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War's Unanswered Questions

War's Unanswered Questions

Robert C. Koehler

“Over these last few years, given the wars it has waged and the international treaties it has arbitrarily reneged on, the U.S. government perfectly fits its own definition of a rogue state.” — Arundhati Roy


Koehler sez:
“And going to war is a political game, a decision made or not made by a few important individuals … while the general public looks on either in support or outrage, but either way as spectators.”

Spectators who’ve shelled out trillion$ for their tickets.


"It’s Not War, It’s Economic Bullying Leading To Murder For Profit By Criminals."


What’s MSNBC saying about war with Iran? Are the liberals like Elizabeth Warren & Kamala Harris & Bernie Sanders endorsing it, or at least continuing to demonize that nation?

Seems like whenever MSNBC & the ‘respectable’ liberals get on board with a war, then you know it’s really going to happen.


The role CNN, MSNBC, FOX, the New York Times and the like have in promoting war can not be understated. They constantly report state department talking points as fact and will never take a contrary position to those promoting war.

The only Politicians really speaking to this issue are Tulsi Gabbard and Mike Gravel.

The media will pile on any Politician who does not demonize these other nation states as lapdogs or puppets to those nations rulers. Tulsi just shrugs this stuff off. My respect for her goes higher each day.


As an engineer, I am disturbed by the fact the field of engineering has become, to a great degree, a tool for the military and wealthy corporations.

The US maintains its ability to threaten war and to undertake war due to the complicity of the engineers who design its weapons. Nonetheless, many engineers, including some Commondreams commentators, insist that engineers should not take a stand against designing the tools of war.


Tulsi with Gravel as VP for president would be my dream ticket. I will change my party affiliation from Green to Dem just to vote in the primaries to help make it so. Then if the Dems do their usual shit and hands us any other candidate, and Tulsi doesn’t run an Independent or Green campaign, I’ll change my registration back and vote Green as usual.


Been there, done that. Hasn’t once worked for me.

But, best of luck Farmer.

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Yes, I know it never works. And this time it probably won’t work either. I have no illusions about how this rigged system works. But I do know that most people in this duo-op-poly ( two wings on the same damn capitalist/empire bird) are pretty pissed off with the status quo on both sides. Especially the cost of war taking away from the needs of the people - especially Clinton’s “deplorables”. If a Green like me can find some hope in Tulsi, maybe some of the R’s can too. I think that Tulsi could win against the Orange One if she could only make the ballot.

I think all the DNC guns will be pointed at Sanders again to keep him off the ballot to get their pre-selected shill candidate (Biden). Maybe in all the mayham, Tulsi slips in as a Dem. If not, I hope she has the courage to go independent or Green.

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Jill Stein would have given Bernie that option in 2016.

He chose to be the Pied Piper for the Dems instead.

I am unsure he is able to make the correct decision.

Tulsi has promise, however, the media is giving her no time to reach the people. The people must seek her appearances out on alternative media.

This takes time and focus.

Most Americans spend 5 minutes a day on politics, if that, so there’s a lot of ignorant, uninformed people.

This is how we got Trump.

And, the Democrats chose the worst possible candidate to sell to the electorate.

Now, they’re preparing to ram Touch-n-Go Joe down our throats.

Be a rebel Farmer and vote Green. They had the best candidate last time and most likely will again.

Let the Zombies be responsible for putting criminal elites in power.

Zombies are always searching for brains anyway.

No offense to any of my fellow Common Dreamers intended.

Thanks Bob. Always good to remember St. Augustine’s “Just War Theory,” basically
being: do everything for peace first. But what to say of America’s corporate power elite?
When our elected leadership, Vietnam War veteran, Senator John McCain, sings to the
tune of the Beach Boys hit, “Barbara Ann,” “Bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran.” (2007).
He was just joking of course: ha ha.

Everyone who is a Shakespeare fan probably remembers that Richard the 3rd dies in battle-----but not even Shakespeare could have come up with how Richard the 3rd truly ended up. Died he did , and centuries later, his final resting place was discovered over what in the meantime had become a car park___Found at long last.
So, I think that maybe presidents and cabinets and those in Congress who vote for war—need to go and take themselves into battle. Of course, there were and are failures, although the Doge of Venice made out like a bandit in the money department for Venice when Crusaders and knights and lordly ones joined to take over Constantinople.
YES, that’s what is missing from America—many who forget ancient history------and if you have to die in battle, how much nicer to be Remembered twice… once when it happens at a later date in history–when you get dug up in a new building celebration! SO war hawks suit up and go, and show the world how it’s done…I dare you. : )

It’s futile.

He wasn’t joking …l.

Jill did give Bernie the option and he turned her down flat. Even during the campaign that jerk said he would back Clinton if she won the nomination.

Though I think Bernie believes he is for the people and has some good ideas, he still supports the duopoly and this rotten system.

Like I said before, if Tulsi isn’t the D nominee, I’ll be voting Green again as usual. Haven’t voted for a D or R at any level for years and years.

Gawd I wish Ralph would run again…

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Alas, our instinctual predatory behavior operates much, much faster than conscientious, cognitive deliberation. Peaceful folks are left in the dust. It is a tragedy we cannot engineer a culture of institutionalized mutual well-being to replace the institutionalized predation of psychopaths and criminals.


I believe that is why there are so many Dems running. The plan is to dilute the delegates so no one (Bernie) can get 50% on the first ballot, then the superdelegates can vote in the second round (remember the rule changes to assuage the Progressives?). Biden’s their boy. Get your tickets now to the 2020 Trump inaugural ball…big discount since Mar-O-Lago will be underwater by then.

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Ralph would definitely shake things up.

The Duopoly is all perpetuating the Status Quo for the monied interests. There’s really no hope there unless you basically are just into deceiving yourself. Not you Farmer in particular, but anyone unable to see through their cloak of deceit.

I don’t like being this negative Farmer, but it is what has been their Modus Operandi.

Have a great day!

Doctors have a code of ethics as do lawyers. Try and find one for engineers and you will not find any that is a requirement to enter practice. Engineers are highly paid tools of corporate masters and we know about their ethics. They have none. So 0 + 0 = … 0

That’s good, a code of ethics. Congress has a rule for them too. They are the only ones who can declare war, right?

I was always the go-to person when someone in the family was sick. I moved around to many states and countries. Doctors’ ethics??? Just like ordinary peeps anywhere you go. The good, the bad, the evil and all in between. My rule is to find out what is wrong with you online as best you can, how is treated, side effects, etc., before you go in and consent to anything.