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Was Democratic Primary Rigged Against Sanders? Warren Says Definitively 'Yes'

She won the popular vote because Sanders urged his people to vote for her so most held their nose and did. Clinton, not being an ethical or honest person, then decided to sh*t all over Sanders. Ever the victim (it was the Russians/Comey/Sanders) she will never be anything other than what she is - a corporate hack who gave the world Trump and learned that she is never responsible for anything.

Remember the sniper fire she endured? Bald faced lie.


Elizabeth Warren’s opinion is hardly definitive, but if true her allegations are at least as disturbing as anything that has come out of the Trump campaign.

Treason is as treason does.



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You are absolutely correct. The 2020 theme of the Dems - very similar to its 2016 theme - will be “Look at how horrific Trump was! Don’t let it happen again, you must vote Democrat!!” Classic LOTE.

People thought they could trust obummer also! Most two faced prez ever!

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One can hope the Many will realize; Green is the Way!
Mother Earth cries out for Love and Compassion!