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Washington Post Promotes Dickensian Marketing Experiment on Poor Children


Washington Post Promotes Dickensian Marketing Experiment on Poor Children

Adam Johnson

In America, as a rule, we shame the poor, ignore the poor, blame the poor for being poor, mock the poor and do little to nothing to protect t


The rich shall exploit the poor; damn the morals, full speed ahead. The PR firms will convince themselves that they are serving the larger good and will shower their children with the spoils of this war.


I am reminded of those Mutual Life of Omaha's Wild animal kingdom shows.

We will have a voice in the background state "watch as the female poorperson suckles her young. Watch as she goes hungry so her offspring can eat. Meanwhile the infant of the species shares her own meager resources with a sibling"

Uplifting? This is putting the poor people and their daily struggles on display as at a zoo! The viewing audience to sniffle and go awwwwww isn't that sweet?


Next up on Fox: Dancing With The Poor.


Thanks, Adam, for a good article. Human beings using the suffering of others to entertain themselves is beyond evil.


And if they had, most of the rich kids would have picked the gift for themselves... Actual studies show this. People of moderate means contribute a greater percentage of their meager wages to charity, and tip better in restaurants.


X rated Xmas exploitation


Hahaha! That was brilliant! Thanks, hope your holidays are great.


We need these children in Congress!


I have seen this UP stuff- pathetically surprised at anyone doing good deeds. Of course, not Mr Gates or Mr Zuckerman or Mr Bezos, who pretend they are working on their billions to help the world.


Well, that was a cruel joke.


Exploitation of this kind is colloquially dubbed "poverty porn" in the UK.