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Was Jesus a DACA Dreamer and Should He Have Been Deported/Crucified?


Was Jesus a DACA Dreamer and Should He Have Been Deported/Crucified?

Juan Cole

Jesus of Nazareth, according to the Gospels, was a displaced person. 


" …say goodbye to your loved ones, Jesus y Maria,
you won’t have a name when you ride the big airplane,
all you will be called is to be deportees." - words to that effect from Woody Guthrie’s “Deportees”. Yep, it’s so cyclical.


Another insightful piece by Juan Cole, connecting the unwanted and executed historical Jesus of the first century with the marginalized and “unwanted” DACA youngsters, “perpetual outsiders” in today’s USA.

The professor’s contributions are always much appreciated.

Merry Christmas.


Thanks, htowne, for this informational post, as it prompted me to look into Woody Guthrie’s 1948 biting commentary in poem and song, Deportee (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos). Perfectly apt addition to Cole’s feature.


What we are seeing is the corporate capture of immigration for a corporate agenda - so they can do away with public higher education. - A set of trade agreements on services likely will make dozens of services international entitlements- and very low wage precarious labor. This is a very bad idea because we need to have immigration and migration be something for people and not for wealthy largely South Asian (now) body shop firms that pay very low wages and mistreat their employees. Whats happening is that governments all around the world are run by the very rich now and they want to disinvest in society. This is having major effects everywhere in services, but especially in services which were committed to in the GATS agreement. GATS is the most ungenerous secret deal one can imagine. You know how jesus was said to have pointed out that we cannot serve both God and Mammon… (money) well GATS is all about money, it blocks the entire progressive agenda and hijacks immigration for corporations - to lower all wages.

Don’t confuse these deals guest worker programs (such as GATS Mode Four) with immigration- its non-immigration and it will undermine immigrants and all of us by creating a way for huge corporations to undermine wages. this is why the big US online firms are pushing for it. Its a bad policy that will trap us in a race to the bottom. The AFSC (run by the Quakers- very good people) wrote a bunch of good policy papers about it in 2008. Their newsletter no longer exists but it was called Trade Matters and its URL was http://www.afsc.org/trade-matters

You can find some of their issues - for example, on LaborMobility- online.

Search on “Labour Mobility” the UK spelling for much more. Trade agreements are ruining poor countries futures by making them dump public services- this is led by the US- we want them to privatize everything- and of course we have to get the worst deal of all on principle… We need to listen to what Jesus said, we cannot serve money as our God- people over profit. Dont be fulled by Trump, he is not a populist. Nor was Clinton. They both are neoliberals which is fascism, plain and simple. They are trying to bribe the developing countries with jobs in order to get them to go against their and our best interests. There should be a law prohibiting this. Its so far away from what we should be doing. Please write this website and ask that they start covering tehse trade deals and expose the sham parties that are capturing our futures. Then our people can discuss reality instead of having everything be fake. Which it really is now. their motto is divide and conquer. Dont wait or we’ll be trapped in by GATS soon. It creates corporate entitlements to enslave us.


And the line “and who are these poor souls so scattered like dry leaves” from “Deportees” expresses so well the depersonalization of the “Wet backs” and “illegals”. Sad…TRULY sad.


Good post, Bill, and I agree. There is a recent book (2016) about the Los Gatos Canyon plane crash and Its victims, entitled All They Will Call You. I recommend it highly! I am an avid fan of Woody Guthrie. This song, scribbled by him on a sheet of paper, is a true testament to the sense of social justice and the common bonds of humanity that was the essence of Woody.

Bob Dylan would not be the Bob Dylan that we know, without the influence of his great mentor,
Woody Guthrie.


The sooner we all come to the agreement that Republicans don’t give a flying chicken turd about Jesus or Christian values, the sooner we can make some headway along paths ever blocked by thieving, destructive hypocrites.