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Washington Post Forgets to Mention, Scott Walker Misled Fifth Graders About Taxes


Washington Post Forgets to Mention, Scott Walker Misled Fifth Graders About Taxes

Dean Baker

The Washington Post had an article about how Republicans and right-wingers have become obsessed with trying to attack Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the newly elected representative from New York. At one point it refers to former Wisconsin governor Scott Walker's attack on Ocasio-Cortez's position advocating a high marginal tax rate on high-income individuals.



This is article is why I’m glad Mr. Baker is part of the media, albeit a small part.



Wait…RepubliCan’ts wouldn’t lie to us, would they?

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Walker sez:
“Imagine if you did chores for your grandma and she gave you $10. When you got home, your parents took $7 from you.”

Poor analogy.

“Imagine if you did chores for the Koch brothers and they gave you millions to trash your back yard. When you got home, your voters kicked you out of the house.”




Of course Bezos… I mean the WP, would mock Ocasio by misrepresenting her. Even a fifth grader doing the math on high marginal rates for billionaires knows that’s a lotta cash. All forms of wealth - investors, corporations, business owners/management, professionals, MAJOR MEDIA OUTLETS - don’t want you to know that rates on the rich from the mid thirties to 1980 were always above 50%, most often north of 70. National debt was minimal and middle class incomes, with the aid of unions, rose with the boom in production.

Dems might fight for social issues and a modicum of fairness re economics. But try to mess with the war machine, surveillance state or much higher taxes on wealth and see how well they understand basic math, too. It would be interesting to compile a millionaire’s list of all congress members - and those in media who cover them regularly.



Street Walker still servicing the Koch brothers, no surprise at all.



Is Scott Walker too stupid to understand marginal tax rates?
Is he too dishonest to portray them accurately to school kids?

Let’s go with all of the above.

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Republicans just have to lie. If they candidly told the truth they would be ignominiously rejected by most of their base.

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“Explaining tax rates before Reagan to fifth graders: ‘Imagine if you did chores for your grandma and she gave you $10. When you got home, your parents took $7 from you.’ The students said: ‘That’s not fair!’ Even fifth graders get it.”

Now a smart fifth grader would have said, fine, I’ll ask grandma for $17 next time, so after taxes i get to keep the $10.



This is exactly where the fairness doctrine Reagan repealed would have kicked in.

A crooked liar like Scott Walker makes a wild lie in the media and then the media must give free time to whoever shows up to expose the liar’s falsehoods and the informed citizen receives free media space to do it.

The fairness doctrine was a simple rule formulated after ww2 when people realized that Hitler’s lies over public media were the trick he used to start the war and keep it going.

Media outlets between ww2 and Ronald Reagan refused to spread politicians lies because then they would be required to provide free public time to the public to expose the political propaganda. Trump’s lies would not be on the air waves if the fairness doctrine was still enforced.

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Right, wrong or otherwise, I’m afraid Donny-little hands would continue his lying ways until his nose was 40’ long. It sure would piss off his potential “handlers”, if he couldn’t find anyone brave enough to take that job.