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Was Democratic Primary Rigged Against Sanders? Warren Says Definitively 'Yes'

The Des Moines register looked into that myth and found more than a dozen coin flips actually occurred to decide a precinct and each candidate won roughly half of them.


Lrx, we really, most of us here anyway, don’t give a flying cluck what you have to quack about on this issue.


dpearl, after a cursory google search, I’m not exactly convinced. For one thing, no one seems to really know, as records are not kept. (Great system of government we’ve come up with, huh?) For another, the Des Moines Register is a mainstream/corporate media outlet, and those sources have been known to massage the truth (OK, lie) in support of their interests. In this case, it would have been for Clinton and against Sanders.

Am I cynical? Damn right I am. Is there precedent for what I am saying? What do you think?

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I think we have to be realistic and face the facts; our revolution has been bought out.

What will be the way cosmic powered biology manifest as human makes a more modern democracy?

I think that “our revolution” was not really what we think that it was, ever.

I believe that it was created to keep real progressives and cynics from looking too closely at what is really going on behind the curtain, and to give them what many want to believe is a voice within the system. (This does not apply to liberals, who are are hopelessly seeped in what they still believe is the legitimacy of the government and the election process.) Sanders was their ace-in-the-hole.

I voted for Bill Clinton the 1st time - then he signed NAFTA and GATT - That one thing, among many others over time, was the end of my pro-votes for the Clintons.  I am registered Democrat only to have a voice in the primaries,  I’m actually more ‘progressive’ or ‘socialist-progressive’ than anything else.

As hard as it is to imagine, Hillary is far more pro-corporate, and pro-war for empire, than even Bill was/is.  Understand that I’m not a Bernie-purist, or a troll - But Hillary and the pro-corps/pro-empire DNC 'leaders scare the hell out of me.  They are only vaguely different from the GOP centrists, who no longer control the current version of the GOP.


Warren and obomber are two faced dimbots!
Requirement for the People’s Party…must include honesty!


Well this was covered by multiple media outlets and the data trail actually showed that Sanders did better in the coin tosses than Clinton. Amongst all of the precincts about half reported their results through an app that was developed for that. Of those Clinton and Sanders were in coin toss ties in 6 precinct and Sanders won 5 of the 6 tosses. Sanders was also in a coin toss with O’Malley in one precinct and he happened to win that one as well. Those were all electronically collected and double checked. Then remaining precincts did not report their results electronically - they just called them in and did not specifically report coin toss events. It turned out that some people started talking about this so cases where Clinton won coin tosses started being reported from some of those precincts. Altogether seven reports of coin tosses came in from that group and Clinton happened to win 6 of the 7. No one checked every precinct that reported their votes by phone call so they really don’t know if they got them all - but in the end - out of 14 reports of coin tosses that Bernie was in, he happened to win 7 of them. The 6 out of 6 business is just a myth that keeps getting posted despite having been conclusively refuted.


She won the popular vote. Doesn’t that mean she actually, from a numbers perspective, won the competition? I don’t get why she blames others for a loss that didn’t really happen. Except to sell a book? The whole thing is crazy.

Was Democratic Primary Rigged Against Sanders? Warren Says Definitively ‘Yes’

Are we really even asking this question? Was there ever any doubt? Is Common Dreams really relevant anymore?

Its sad, but one of the take aways from this article is the realization that we can not afford to trust Liz Warren. She’s really good with words, but watch her actions, as much as we’d like to - we can’t trust her.


“no matter how cynical I become, it’s never enough to keep up.” Lily Tomlin


Coin toss? Go spit hairs with someone else who’s living in the past. The primaries were rigged, thus any coin tosses irrelevant.

Senator Warren and Kieth Ellison and Mrs. Brazille are absolutely on point. The Trump-like refrain now is that: “Sanders didn’t raise any money for down-ballot candidates or for the party” Cause he didn’t go after big corporate donors folks. He just relied on poor schmucks like me. I can still see the tears in the Sanders delegates as the party loaded up the vote with superdelegates count. The party is clearly corrupt and a good pressure washing would be welcome. It would be much less painful to vote for the candidates. The sad tragedy is that the Clinton’s didn’t need to win this way. Rather than blindside the senator, why didn’t they do it honestly. I still would not have voted for them, but they could have won, More of the spoiler votes would have gone to them. I voted for Stein, because she plagiarized the Sanders message, and Johns was a devout globalist. The Clinton’s were walking the high wire between them.

I believe Obama reminded him of what happened to Paul Wellstone. Either that or they sucked his brain out and replaced it with a DNC controlled microchip.

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Ask some of the dead Libyans their opinion. Or the dead Hondurans.

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Can’t say as I’d trust ANYTHING that comes outta the shitbag Dem’s mouths unless they were committed to REAL reform. So sure, if they are gonna actively talk about and take action on the REAL issues; healthcare for all, break down the massive incarceration issues, DO something about guns for crist sakes, DO something substantial about climate, open debates to third parties, and DO something about the $ inequity that keeps politics bought and outta the reach of real people. Unless they are gonna show some real balls and do the right thing, then they are just still selling the bogus “we’re less of a shitstack fuck bag then the repubs” BS and try to go for the people who believe mediocrity is actually a lesser evil - a clear deluision from what I can see.

Yeah, I’ll jump on board if integrity shows up - but that’d have to be pretty quick given the current situation. I’m not holding my breath. I’ll probably vote green again irregardless if droves of people continue to vote mediocrity and AGAINST their own best interest and vote for lame and clueless dem’s.

There won’t be substantive/meaningful change in this country until the country wholesale votes third party (greens, socialict dems, etc) or the dem’s actually grow a spine. So far, dem’s don’t even seem to be looking for their back bone. So looking like third party again - just hope someone actually joins me in voting for what we all want.


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I followed the election pretty closely and Bernie Sanders had plenty of exposure, particularly on MSNBC. There wound up being quite a few debates and that gave him exposure. Many of his speeches were covered on TV. The reason he lost really comes down to one thing, with Democratic voters Hillary Clinton was the more popular candidate. The Clintons both have had very high approval ratings. Bill Clinton had an extremely high rating when he lost office. Hillary Clinton had a high rating when she left office as a senator and as secretary of state. Bernie Sanders has never achieved that type of popularity with the Democrats, for one reason is he isn’t a Democrat. So he took on one of the most popular figures in the Democratic Party running for the first time as a Democrat. Given where he started he did a remarkable e job. I don’t think anyone can say otherwise. He overachieved but still lost by a considerable margin. It is hard for me to see any way he could have won other than the FBI coming out with a recommendation to indict Clinton because of the e-mails. As it was Comey saved everything to elect Trump (maybe not intentionally) by announcing a continued investigation at the last minute that turned out to contain not one single new e-mail. The person who should be complaining is Clinton. Between Russian interference, Comey’s actions, and voter ID laws passed by the Republicans at the state level she would up losing an election she easily should have won.

I like Senator Warren a lot, but this is one area that I’ve had a major issue with her as I recall that shortly after the election she talked about what a success the Democratic process had been on the Democrat’s side of things when it was perfectly obvious to anyone paying attention that the primaries were rigged in Hillary’s favor. Now suddenly she’s seen the light? Shame on her! We needed leadership when Bernie was getting shafted and she was not there for us.

“I followed the election pretty closely and Bernie Sanders had plenty of exposure…” I’m guessing you didn’t see or don’t recall how the coverage broke down by minutes for each candidate, or you wouldn’t have said that statement. What I remember was how little exposure Bernie got in spite of having huge crowds turn out for his rallies. The reason Hillary won was because the primaries were rigged in her favor. Might I suggest you do a little research on the topic?