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Washington Post’s ‘Fake News’ Guilt


Washington Post’s ‘Fake News’ Guilt

Robert Parry

The mainstream U.S. media’s hysteria over “fake news” has reached its logical (or illogical) zenith, a McCarthyistic black-listing of honest journalism that simply shows professional skepticism toward Officialdom, including what’s said by U.S. government officials and what’s written in The Washington Post and New York Times.


I find myself reminded of the oft floated simile of "Kabuki Theater" in response to the manipulations of dissociative 'conflict' so favored by those whose lives are defined by such machinations... whoring activities and all.
When is a veil not a veil? When it is busy manipulating the terms, timing and focus of public discourse to undermine freedom of speech (not to mention thought).
Why is so much energy and treasure dedicated to this? Because not only has the narrative of 'great america' collapsed in on itself simply on the evidence, but, being primarily vomited forth on behalf of an "economy" based on growing the DEBT. There is no 'there' there.

Love and honor each other because the shi# that is now hitting the fan absolutely must be composted right as it comes off the blades.


Well, LF, when you use slurs to refer to groups who disagree with you, rather than an intelligent, thoughtful critique that would enlighten them as to the errors of their ways, one would tend to ignore you as just another troll who has set out to toss grenades into forums and see what kind of negativity you can elicit. "Fire for effect." Hmm.


Self proclamation of intelligence after a crude set of accusations would qualify as shots.

A carefully crafted response with a mix of additional facts as foundation and well thought out analysis would do what they are saying they want to do. And further the matter.

Good cal, cat.


In the 1960's under Mockingbird , the CIA encouraged media outlets to use the phrase "Conspiracy Theorist" when describing any outside sources that questioned the official narrative. The term prior to this was rarely if ever used in Journalism and after saw its usage leap 100 times and more. It was very much a psyops operation wherein any stuff not sanctioned would be "poisoned" by that same media attaching that label.

This is very much what happens here. It a coordinated effort on the part of the Media in an attempt to ensure the only NEWS that is acceptable is that which the 1 percent wants the people to accept. I m certain this just another Mockingbird type psyops.

This a link to an article about a German Journalist who indicates he was paid money by the CIA to publish articles presented to him by the CIA under his name.


The MSM continues to dig its own grave, particularly with younger people. Their credibility falls further and further as they spew the corporate/political lies. The very sources they chose to condemn will ultimately be shown to be far more accurate. Corporate control of media is suspect on its face, and rejection of its 'reporting' is already rampant among people paying attention. This will only get worse with Trump in office. MSM attempts to 'normalize' his presidency make a mockery of those who engage in such buffoonery.


This a link to a Greenwald article in the same vein. In essence the Post, in attacking Fake news site, posted fake news.


Since the post has printed more biased ; slanted and dishonest stories about anyone not named Clinton ...sort of fitting.


To paraphrase Orwell: In a time of universal, deceit; MSM canards and propaganda, printing the truth, is a revolutionary act and will be demonized as fake news!


You are woefully misinformed if you think the NYT and WaPo are "left-leaning". They are, in fact, profoundly reactionary, at least as concerns political economics and foreign policy. They're just not as far-right as you.


Great call, Shanti.


I think we are seeing clear signs that the oligarchy in general, and the media oligarchs in particular, are starting to panic. To them, as to any totalitarian ruler, inverted or otherwise, controlling the discourse is paramount. Perhaps the most positive sign to emerge from the disastrous Trump victory--disastrous because people were given no choice but two unacceptable candidates--is the fact that, despite a media campaign unprecedented in its partisanship, so many voters proved impervious to the constant electronic barrage (same with Brexit). What we are seeing now, with the "fake news" meme--as well as other memes being floated out there and catching on very fast, even in Europe, such as that we're living in a "post-truth" age or that interpretations of events that contradict the official ones traffic in "counter-truths" (contre-verités, in French)--are, to my mind, aggressive forms of damage control and a dangerously chilling, freedom-killing effort to wrest back control of the discourse. All doomed to fail, of course, to judge by the results so far. Fortunately. Who will pick up the pieces remains to be seen.


" The media oligarchs are starting to panic."

No doubt about it! Newspapers are becoming the dinosaur media and many people on the left and right do not trust T.V. news; especially after their fiasco of picking HRC in a landslide for POTUS.


The phrase conspiracy theorist arose in response to the many conspiracy theories circulating around the killing of Kennedy. The CIA didn't have to invent it or instruct its use. Some theories around the assassination were more credible than others, so the phrase was not universally pejorative. Others seem to believe that nothing happens in the world except as a consequence of conspiracies so the theories become their life and love.


Err no. I gave the link several times before to documents released under the FOIA which revealed CIA involvement in promoting the use of this term.

Project mockingbird was ongoing in the time period you speak of.

I have no desire to give that link for Your own benefit given you are well known as a person who just repeats the government narrative ad nauseum.


Why read the Wapo, NYTimes, WSJ and other establishment rags when we can get international news online and stop rotting our brains with propaganda?


Boycott false news sources. Boycott NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, Fox and the rest. Also boycott the false print new sources like the New York Times, WSJ and the Washington Post. They do not deserve you as a consumer.


I have noticed over the years that when the papers or the MSM cover something that I happen to know a lot about, or was personally involved in, it is riddled with mistakes or just plain falsehoods. Makes me wonder about all the subjects that I don't know a lot about. Sure there is a lot of "fake news" . Leading the charge of fake news seems to be the good old MSM.


What's also interesting is that the process for whipping the MSM in line began the Monday after the election with Trump's "off the record" dressing down of all of the major networks. The message was, "tote the Party line or you'll lose all access, and maybe even your broadcast license"! All of the sudden, CBS reports "boos" as Trump leaves the NY Times as "cheers". Mission Accomplished.

Next step, silence dissent on both the Right and the Left. Its starts with a "Black List" based on accusations based on "disloyalty" and "questioning authority". (Done) The next step will be audits if any of these sites are foolish enough to work within the United States. While the audits are being conducted, they're issued a cease and desist order, which then effectively shuts them down. After that, Google and Microsoft set up firewalls to specific foreign websites under the authority of the USA Patriot Act, much the same way they block "terrorist" websites from the Middle East. Journalists who question the official narrative are arrested and charged with being "spies for Russia", or they're simply branded as "terrorists" so they can be detained indefinitely without charge and tortured if the government feels it's necessary.

Then we'll be left with spreading information the old fashioned way. Without computers.


That time period is now: