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Was It Only "Fear Itself?": FDR and Today

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/17/was-it-only-fear-itself-fdr-and-today

Unknown to almost all of us, international pacts have been used to emasculate and bar repeats of all (as far as I can tell) New Deal programs and Great Society programs, starting in the early 90s, or earlier.

Nonetheless lots of cadidates campaign on the assumption that all of these things can be resurrected at will and this is dishonest, unless we are openly challenging these deals, if we hide them we are stealing peoples votes. We could defeat them so the only reason we are hiding them is to protect the guilty, who should not be protected.

We need to pull out of these deals and not elect any more neoliberals - who will most certainly lock in all these changes. Lets not forget that they are the official voice of the US and we a fringe party as far as all of this goes, and these deals lock out all Democratic policies and lock in most GOP polices- as they lock in all deregulation, generally.

That means bad decisions like privatizing services or outsourcing offshoring entire service sectors (which were committed to in the 90s, so now are >20 yrs old and so we need to attack them as fraudulent or as lacking validity because a fraud was perpetrated on the whole nation by hhiding them and that implicates a lot of current politicians)

Otherwise it all becomes incredibly costly to reverse. And the poor will pay, the rich wont.

they have also created OBVIOUS traps for Social Security and Medicare, if we try to expand Medicare without leaving GATS (see its Annex on Financial Services, and its Article XXI) first we’ll run into this. The entire country could lose its only retirement income by it being privatized right before a big stock market crash. We shoud not assume either party is working for us because neither is and these agreements prove that 100%.

This is shown by the stealth privatization agenda, as we would in many cases need to compensate foreign countries or corporations to do many things its obvious we need to do.

This is not a joke and its not wise to preted that I am in any way against Democratic Values. (i.e. democracy) I am against theft of our nation, thats all.

We need to become aware, fast of whats going on. For example, services ‘agreements’ and procurement rules such as the Government Procurement Agreement are treaties and binding and operate in a international legal space above national laws and ‘domestic regulation’ which is what everything we seem to be trying to do operates at. That means all we’re trying to do is already being rendered powerless at a higher level by these treaties and nobody seems about to tell us this. They want our votes to keep pouring in without having to actually do the needed work.

Its not a smart or good thing to ignore the united voices of the international activist community and pretend that the US is on its own planet where the US is not fighting to gut national public services, like it is everywhere on Earth. Profesional obfuscators who claim to be correcting records are hiding serious crimes, which have no statute of limitations. because lots of our people are dying because of lack of affordable healthcare and drugs in particular.

These treaties seem as far as I can tell to block virtually all of the things we need to do, things which I support, BTW.

SILENCE will not fix anything, nor will electing known opponents f progress of either party.

Now. Unless we plan on literally occupying the government (illegal and not a wise idea, also it still will not fix the underlying problem)

we need to challenge the dirty deals and the fake politicians - get the nation to see these treaties which we’ve had conceealed from us for decades, leading to much news being almost wholly misleading in critical aspects.

Step 1, discuss them and face the facts.

Step 2. replace them, not protect them -

Step 3 dump the deals by the official methods, and if our right to do so is challenged or we are hit with demands for sanctions, declare them to be a fraud and dump the deals in their totality.

Step 4. If we are sued, make the former officials who hid and signed these deals the only ones who can be pursued for these deals alleged ‘debts’ .

Step 5. We cannot give up any jobs nor can we allow any frames where jobs are traded to stand. let foreign workers apply for jobs but dont allow the subcontracting companies in because they are very very bad and the facts indicate that fraud is very high also we should oppose the entire idea of outsourcing and offshoring jobs turning them into entitlements to break our wage and labor laws as a crime.

Otherwise we’ll all soon be left jobless, (we expect too much" according to them) homeless, investmentless, and healthcare less - We’ll see no large scale jobs programs for US workers, no social housing, no affordable healthcare or single payer systems, no vast expansions in public higher or even primary education. We’ll lose what little we have now. Open your eyes.

All of which are desperately needed. Denial is a huge mistake in this situation.

Behind our backs these treaties are being used to phase the entire social safety net out. Not just in the US - internationally. Also they trade jobs and plan to outsource jobs to whomever provider, all around the world is cheapest, this will undermine workers (they’ll be replaced by lower bidding international firms) and decimate wages at all levels. Everything from profesionals to low level desk workers - starting at the top and working downward. For example, right now numbers are limited but our ability to do that is being challenged by India. If we lose, we’ll lose by all accounts many millions of jobs, more than half of the good ones, its likely. Including many public services jobs now thought safe because they are at the state and local levles, like teaching. It will transform the world of work to make it a lot more like indentured servitude or modern slavery.

All this is an imminent threat, probably coming within the next few years. One needs to read the trade literature to see it. Neither candidate is any less likely than the other to allow this agenda to simply go forward, as its on autopilot- It is already enshrined in treaties that are on autopilot.

So we need a different president and different candidates, ones who are unafraid to dump this agenda, the first step to which is speaking out about it. Not CYA behavior, going into depth on it and that means stopping the pervasive censorship of media and social media and blogs.

Just say no to issue censorship to protect the theft of our nation and world.

the French have the fact that their government has been captured figured out, why dont we?

Silence = Death.


Well written. Take heed!

