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Washington Post Editorial Blasts Bernie as 'Fiction' Seller


Washington Post Editorial Blasts Bernie as 'Fiction' Seller

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

In the midst of what author Norman Solomon describes as an escalating corporate media assualt on Bernie Sanders, the Washington Post has taken aim at the Vermont senator in an editorial that ignores public support of much of his agenda and describes the Vermont senator as a "fiction" seller who makes "fantastical claims."


A consensus was achieved quite some time ago regarding single payer and the rest of Sanders' platform. The Post has finally confirmed that fact in it's editorial.


This seems to call for a little artistic exercise -


I don't like donating to politicians to support the corrupt pay to play system. However, after reading this WaPo editorial, I'm donating to Bernie.


You can legislate and practice class warfare but you sure as hell better not talk about it.


Actually, similar to NPR and PBS, the WaPo and NYT largely only target the wealthy liberal (in the classical sense) readership who already agree with them. The job of propagandizing is left to the television networks.


The Sanders campaign is pretty much a copy of the Obama campaign from 2008. Instead of a theme "Change you can believe in" it is now "A future you can believe in." The same appeal is made to people that they the candidate can't do it alone but needs the help of the people. The opponent is even the same, Hillary Clinton. The big difference is the rhetoric. Sanders reaches people through anger against the rich. Obama used uplifting feelings such as everyone will the opportunity to succeed if they just work hard, that is what America is all about. Was Obama selling fiction? A lot of people thought so after his first term in office. Is Sander's selling fiction? We will find out if he wins. One thing about Sanders he does have a clear vision which is a democratic socialist country like Denmark. That is the goal. You can accept it or reject it.


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My parrot is the only one who reads the Washington Post in my house. And, even he gets a sore neck from looking down his beak, so much. He editorializes on it's contents about 3-4 times a day. He especially likes dumping on Trudy Rubin and Dana Milbank, it seems. As for me, it's the NY Times when I've been lucky fishing that day. I saved the Judith Miller columns, just in case, for the really big whoppers. Just seems so apropos, don't ya' knows.


It should be noted

WaPo = Bezos = Amazon = IT Database Developers for the CIA

The CIA Compute Engine being built by Amazon for the CIA is what The Atlantic calls
"A $600 million computing cloud"

So enough about it being editorial opinion, this "Sink Bernie" is trademarked from the source of all skulduggery.

And just a point of fact for the WaPo editors lest they forget reality in their pathetic rewrite of history.

American economist and former United States Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker supports the reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Act as "The Volker Rule". So do most intelligent people.

And about that fundraising thing of Bernie's, didn't we just get a report that he has out raised Obama in his grassroots campaigns. Did someone say MANDATE.

WaPo Editors, you guys gotta read unbiased news more often, cause your propaganda kinda sucks.
We all know your columns are for sale to the highest bidder.


It makes me so angry because it's so biased and untrue! No use writing a letter to the editor about it, tried that before. As regards Medicare for all, the private insurance companies compete to sell complementary insurance that pays for the 30% that medicare doesn't cover. Of course, Medicare sets the maximum price for a certain service! Doctors and hospitals won't be happy, too bad.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


The Washington Post is just another rag for the Fourth Estate and it like so many other news propaganda sources has sold out to the economic elite.

The only thing the Wapo rag is good for is a fish wrapper!


The WashPo editorial board members are gonna get their &^%'s and their ^&('s caught in the wringer. That's all I gotta say.


Robert Redford ought to go to the WashPo's shiny new digs and right at the front door, take a big dump!


Buzz off Bezos, the billionaire butt phk.


Slight correction, that's "fish guts" wrapper, the newsprint will contaminate your fish otherwise.


The Post continues its slide to the right.