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Wary of Clinton, Sarandon and Silverman Make Case for Once-in-a-Lifetime Sanders Campaign



Great stuff from the heart by Saradon!

Its real and calls to us all who care about the future and democracy and ending the endless war. One last chance before climate change knocks the whole world for a loop. Maybe we could protect our democracy while we have this one chance for a better future?

I'd vote for Saradon in the mid term if possible! If Bernie gets in people will vote in other progressives too.


The U.S. media is attracted to spectacle. And Bernie Sanders is NOT getting the spotlight he--and his campaign's evident progress--deserves.


I wonder if famous Feminists gathered along with everyday Feminists all set up a SPONTANEOUS TOPLESS Pro-Bernie Sanders' rally... if media would rush in?

Heck, maybe some bare-breasted women would even get INTERVIEWED so they could tell the MSM audience about Sanders' mostly wonderful policies and positions.

Call it the Playboy Magazine culture meets a modern Greek Myth... in order to capture the attention of the captured media.



A quick way to cast Bernie supporters as flakes and not serious.


A great actor with intelligence and compassion--eat your heart out Clooney!


Republicans for Hillary would be her best hope in a general election against Trump. In fact she and her campaign are likely counting on that cross-over to make up for all us progressives who won't vote for her under any circumstances.


Why not? It was done by older women in England for a calender for charity.


Hopefully Sarandon and Silverman will be aired in all of the states having upcoming primaries/caucuses.


WAY TO GO you beautiful spirits!

Faint hearts ne'er won corrupt election........the truth is that the powers that be will likely not allow another candidate that actually represents the 99% - "rules" will be changed, mechanisms re-designed, power of big-money increased to assure corporate vulture capitalist, banker/Wall Street, MICC domination, and maintain the 99% as wage and interest slaves - civilian society dominated by military "priorities" and endless for-profit war!

"You got to be a spirit! You can't be no ghost"!


I don't have a teevee and have never watched or heard Chris Hayes before. Is he just playing devil's advocate and giving Sarandon the opportunity to answer the "tough" questions or is he really an asshole?


That's a fun idea, but in this brainwashed Politically Correct society we live in, it could backfire.


Chris Hayes used to be one of my favorite Cable TV news people before this election. He was probably the most furtherest left of the MSNBC crowd after they booted Cenk and the Young Turks. But like his MSNBC mentor, Rachel Maddow, he's been co-opted by the Democratic establishment and so he doesn't question the narrative that Obama is wonderful or that Clinton is a great candidate or that Trump is a buffoon. At least when he's in front of the camera.

I had mixed feelings about this interview. His insipid toadying to the Clinton narrative and incredulity at Sarandon's reasonable thinking disgusted me. But on the other hand he gave her this platform on MSNBC to speak her mind. I don't think even Maddow would do that.


Something I keep reminding people. If Bernie doesn't get selected by the corrupted "Democratic Party," don't give up on him, write him in on the ballot!
* I think that, if everybody who is disgusted with decades of rule by D and R sock puppets and their 0.001% masters would just vote for Bernie, write him in if he doesn't appear on your ballot, he would win in an unprecedented landslide!
* That might even give us a People's Party that could take the nation back for the people that it belongs to We the People!


I wouldn't be so sure about that!


I know. And I was thinking along these lines:

Lysistrata (/laɪˈsɪstrətə/ or /ˌlɪsəˈstrɑːtə/; Attic Greek: Λυσιστράτη, "Army Disbander") is a comedy by Aristophanes. Originally performed in classical Athens in 411 BC, it is a comic account of one woman's extraordinary mission to end the Peloponnesian War. Lysistrata persuades the women of Greece to withhold sexual privileges from their husbands and lovers as a means of forcing the men to negotiate peace—a strategy, however, that inflames the battle between the sexes. The play is notable for being an early exposé of sexual relations in a male-dominated society.


As you may recall, the MSM also didn't want to cover Occupy Wall Street. So it wasn't until the police started fighting and there was a bit of blood in the streets that the corporate media covered this phenomena at all.

The unconventional often finds its way in.

Actually, if all the topless women wore SIGNS (these would effectively cover their chests) stating some of Bernie's superior positions... that would be one way to turn this into a phenomena that could not be ignored... even BY the MSM.


The growing list of class enemies: Maddow, Hayes, Warren.


and Gabbard.


I remember back in the summer of 1984 (auspicious year!) when Ronnie Raygun was running for re-election. My fellow peace activists and I were in despair over the prospect of what seemed a nearly inevitable nuclear war. Anyone who remembers that time, when the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists' clock stood at one minute to midnight, remembers the visceral fear many of us had of an intentional or accidental launch of weapons that could end us all. The sabres were rattling so loud you could hardly be heard over them.

I felt that no peace initiatives we were involved in or knew of were likely to avert nuclear war. I felt that if anything was going to happen to effectively change the dynamic, it was going to come from an unforeseen direction. And just at the moment history desperately needed a new player on the scene to chage things up, Mikhail Gorbachev appeared. Although, of course, the path wasn't exactly smooth after that famous signing of the SALT II arms agreement in 1987... for those who don't remember that time, I can't overemphasize the relief that people like me felt when the superpowers stepped back from the brink.

I mention this because I feel that Bernie Sanders is the person so desperately needed now to chage things up and reroute the ship of state of the "one remaining superpower" ('cause China ain't there yet) back in a sane direction.

Can Bernie be the Mikhail Gorbachev of the 21st century? I dearly hope so.


What utility does the term "enemy" serve? And Warren?