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During the first half of the 20th century around 10% of voters voted for socialist or communist candidates in POTUS elections. Contrary to the revisionist history most of us read, the only reason the requisite number of congresscritters voted in favor of FDR’s New Deal was their concern that socialism was a real threat and the New Deal would satisfy the 99% just enough to keep socialism at bay.

Although the allies defeated the axis powers in 1945, they did not defeat fascism. Fascism simply planted itself in the US with Robert Taft, Joe McCarthy, the Dulles brothers and others’ red scare campaign during the 1950s being the first major manifestation of the fascist takeover of which Trump has been assigned to be the closer.

With 95% of US voters voting corporate Dim or corporate GOP in 21st century POTUS elections and no socialist or communist candidates on the ballot, corporations (and the politicians they own) have zero fear that they will lose their control of the government.


Not sure it will be as commonly known, unless you’re a true football (aka ‘soccer’) fan like myself, but the English Premier League resumed their season yesterday, and for the initial games this week all the players names on the back of their jerseys have been replaced with ‘Black Lives Matter’.

They also start each match by taking a knee, including the refs.



"FDR responded: “We have on the positive side eliminated Phil La Follete and the Farm-Labor people in the Northwest as a standing Third Party threat.”

Henry Wallace was a farmer, and served as the Sec. of Agriculture from 1933 to 1940 under FDR. Then served as Vice president from 1941 to 1945. Dem party leaders didn’t like Wallace, perhaps because of his open stance against racial segregation in the South. Party leaders replaced Wallace with Truman at the dem convention in 1944, despite strong support for Wallace within the party. Perhaps the above FDR statement, provides the reason FDR didn’t fight to retain Wallace on the ticket, besides being weak from illness.



What we’re seeing is not capitalism as we know it, its some kind of extreme hypercapitalism - really its more fascism.

In any case, what we have now is not democracy because we cant to vote to fix it we could vote to start that process but both of the presumptive candidates are neoliberals and represent this extremely anti-democracy capture of democracy. As democracy seems to me to be the one essential element of the America I believe in, they are trying to end America. By stealth. The America I believe in is a welcoming place to everybody who agrees to respect others and our own democracy. Out of many, one…

Its like we say I have faith that we’ll together be able to steer this boat.

What neoliberalism is trying to do is destroy peoples faith in a now fake democracy which we no longer have. Maybe America has never been perfect, but in the past it seems to me there was more democracy .

Now we have to stand up for democracy because its endangered. And not get sidetracked. To give you an idea of how evil GATS is, its basically a scheme to trade jobs like bargaining chips to lower wages. It plants to keep pushing wages down by making everybody in the world compete with one another for fewere and fewer jobs. It wont let countries invest in their own people except in the most minimal way possible.

Please consider - this is exactly the opposite of what we should be doing now in this extremely unpredictable time. We should be investing in society, not writing us off as too expensive to invest in - (Thats how it views our own workers)
~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHIfSfb-RvM <This is a good intro to it.

Its been in place for more than 20 years and its reversed what was rising prosperity in many parts of the world.

This is what we are best known for in many countries and its doing the exact opposites of what we should be doing, its forcing a race to the bottom on everything. Rich people use it to say, America wants us to privatize education, healthcare, water, etc. Which is very bad, also its not what we want…

Corporations have taken it over to give themselves “certainty” and to do so they have created a rigid trap that is taking away our right to vote and actually fix things.

This is what I’m talking about

There is no way to get out of this trap without a national dialogue going on, now. Pretending that Biden is going to fix that is self deception because its not only that he wont, he cant without having the whole country behind him and it. And he doesnt have that in him nor does he seem to have the desire to get rid of it. Unfortunately,

Bernie also has been too timid to call it out by name.

We cant implement any of the many changes we need to make like affordable single payer healthcare (and dozens of others) without a GLOBAL HIVE MIND brainstorming the way out. Apologists want to avoid any discussions because THEY DONT WANT CHANGE . But like with rapists, they have to be called out in public, its the same for GATS which is a form of rape, an abuse of trust a theft of sacred things. the ame applies to TRIPS which has captured IP particularly drugs and drug pricing. Its killed many many millions of poor people. That could easily be us next but we’re still brainwashed into accepting this horrible abuse of others, we need to stop it stop the injustice. We should linke them together and offer to dump them both. As a trade.

We must call it out and reject it publicly for the world to see, to get beyond it. without getting rid of GATS first and indeed, trying to without leaving gats has the exact opposite effect and it could destroy the safety net we have. Thats what experts tell us.

Dont trust what the WTO says, they and our neoliberals are basically a cult thats trying to tear down the compassionate future world dream we have today and repace it with its evil greedy twin - hoping we wont notice…

An incredible amount of evil thinking went into designing these things, so we must face them for what they are, a huge fraud on the country and the world that is so dishonest it deceives everybody as to what it even is.

Its a theft of the entire world and our future. By deception. It turns everybody against one another to capture everything for the very rich.

As these deals are whats making everybody miserable, the whole country, indeed the whole world would unite behind dumping these deals IF and only if they are exposed for what they are.

They have to be rejected IN THEIR TOTALITY

Without doing that things are literally required to get worse, as they are structured like a noose around democracy’s neck that is drawn ever tighter.
I wish I could figure out a better way to show you. Please take a look at my web site, my writing is terrible but the links there contain a lot of info.


Forsaking the heroes of the liberal imagination (and indoctrination) - past and present - for the epiphany that (despite Dear Misleader’s mendacious clarion call)

We are the change we’ve been waiting for