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Washington Needs to Tell the Truth about Police Violence


Washington Needs to Tell the Truth about Police Violence

DeRay McKesson

There have only been 9 days this year when the police have not killed somebody.


And the army mentality comes marching home.

Note how this protocol matches that of “we don’t do body counts” (as stated by U.S. war generals) in foreign war zones:

“We know these numbers because activists have searched tirelessly to find instances where the media has reported that someone was killed by police. Yes, newspaper articles are currently the most consistent source of information on nationwide police killings because police departments are not required to collect or report this information.”

When Pinochet mounted his attacks on the Left in Chile, poets, writers, and activists were just “disappeared.” Of course, as facts later exposed, most of these individuals were brutally killed.

The tendency to not do body counts here inside the Homeland, presumably following the mandate that “we kill them there so that they don’t attack citizens here” is a means of making the dead just disappear.

In the place of any workable “rule of law,” increasingly, the Mars-rules premise that “might makes right” shows its deadly face.

When there is no body, it’s harder to prove murder or malfeasance. The authorities know this.

“We live in the age of big data and analytics, yet we have no systematic way of collecting even the most elemental data on the actions of police officers. It is as if the lives of those that are killed by the police simply do not matter. In fact, it appears as if these lives are not even worth cataloguing.” (See above)

Note how this type of evasion runs parallel with NOT labeling food that is killing many slowly as Cancer, Diabetes, obesity and Depression rates rise in relation to so much tainted faux food filler.

Note how evasion rules when companies like B.P can cover their oil-slick carnage with an even more toxic chemical (in their case, Cor-exit).

Note how it works when military entities “lose” billions if not trillions of dollars and hide behind accounting “mistakes,” or the tonnage of ordnance delivered to one “theater of war” mysteriously ends up in the hands of today’s necessary enemy du jour?

Evasion is the game plan when treaties that can effectively anesthetize environmental, labor, and other laws are pushed (or attempted to be pushed) through Congress without the public or press being made privy to the details.

Evasion is the name of the game when giant consortiums composed of those generous 1% donors, fund and arguably OWN the candidates they finance. How better to ensure that THEIR policies will become the law of the land?

For decades, The Weather Channel was muzzled from telling the truth about climate chaos cum global warming. Right now, my sector of Florida has not seen the thermostat slip under 96-degrees (apart from night time temperatures) for a full week. This is NOT normal and it’s scary since it’s only June! July and August typically run hotter.

Lies, evasion, bullying, and brutality have come to replace our nation’s foreign and domestic policies. That is not what our government’s tripartite design was intended to enact. A coup has taken over and spread its dark tentacles like a lethal Cancer. It fears the light of day (and thus exposure, along with accountability) more than the vampire fears the rise of the morning sun.

The dark side currently “owns” the place.


The “Army mentality” comes marching home indeed and speaking of that Military coming home.

A report was released In Colombia that documented cases of sexual assault against CHILDREN in that country commited by members of the US Military or of US Military Contracters.

This is just the cases of children raped where the Government of Colombia went to the US Military asking charges be laid. This does not include children and women raped by the same who were too afraid to report such cases because they were receiving death threats of being “eliminated” if they did.

From the report.

In his report, the historian [Renan Vega] cited one 2004 case in the central Colombian town of Melgar where 53 underage girls were sexually abused by nearby stationed military contractors “who moreover filmed [the abuse] and sold the films as pornographic material.”

In another case a US Army Sgt and one of those contracters drugged and repeatedly raped a 12 year old Girl. The US Military refused to press charges when prosecuters in Colombia requested they do so. They just flew the man out of the country so as a “loving father” he could return to his children.

The US Media once more refuses to report on this, just another example of that evasion.

The US Military has an 80 percent “approval rating” among the population and remains the “most respected” institution in the USA. That approval rating stays up there because the MEDIA refuses to cover any story that would put it in a bad light. Keeping people in the Dark is what that Dark side does best.