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Was 'Imminent Threat' His Impeachment? Trump Reportedly Admitted Soleimani Killed to Appease GOP Senators

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/10/was-imminent-threat-his-impeachment-trump-reportedly-admitted-soleimani-killed

Another take…


I really like Aaron but here’s Trump quite possibly “abusing power” again in a related way to gain political advantage. Is Mate’ suggesting that congress is just supposed to sit back and watch?

Because I call bullshit.


Yet tired, old Nancy has not introduced this as an article of impeachment! First off, it is using the government for partisan political purposes (which not all Republicans support); but, it is also a major violation of the Constitution which requires that the President inform Congress (which more Republicans support).

Why no more articles of impeachment? Are Nancy’s blossoming MIC stock investments encouraging her to turn a blind eye to the violations and her sworn duties?

Can we demote the DINOs (Hoyter, Pelosi, Schumer) and move dynamic Democrats into power - Warren in the Senate and Ellison in the House. I want actual Democrats who KNOW, UNDERSTAND and will USE the rules in our favor. We had supermajorities in both the House and Senate and the Presidency; but, all we got was the Republican alternative to single-payer (Romneycare/ACA) WITHOUT a singe Republican vote!

It’s time for change; OUR side is tripping us up.


Well he’s certainly not suggesting that congress shouldn’t take action on war powers. He’s saying the story is poorly sourced.


Trump said the whistle blower’s story was third hand.

Then the call transcript confirmed everything the whistle blower said.

But absolutely, let’s wait until we see clear evidence.

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Because Nancy and her cadre of yes men in the house never wanted to go the impeachment rout in the first place. However, when the shit hit the fan she was all but forced to take up the proceedings, except of course that her and her cronies still chaired every committee and they could steer the investigation anywhere they wanted. Why do you think all could come up with were the two least egregious offenses He committed? Now the dems can say they did “everything they could” to stop trump but those big meanies in the senate just shot them down.
In the end, this won’t ever qualify as bad Kabuki theater


Sens. Cotton & Graham are perfect for this cover story. Too perfect? No, both will run in 2024 in the Republican Primary for POTUS. Trumpers!
And, of course, Trump’s re-election dreams are about keeping the Executive Branch in the family. He sees the Bush clan cashing in and wants some of that very lucrative action, as well.
Impeachment will be much ado about nothing since Pelosi has narrowed the playing field; not listening to R. Nader’s plea to go forward with the whole enchilada, a laundry list of crimes by the Trump Adm. She sees Biden’s position not improving even though Joe played the victim card with the help of Faux Democrats.
The next 26-36 days are going to be quite interesting. I can’t imagine what form of crazy pops up before N. Hampshire votes. Now I understand more fully why bears hibernate for so long.


The PNAC documents and the words of General Wesley Clarke are HARD evidence that the USA was making and enacting plans to topple the Government of Iran.

Using the same specious reasoning of the current US Government anything Soleimani might have planned was in “self defense”.


Bull shit is right. The real reason for the assassination was to bring a response from Iran, that could be used to give the neocons their war. The plot was foiled because
Iran warned the military personnel at that air base, thus saving their lives.

It was supposed to be just like the attack on The World Trade Center on 9-11-2001, but it backfired and only served to unite Iran.

The talking heads are desperately working 24/7 to change the subject.


If the damnocraps had done their job in the “W”/Iraq days and stopped this shit, it would not be happening again!


BINGO! Yes I agree, if Pelosi would have had her choice she would have done the same thing she did with the war criminal Bush the younger and said the impeachment of Trump: “IS OFF THE TABLE”.


Well sort of. After all, who was funding ISIS.


True, in the sense that much of Obama’s support was exactly because of those expectations. But it really never panned out like that.

But, the evidence was overwhelming.


Excerpt: ‘The Bethlehem Doctrine has been used by governments to justify the drone attacks on foreign soil that have been used as the weapon of choice since the War on Terror evolved into a battle with very few “boots on the ground”. This rather Orwellian definition of imminent gives governments the justification that they to kill any of us just because they feel that we might pose a threat, and that is a very, very scary prospect.’


Gotta love ‘reportedly’ and ‘sources’.
Lotta lyin comin our way
Zippitti due dah, zippitty yea
Expect 9 more tumult day


I’m trying without success to recall a time when domestic political considerations DIDN’T drive foreign policy, almost always with terrible results.


nope. Oliar was just Bushit lite. (Or worse?!

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