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Washington, DC Residents Deserve the Full Benefits of Citizenship

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/19/washington-dc-residents-deserve-full-benefits-citizenship

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I agree and the story is also equally true for the citizens of Puerto Rico.


Also for the citizens of Guam, American Samoa, the US Virgin Islands, and Gitmo.


Unlike DC. There has never been a majority sentiment for statehood in Puerto Rico, the sentiment for independence has been about as strong historically.

Population wise, DC has as many or more people than Montana or Wyoming…

A large part of the US population only want statehood (and therefore representation) for people who agree with them. Voters in DC certainly would vote differently than Wyoming or Montana.

Where in the world do you get you’re information?
A referendum in Nov. 2012, 54% of Puerto Rico voted no to remaining a commonwealth. Of the no voters, 61.11% chose statehood. A resolution for statehood was sent to the president. In 2014 resolutions in both houses of congress (HR.2000) and (S.2020) were submitted for statehood, both resolutions died in committee.


Actually, that should be Vermont or Wyoming (Montana has way more).

Statehood for Washington D.C. is obviously the right thing to do and I fully support the idea. Unfortunately, the enabling legislation for this will be extremely tough to get through Congress and then the court challenges to it may well be successful with the current crop of activist conservative justices we have on the Supreme Court.

A simpler thing to do would be to pass a law giving D.C. Citizens the right to vote in Maryland. Since the population of D.C. is almost exactly that of a congressional district - they would gain a voting congressional representative but not any senate seats (and of course, the politics of the state of Maryland would change quite a bit). This would clearly pass constitutional muster since the residents of the district previously had voting rights in Maryland between 1790 and 1801. Unfortunately if they went with this solution, it would complicate their ability to become a state later - so, I wouldn’t support it unless the citizens of Washington D.C. vwere truly behind it.

DC has a delegate prowling the halls of congress. She sits at the representatives dais at house hearings that are broadcast on c-span. She gets what she wants.

all things considered - move the nations capital west at least 1,000 miles. And if you really want really good governance for domestic matters = provide no upper class amenities there. Bare bones.

if you want to impress foreign visitors, which DC does, get a 3D printer and duplicate the capitol, supreme court and white house. You may wish to even increase the glory of architecture and materials. Military headquarters go to rocky mountains. Etc.
the exisitng building are museums.