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Was 11/8 a New 9/11?


Was 11/8 a New 9/11?

Tom Engelhardt

For decades, Washington had a habit of using the Central Intelligence Agency to deep-six governments of the people, by the people, and for the people that weren’t to its taste and replacing them with governments of the [take your choice: military junta, shah, autocrat, dictator] across the planet. There was the infamous 1953 CIA- and British-organized coup that toppled the democratic Iranian government of Mohammad Mosadegh and put the Shah (and his secret police, the SAVAK) in power. There was the 1954 CIA coup against the government of Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala that installed the milita


If we are going to pronounce Trump as a disaster on the issue of climate change - and we should - we should likewise extend that to Obama. With one we have a climate denier and the other a climate swindler. One week after Obama signed the COP21 accord, he lifted the ban on US oil exports and, thanks to a recent article in the Guardian, even as Obama was preaching about the danger of climate change...

"Through the US Export-Import Bank, Barack Obama’s administration has spent nearly $34bn supporting 70 fossil fuel projects around the world, work by Columbia Journalism School’s Energy and Environment Reporting Project and the Guardian has revealed."

With Trump, we haven't suddenly fallen into a dark hole on climate change, rather we continue to fall deeper in it. Engelhart's regime change against planet Earth didn't start on 11/8. It's been decades in the making.


Tom cites the FBI as intervening against Hillary late in the game, but earlier, the FBI had intervened in Hillary's favor, letting her skate for the offense of operating a rogue server while she was SOS.

This is one of many puzzling facts about campaign 2016: are there rifts in the Establishment, in the Deep State even? Or was it all just Kabuki theater?


So what should we do, go buy something or go on vacation. I guess we should ask Bush.


What is truly perverse is that the blowback Dump and his billionaire bumpkins will stir will more than likely long outlive them. Thus this election is truly a 'gift' that will keep on giving for generations to come. Not that those sociopaths will care as most of them will be deceased by then.


Make it so sooner than later!:cold_sweat::imp::skull_crossbones:


This history of U.S.-initiated or backed overthrows must be taught ... and learned. In our very own schools.

It is WHO WE ARE, whether some like it ... or not! We cannot even approach having a functional democracy here if we are unaware of how we have toppled such democracies elswhere. we must know who planned and financed them ... and strip them of power and possibly home, as well.


"how to manipulate the media (on which he’s a natural-born genius)" - "the media" is an easy target being mostly lazy (reprinting tweets without question). An invigorated media is needed to combat this puss. And a questioning public to give all a kick in the butt.


You mean half of us are demoralized the other half think they just won the Civil war part 2. Maybe they did we'll see.
As for TRumpf's larger effect as regards the planet, it will only speed up the calamity already unfolding. His admin. will just take humanities foot off the brake and put it back on the gas pedal and so were now destined to go off the cliff at full speed all the way to the bottom. It won't matter all that much in the long run, to be honest with you. All this talk about stopping the warming at 2C was getting me angry because it's nonsense as are the Paris accords. So, let's keep Trump in perspective here, he's just going to do what the rest of the last 4 admins have done NOTHING, maybe he'll make it a bit worse , but not much. The rest of the Planet can go ahead and try to slow down the change , but it's IMO way too late and way too little short of stopping 99% of emissions tomorrow and that's not likely to ever happen anyway no matter who the President was. Actually, I doubt Hillary would have been much better on this issue than Trump is going to be.
The sad truth is the elites don't really care because they figure even i a worse case situation they'll survive and thrive somehow anyway. Not true , but they'll find that out when it's too late to doing anything about it. Even then they'll grab what little good land and fresh water is left and hunker down till we all die off. That's the thinking of these people it always is.


What's that whistling sound I hear just outside our graveyard?


DUHbya would advise you to take up painting.


...and to go shopping...


Oh, good one. A guess? " Whistle While You Work " from field operation 2016 Election: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves ". Mission is not quite accomplished, though.:wink:


Or was it a new 11/22?


A mass "STOP shopping" movement is needed to bring these evil corporations to heel.


A disproportionate share of consumer-oriented business' sales come from Xmas sales. Our family stopped giving Xmas gifts to one another some time ago -- that's a place to start.


Actually Trump's election was the SECOND 9/11 when you consider that when he reached 270 electoral votes it was November 9 in everyplace on earth and (unlike the US) most nations identify dates with the day first and the month second, hence most of the world's population recorded the date Trump won as 9/11/16.


Exactly! When...WHEN will USAns join the world!


Trying to avoid the doom and gloom is like trying to avoid the potholes in nearly every American city's streets, yet we must. Ninety percent of winning a war is simply convincing the other side to give up. Once they do, it's an easy walk to victory. Look around. Listen to people's words. Most of us have already given up and are crouching behind the toilet, while the Trumpians ride the Easy Train into a power that is OURS, not theirs. What would happen if every lover of his/her country/planet said to the Trumpians "Over my DEAD BODY!" with the earnest dedication of the Water Protectors at Standing Rock?

I can imagine what would happen. The wheels would come off Donny's chariot, and Mikey's, too, just as the waters of the tsunami began to return, sort of like what happened to Primary-Stealer-Hillary's campaign on election day. Donny is a fake, as was Hillary. What makes you (and him) that his little pack of pissants can thwart the dreams of millions of Americans who DON'T WANT TRUMP? The power of a group doesn't merely ADD with each new member (1,2,3,4,5,6,etc), it multiplies at the SQUARE of the size of the group (1,4,9,16,25,36,etc, which is why mobs are so terrifying).

If you feel helpless in this, it's because there is only room for ONE behind your toilet. Come out of hiding and ORGANIZE! One person times one person is ONE unit of energy, but one hundred persons time one hundred persons is TEN THOUSAND units of energy, and one million or ten million squared is more energy than either you or I can comprehend, but it is surely enough to fully loosen Trump's clenched sphincter muscle, no matter how tightly he keeps it. It might even help empty his bladder, seeing all those people at once shouting "Donny, GO AWAY!"

If ten million people shouted "NO!" at the same time, the resulting avalanche would freeze the Trump presidency in it's tracks. One of the strongest protections against date-rape is a well-timed utterance of the word "No!" The key point is "Well-Timed". Too late is too late


Exactly! The Trumpanzees don't care they want to live in a fact and science
free zone. The right has very effectively created an entirely insular
reality for these people and to a large degree it's seamless. It even comes
supplied with tag lines prepared memes and larger frames. When I say to one
of them as an example Climate change They will respond to a person with
it's all about increasing their taxes to fund left wing professors or one
world government memes. Science is also political all of it to them. How do
we counter this? It's essentially brain washing and it works. These
people's brains have been dry cleaned.