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Washington Post Publishes Names and Details of 1,400 Civilians Killed in US-Led Bombings of ISIS

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/19/washington-post-publishes-names-and-details-1400-civilians-killed-us-led-bombings


Does this report not substantiate that the U.S. military is a terrorist organization?


So strange that it comes at the end of the Trump administration. It’s almost as if someone is trying to hide Obama’s actions under a Trump cover.


Right now, today and tonight, America is under an attack far worse than ISIS had in Syria.

Where are the 250,000 names published of OUR WAR casualties from Covid19?

Gee, DC Post - We have already killed over TWO MILLION IRANIANS since 1980.
Ya gonna print the names? 200,000 teen age soldiers in the 1980’s war with Iraq.
Our sanctions provide the balance of Iranian lives lost.
The rest are elderly and children who have died due to lack of medicine
and spare parts for their hospital equipment.

How many civilians did ISIS murder? Hey Post, add those names tomorrow. A common dreams demand article may lead the way for balance.

There are over 10,000 ISIS young men in POW pen in northeast Syria. Kurds serve as guards.
The young men’s wives and children are in nearby refugee camps.


bush: war criminal
obama: war criminal
trump: lightweight grifter


Not a terrorist organization but the biggest terrorist organization in the world’s history with bases all around the world to ‘defend’ our freedumb and de-fund everyone else.


it would have been cheaper(and a lot less violent) to have given the people of the region direct cash payments than to have wasted the BILLIONS on bombs(and Trillions over all in the so far losing effort for the last 20 years) to drop on poor third world citizens–just not as profitable for the American war industries or their shills in government


What Will End War:

"Peace is on the mind of many people, but peace is not possible without necessity. Peace as a goal, or peace as an ambition, or peace as a wish does not have the power to overcome the tensions and animosities that exist between people and even within people, within individuals.

The peace that can be forged in the future must be based upon necessity. It must be based upon a clear understanding that humanity is entering a period of grave difficulty—facing a world in decline, a world of declining resources where many more people will be drawing from the bounty that the world can provide, a world where humanity will be facing competition from other races from beyond the world—a set of circumstances when taken together is greater and more profound and far reaching than anything that humanity as a whole has ever had to face before."… from the teachings of the New Message Revelation: What Will End War


Indeed, this is what the US does and is consistent across administrations going back for over a century. The US is the most feared nation globally because we are a mass-murdering terrorist nation run by the CIA and corporate gangsters.


correct, and we created Isis. Something is amiss; this article seems so mainstream. hmmmmm


I agree. Anytime the US media admits our atrocities, I have to wonder what their game is. The next few days may reveal what that game is.


You opine:

“trump: lightweight grifter”

I beg to differ. As the article points out, Trump’s 500 lb. bombs and drone missiles were unleashed upon countless numbers of innocent women and children and thus mark Trump as more than a lightweight grifter but also, like Bush and Obama, a war criminal. In addition what many people seem to have forgotten is that about a month after Trump was in office he ordered Special Forces to attack a village in Niger, I believe, in order to kill “terrorists.” That raid resulted in about a half dozen civilians being killed, one of them being a ten year old girl who, after an hour, died an agonizing death in the arms of her father. Yet after that botched raid, which resulted in the horrifying deaths of ten innocent civilians, not one Democrat [including that alleged independent Bernie Sanders or any members of The Squad] called for Trump to be arrested for the murder of those people while never calling for Trump’s immediate resignation.

“The world is drenched in mutual slaughter … Held to be a crime when committed by individuals, homicide is called a virtue when committed by the state.”-Saint Cyprian [3rd century], Carthaginian bishop and early Christian writer


When the military industrial complex evolved into the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) during Raygun’s reign nearly four decades ago, the media wasted no time redefining and santizing civilian deaths as “collateral damage”.


Doesn’t the wish to exercise our newest ordinance play into the bombings. We leave countries in rubble where ever we go. The newest planes must be perfected along with any guidance systems.
Those non lethal war games just aren’t the same thing.
I can’t think of a worse country when it comes to rationalized murder and destruction.




Hey Washington Post! How about listing the names of the estimated 500,000 innocent children murdered by the Fourth Reich in Iraq? And caption the egregiously, murderous atrocity with this quote from Madeleine Albright: " A hard choice, but the price, we think the price was worth it".

And the reason I call the Amerikans like Madeleine Albright and too many others to name here Fourth Riech Fascists is to add insult to injury she was awarded of all things: THE HUMANITARIAN AWARD!

Yes, and from my perspective, the U.S. military has been a terrorist organization for a long time, to be specific, ever since Congress committed Constitutional treason and abdicated their Constitutional responsibility to declare wars.

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Money Money Money. War profits became tax free in 2003 just before leveling Iraq for oil. World Bankers fund both sides of every war. Money Money Money.