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Was Prince the Latest Opioid Casualty?


Was Prince the Latest Opioid Casualty?

Martha Rosenberg

The autopsy results from Prince’s unexpected death are not in yet, but it has been reported that the musical star had the prescription opioid painkiller Percocet in his possession when he died. Unconfirmed reports suggest Prince not only used prescription opioids for pain but may have had an addiction.


"In fact, on the same day the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) announced plans to tighten restrictions on hydrocodone combination products like Vicodin, the agency also approved the long-acting drug Zohydro with five to 10 times the abuse potential of OxyContin. The opioids Actiq (fentanyl) and the long-acting hydrocodone (Zydone) are also readily available."

Modern high-tech, Big Pharma favored equivalent of:

"Let them eat Soma!"

After all, while there may be 2.2 million prison beds capable of housing dissidents, drugs that bring on obedience (or chemical conformity to the status quo) can be prescribed to the same effect on a much wider and more efficient basis.


Interesting grand governmental attack on the opioids. It is one filled with all manner of contradiction and hysteria. Among lists for causes of death, opioids actually rank very low whereas on the other hand the third highest cause of death appears to be doctor error!


People are responsible for how they use medications. People who crush, snort or inject these medications are making a choice. The manufacturers have not forced anyone to use these medications in such a manner, and people are free not to use them at all. All that is happening is that the media sensationalize stories. Millions of people take these pain medications everyday and get pain relief. The government has made it harder for people to access these medications, and the government has driven up medical cost for people taking them. I don't see that anyone has come up with a cure for chronic and debilitating pain. I am sick of people passing the buck because for the misuse of medications.


Wow. Two big pharma shills in the same thread.


I'd say it looks more like one shill for the AMA.


Words to live by: the fewer pills you take to get through a day the better. Don't trust Big Pharma!


I believe the stats are flawed. Many deaths are attributed to opiates but in actuality if you examine these deaths, many are due to a COMBINATION of pills and alcohol or street drugs. The number of deaths due to opiates alone at the recommended dose is much lower. Also some who die have serious contaminant health issues. So putting all the blame on opiates is misleading. The mass hysteria program against opiates would have the general public believing that a few percosets will kill you. In reality, the Tylenol in percoset seems to be more risky (and unnecessary) than the opiate. Many going into liver failure or even death from Tylenol alone and when combined with a cocktail or two the odds go up. Patients may be unaware Tylenol is found as an ingredient in many over the counter cold meds, etc so they may unintentionally double up. Tylenol does nothing for serious pain so why is it in the pain pills? Why does anyone take it for that matter? I have heard that Tylenol was added to pain pills for the express purpose of attempting to discourage drug abusers from shooting up with the pills. Obviously THAT hasn't worked but all the legit patient"s livers are paying to price. I personally won't take Tylenol for any reason.


Regulatory agencies have cracked down on pill mills, traffickers and even the shipping giants Federal Express and United Parcel Service (who knowingly delivered “controlled substances and prescription drugs from online pharmacies to individuals who subsequently died or accidentally caused the death of others” said a federal lawsuit).

This is a very dangerous move. It's the same theory that says an ISP is responsible for a person who downloads a file deemed "illegal".

The result is what anyone familiar with the history of narcotics could have predicted. Over 47,000 people in the U.S. die each year from drug overdoses, mostly opioids, says the CDC. Opioids are now prescribed for almost all “causes of human suffering,” wrote Businessweek in 2012. “Back pain, fibromyalgia, toothaches, cancer, depression, divorce, boredom, mental illness, unemployment, hip replacement or withdrawal symptoms.”

So many Americans are taking opioids, an ad for opioid-related constipation ran during the 2016 Super Bowl.

This medical system is in absolute collapse. Even pharma is only making money now on vaccines, with 270 in clinical trials, and the only reason they are making money there (post 1988) is because we can no longer sue them for injury when they in tandem with the CDC force on us a defective product. So, they are turning back to out and out addictive substances, a return to the days of laudenum.


Right on board with you on this one.


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