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Wary of Trump Motive, Experts Say Blocking AT&T/Time Warner Merger Is Right Decision


Wary of Trump Motive, Experts Say Blocking AT&T/Time Warner Merger Is Right Decision

Julia Conley, staff writer

"Blocking this merger is the right thing to do—and we hope the Justice Department is doing it for the right reasons."


“To to reward friends and punish enemies” is one of the main reasons why people go into politics to begin with, and Twitler has plenty of both. I expect the Sinclair-Tribune deal to face no such obstacles.


Where I’m at, Time Warner was bought by Spectrum. Who owns Spectrum?


The DOJ and congress have not demonstrated the ‘absolute integrity of anti-trust enforcement process’ in decades. Integrity is obviously not a factor in our government. Good motives or poor, this proposed merger is clearly not in the best interests of the public.


Indeed…I was watching (as long as I could take it)…a guest on a CNN show mention
how this Sinclair deal is very disturbing and has to be looked at and stopped…
You think the host would pursue that discussion…
instead he swept right past it…no discussion at all at the consolidation of news…
and it is DISGUSTING that CNN Infotainers: this morning, on the Chris Cuomo show
(what are his credentials, pray tell, other than being a priviliged son of a former NY governor):
ALL of them : Cuomo, Jeffey Tobin, and the woman, all LIED and said it
UNFAIR that this deal is being held up…
#1 according to them, it would not hurt news or “consumers”
#2 it was not an anti-trust violation…
etc etc…they ALL seemed very unhappy…Why???
Maybe you won’t be getting package deals for Christmas that would include big shareholdings in
AT & T Chrisie???
They spent quite a bit on this…but NO discussion of what is happening in Yemen,
growing homelessness, growing student debt crisis, growing environmental crisis,
personally, I think CNN should be closed…I don’t know why I am forced to support them through
cable package…


I reckon the two parties involved were not willing to cut the Donald in for a percentage.


Tell that to Chris Cuomo and Jeffrey Tobin…they are VERY UNHAPPY this merger is being held up…


tell that to CNN Chris Cuomo and Jeffrey Tobin, who are VERY UNHAPPY this merger is being held up


I replied to a post/blogger 2x below by accident, because I am so DISGUSTED…
people should demand CNN recuse itself from any comments regarding this possible merger…
Chris Cuomo and other corporate/infotainment LACKEYS were
very upset that this merger is being held up, and I believe, LIED how this merger is
not bad for consumers, not a violation of anti-trust monopolies…and by that time I was so
disgusted I shut it off.
they don’t seem to care when you protest their LACK OF COVERAGE on REALLY IMPORTANT ISSUES:
such as neverending wars/ war on environment/ student loan crisis/ growing homelessness crisis/
healthcare crisis
but this Cuomo and fellow infotainers went on and on how Trash Administration is being
very very unfair!!
I wonder why they are so upset…could it mean less $$$$$$ for them???