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Washington County Shocks Big Oil With Ban on Fossil Fuel Exports


Washington County Shocks Big Oil With Ban on Fossil Fuel Exports

Nika Knight, staff writer

In an unprecedented gesture hailed by environmentalists, Washington's Whatcom County enacted an emergency 60-day moratorium on fossil fuel exports late Wednesday.


Hillary will be really pissed off about this vote.
I'll bet Whatcom County won't soon be getting a campaign visit from Hillary.


Even if she never campaigns in them, Washington, along with California, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are in the bag for Clinton.


Whether Hillary would be "pissed off" is debatable. Based on her stated positions on her website, she won't be. But, based on his stated positions, Trump will be very pissed off and will probably send in federal troops to make this impudent county council change their minds.

Please rejoin reality.


BNSF railroad tycoon Warren Buffett has already bought Hillary's loyalty.
Powder River coal (not the type used to make steel) and Dakota Bakkan Field oil and gas will be transported on Buffett's BNSF railroad lines including those that lead to a Vancouver oil export and Longview coal export terminals. I mention these 'southern' Warshington State fossil fuel exports to bring up this fatal flaw: Dakota Bakkan fuels are most safely transported to our coasts and world markets SOUTH through existing pipeline and railroad corridors through Oklahoma to Gulf refineries; incidentally reducing the demand for off-shore drilling there. Buffett knows this fact but cares more about remaining a railroad tycoon. How I wish some intrepid author would expose that old fart for what he is: fascist.


Whatcom County is one of the most serene, welcoming communities in the state and nation. Its borders go right up to the Canadian-US border and with its port, the county is a target for the train transport of crude and coal from Canada and Wyoming. The zeitgist is one of protecting the environment, providing social safety nets to residents while maintaining a strong governmental structure that truly LISTENS to the people. They have endured an horrific explosion that did irreparable damage to acres of forests, green spaces, and water resources...a raging fire caused by the derailment of a train hauling crude oil in addition to any number of refinery accidents that have polluted any number of waterways, inlets, ground water over the years especially those residing within or adjacent to the Native American lands (Lummi, etc.). I applaud their strength and courage to take on Big Energy/Oil.


Hi//y learned by her promoter Obama who will eventually pardon her and who lied in his campaign speeches and that taught Hi//y that she too can lie now and do exactly what she wants after being elected. Neither of the two party nominees are worth voting for. I will write in Bernie Sanders for president and then for every Green party candidate on the state ballot. I will sleep better with a clear conscience by not voting for liars and thieves,con artists and gamers of the system like Trump and Hi//y has done.


And after 60 days - business as usual - big deal.


Whatcom county is acting like a little fascist state. This is not how democracy works. Their actions are hurting working people - hopefully next election they will get the message.