nothing positive will happen on a larger scale unless the renewable energy forces LOBBY for funds and or some ecologically minded philanthropic resources are funnelled into the shores of those islands.


absolutely correct. the solar industry must finally mobilize for political action. it has so far been unwilling to do so on any effective scale.