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Washington Gov. Jay Inslee Says He's Running for President in 2020 for One Urgent Reason: The Climate Crisis


Washington Gov. Jay Inslee Says He's Running for President in 2020 for One Urgent Reason: The Climate Crisis

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee joined the crowded field of 2020 Democratic presidential contenders on Friday with a vow the make the global climate crisis the centerpiece of his campaign.



I visited his site and read his messaging. He ties to important things together. Fighting climate change and inclusion. It is going to take all of us together to do what must be done. I wish him luck and I hope his message gets equal time. I am though, devoted to Bernie.



Again , another voice that has to be heard. The two big issues IMO are Climate Change and Militarism. This have to remain an integral part of any discussions as to where a given Government is going to go in the future.

While things like wealth inequality , wages, jobs , education and everything else are important issues none of them matter if we destroy the world via Climate Change or blow everything up via war.



From his campaign video, quoted in the article:
“I’m the only candidate who will make defeating climate change our nation’s number one priority,” Inslee declares…

Sanders has climate change at the top of his agenda.

Plus i’d like Inslee to be clear that the ecological crisis is about much more than climate change. Climate has not been the primary driver of the mass extinction that is underway and accelerating. The industrial assault on the ecology is multi-faceted, but the primary driver has been land use and habitat loss, with the main contributor being industrial agriculture. “Decarbonizing” industrial ag would still leave us on the road to mass extinction and civilizational collapse. “Solving” climate change without fundamental transformation of “the economy” will not “solve” the ecological crisis.



It’s a very important issue but it’s not the only issue. We can walk and chew gum. I’m wondering if this is just a distraction from the OTHER very important issues. Given this guys voting record and where he gets his funding… I wonder. Let’s Review:

Open Secrets


Bernie has a MUCH better and longer track record



i assume Inslee is actually running for Vice President.

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Inslee giving Boeing more “incentives” than NYC and DC offered Amazon COMBINED and not getting any promises to retain jobs in WA probably won’t play well in Peoria.



Good points. To your first one, Sanders and Inslee approach climate change from two different perspectives, both important. For Inslee, addressing climate change is paramount, and I agree. For Sanders, addressing climate change is integrated with addressing other issues, and I agree.

But Inslee will be the strongest voice on the issue of Climate Change.

Sanders and Inslee, Inslee and Sanders - my TOP TWO Dems running at this point.



Maybe, given the huge challenge he has to get nomination. Tackling climate change would be a good assignment for a VEEP to lead. He won’t get that nod though unless the presidential nominee is a woman.

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Bernie could still be open to ways to approach climate change. Inslee as vice-president is one who could take charge of the effort while Bernie tries to repair all of the REAL damage Trump has done. Not undo good policy that Obama installed like Trump did.



Sorry. I posted before reading the rest of the posts. We are thinking alike on this one.



Same, sorry, I said to webwalk. I posted without reading your posts ahead of time. I knew that would catch up to me for being “little bit jumpy.” Starman.



It may be a pipe dream, but if somehow there was a Sanders-Inslee ticket for POTUS in 2020 I would predict a total landslide! Trump would be completely embarrassed and annihilated.

And another thing that could be good, is Jay Inslee is much younger than Bernie. But do not forget what Michael Cohen just testified about 2020: " Trump will do whatever it takes to win in 2020".

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No doubt we’re seeing a whole new meaning being applied to the phrase “bully pulpit.”

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I guess that would indicate that we have to do whatever it takes to deny him. He has already made this country —, Well, fill in the blank.



Make that the: BS PULPIT!



I have been thinking the very same thing all day. The plus is if anything should happen to Bernie, god forbid, a real talent to step in and take his place. Lots of good reasons for this line of thought, hope we aren’t the only one’s.



Sorry folks
Not two old white men again, NO
Women are half of the population and need to be among the people making decisions



How about one old white man - Sanders or Inslee?

Which woman or women would you want on the ticket?



Bernie and Tulsi