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Was Trump Hoping for a Coup?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/07/was-trump-hoping-coup

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If We the People had a representative government, immediately after the assault on the Capitol building, the White Supremacist in the White House who invited and incited the Fascists and White Nationalists to carry out their exercise in Domestic Terrorism would have been immediately arrested and charged.

The fact that he remains at large, shows the level of complicity and acceptance of his association with these Fascist terrorists.

This government has no problem gassing and beating and arresting Black Lives Matter folks and the White Folks that support them, however, White racists are given free reign to create violence.


Trump wasn’t “hoping” for a Coup, he initiated one, we watched it in real time, and thankfully it failed. Trump’s failed attempt was mostly due to lack of military support, the next, smarter “Trump” might not overlook that point in the future and succeed. We MUST prosecute all involved, to discourage this for the future. This lack of fascist prosecution in 1930’s by Roosevelt did nothing but enable them afterwards.


“Potentially worse, there remains the nuclear football which Trump can activate on his own authority.”

Let’s hope the nuclear codes are changed before Trump can activate any nukes. We all know he is insane and terrified and would attack Iran if he thought it would keep him in power.


I don’t think they can keep him from them legally as long as he’s in power, another reason Article 25 asap, is so important.


Trump was attempting to take emergency controls.
By closing down the senate and house from doing anything,
and unable to assemble - he runs the whole show.

Then the darn stupid democrats leave town!
While their leaders call for 25th immediately or
we’ll impeach = laughter everywhere.

If congress had any courage, ethics, worry about Trump,
they would all have been hard at work today inside the
chambers. All day on c-span cameras, broadcast all over
the world to show that we have resolve. That a group of
criminals will not send us to cower in fear.

At least one invader was armed and had bombs. That
person needs to be peened. Who paid him?


I call for Donald Trump to be tried for treason, the trial to be broadcast in its entirety, with approximately 255,200,373 voting age Americans to vote guilty/not guilty after watching the trial, and with a requirement that at least 2/3rds of the votes be for guilty in order to convict.

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Even after some of the wind is taken out of the Trump problem sails on January 20 we still have the much bigger and more deadly GOP problem…a majority of the GOP is 100% on board with the planned coup that turned out to be a dry run for future coup attempts.

The only way to keep the GOP from succeeding in their future coup attempts is for Biden’s DOJ to launch Nuremberg scale indictments on January 21 to bring Trump, his appointees, and other enablers to justice. Start hammering your Democrat Senators and Reps. with daily emails demanding that they don’t let Biden adopt Obama’s failed “look forward, not back” strategy that enabled Trump’s and the GOP’s success during the past decade.

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As you undoubtedly know, media sources have today quoted Pence as being opposed to invoking article 25. What’s just as significant, in my eyes, is the fact that Pelosi is sitting on her hands, waiting for Pence to “return her phone call”.

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Although I would recommend a simple majority, your hypothesis is fair.

I knew something was terribly wrong when I saw on PBS live, early in the attack, a black Capitol Police officer standing around, listlessly, even calmly, as invaders filed past him inside the Capitol. Myself, I would have been emptying clip after clip into the crowd.
His demeanor illustrated that he knew exactly what was going to happen.

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When I wrote the above post, enacting the 25th was still up in the air, some reports claiming Pence was onboard, others the opposite (who knows what to believe in the “media” nowadays). I had my doubts Pence would go for it yesterday, now there are even more reports leaning towards no. Pelosi adjourning the House was the signal to me that nothing would be done in that chamber. With so little time and the speed that Congress works, it’s looking like the country and world is on their own for the next 12 days with a narcissist manbaby running the country.

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This whole event in the capitol was a false flag to initiate martial law by the Dims, soon Trump supporters, (who Trump threw under the bus) will start to be rounded up and disappeared. They will be called all sorts of names, by people here on Common Dreams, but as the wars start back up, domestic clamp down begins, and the economy completely crumbles, the true myopia of “progressives” will be revealed.

Per reporting, Pence already put the kibosh on the 25th as did the cabinet. The cowards are now just leaving.

My big worry is we do not know what this unstable man will do next. The Post had a great recount of what happened in the WH, and its sources painted a picture of a deranged man, engulfed in self-pity, who thinks he has done nothing wrong. It was just this situation that partly led to Republican leaders telling Nixon to resign. Instead, we’ve got FOX dictating what’s next in our country.

Just an FYI, members are still present for the House. They adjourned floor time and have scheduled work-in-the-district time next week. The article here at CD was based on a poorly written journalist’s tweet. In fact, Democrats had a caucus meeting on the mechanics of impeachment to get articles on the floor absent committee time. Nadler, whose committee is responsible for drawing up articles, already agreed to skip his committee.


All true. Let’s just do what we can by helping the F.B.I. identify as many of these thugs as possible. It is very possible that prime movers in business and government (is there a difference, anymore?) want to see the last of this guy, so he might want to parlay them by acting relatively sane. I don’t really know, but that is a cheerful thought.

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I eagerly anticipate the purge of right-wing militants (both groups and individuals) under the up-coming Biden adminstration. You played your hand…, now pay the piper. Also, if and when Harris becomes president, you and your kind will be wishing for the “good old days” when Biden was president.

Trump is already “condemning” the acts done by his supporters, trying to save his Presidential legacy, as if there’s anything to save.


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I saw that. Here’s what that snake Lindsey Graham is doing:


This is the thing: I think it would be good to get Republican backers for impeachment. The press loves a bipartisan show and it would hurt sleazy Lindsay, who deserves a lot more than hurt feelings. Even 10 would be meaningful. I wonder if House Democrats could do that? I’d give Liz Cheney her special Wyoming tax cut to join.

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Here’s a vid doing just that showing quite a few of them coming out of the building (you wont want to miss their intelligent comments). Ironically the platform discovered one of the “perps” on camera dated his wife in Highschool, so they linked his bio to the vid. It starts about 0:00:44.

“Trump Initiates Attack On Capital Building And I Reveal My Connection To One Of The Attackers”
Jesse Dollemore Platform

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Lindsey Graham, OMG, the Hill had 3-4 vids of him yesterday “washing his hands” of the situation, as though there is some kind of special soap that could do that. I could stomach watching them, and threw-up in my mouth a little bit, after the short bit I did watch. These Congressional Trump supporters have zero shame.