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Washington Post’s Wild Swings at Sanders


Washington Post’s Wild Swings at Sanders

Dean Baker

It’s not surprising that the Washington Post (owned by billionaire Jeff Bezos) would be unhappy with a presidential candidate running on a platform of taking back the country from the millionaires and billionaires. Therefore the trashing of Sen. Bernie Sanders in an editorial, “Bernie Sanders’ Fiction-Filled Campaign” (1/27/16), was about as predictable as the sun rising.


Hey Jeff, try a Ouija board to channel Henry Ford for advice.


Thanks Dean for informing and educating, without those in the know who still possess a functional moral compass we would struggle even more to find the truth in a wasteland of lies and deceit.

Reaching the people to inform them who is using them as serfs, who oppresses them, who lives lives of obscene opulence, ease and opportunity while the vast majority, the 99%, struggle just to live, has gotten more and more difficult - as intended.

Great wealth accumulated from society allows the uber-wealthy to buy-up media and pay shills to misinform and pull the wool over they eyes of the electorate. The notion of One Person, One Vote, has been stood on its head and it has become almost impossible for voters to reach the truth or understand who has them by the throat. WAPO predictably fulfills its function/role as mouthpiece for the billionaire class and its disinformation and divisive agenda. We The People must find a way to become informed, to inform our families and peers, and realize we are being played in the greatest con in human history, and its both major parties and their members who are by and large complicit to the crime - one exception is Bernie Sanders and we must at least try to save ourselves and future from continued servitude........


The Washington Post's editorial is a piece of condescension shit. If they're so smart, why don't they tell us why Single Payer Healthcare won't work in the U.S. when it works successfully in every other advanced economy in the world? The answer is that there are vested financial interests in keeping our healthcare system so abysmally dysfunctional, and the Post knows this. Their message is "We should go on screwing the American people but we must not say so."


Channeling Henry Ford would work against the 99% when you consider that Henry Ford, along with Prescott Bush and other Murkin oligarchs wanted the US to go fascist during the 30s allegedly to keep the US from going commie. They hired retired Army General Smedley Butler to assassinate FDR. Fortunately Butler foiled the plot and we got the New Deal.

The 99% need to pray every day for three things in rank order:
1) keep Bernie alive'
2) get Bernie elected president, and
3) help President Sanders advance his agenda

Jeff needs to accelerate his space program so he can fly off to Planet Bowie.


Like SCOTUS Justice Louis Brandeis told us a century ago: "While you can have democracy or you can have concentrated wealth, you cannot have both".


Thanks to Dean for shining the light on the "banks under control" myth in the WaPo propaganda,, the most egregious lie in the article.

Expanding on Dean's analysis note that when Bill Clinton took office in 1993 the too-big-to-fail banks controlled 10% of all US bank assets. No real concerns there. At the time of the 2008 crash (after 15 years of decriminalizing (media calls it deregulation) financial regulations) those banks controlled 25% of all US bank assets. Today those banks control 44% of bank assets and there is no end in sight to their expansion.

So whats the problem?

According to the US General Accounting Office (Page 131 of GAO Report GAO-11-696 by June 2011 Congress had put US taxpayers on the hook for $16 trillion in various bailout schemes benefiting those banks). Near as I can tell, today US taxpayers are on the hook for a total of $26 trillion in bank bailouts. The estimated cost of Bernie's Medicare For All during its first DECADE is around $16 trillion. See why Bezos and his poison pens in DC want Bernie gone ?

To add insult to injury, by the time the next financial crash occurs, the too-big-to-fail banks will control at least twice as many bank assets as they controlled in 2008, so the taxpayer funded bailouts will be proportionately larger. Congress will tell us that Social Security needs to be privatized to bail out the banks again and the rest will be history.


Still pushing the 51% nonsense. And now you add the right wing premise of "Learned helplessness" to substitute for the actual DEARTH OF JOBS due to all of the machinations explained in the article.

Since truth doesn't penetrate your closed mind, I doubt you can even understand what Mr. Baker pointed out in this article.

Why are you here?


Debating ideas in public is really essential to democracy so even if you don't agree with Washington Post it is a healthy thing that Bernie statements are being challenged. All candidates for president should expect their ideas to be challenged and be ready to defend their ideas. This is part of the vetting process that they have to undergo.


I am here to share a unique (metaphysical) perspective, pay-it-forward... as all teachers do, in the form of educating; and where new ideas and facts can be found, also to learn.

Many are here just to posit FALSE information.

And in a time of mass media mind control, militaristic lies told often, and so much deception... I use what platforms I can to point out where those same influences are infiltrating sites like this one.

This links is prophetic. This is what's ahead since the U.S. dollar has been grossly inflated through 3 sets of "Quantitative Easing":


This is in Nunavut.

Nunavut prices for all goods have always been nearly twice as high as the rest of Canada due to the location and small population base. This is the high North. Everything up there has always been higher this going back long before QE. . The total population is less then 30000 and the area more then 3 times that of the state of Texas. This the main reason prices so much higher there.

The person making this case should be comparing prices in a major center such as here in Vancouver where that box of frosted flakes is 6.99. Now there is certainly food price inflation but no where near the degree suggested by the spokesperson. My grocery bill has gone up maybe 10 percent over the past few years. Certainly not pace with wages but hardly a collapse.

Now the problem with Nunavut has always been there not much of an economy up there. The North West Territories and the Yukon are also in the North and pay more for food then the rest of Canada. They also have the highest median wages in Canada so can cope. Nunavut median wages are pretty well the same as in Southern Canada and much lower then The NWT and the Yukon. There also no road system so all goods are flown in.

Just as example on average people pay 3 times more for orange juice in Nunavut , 4 times more for canned tomatoes twice as much for bacon and so on. (this also a reason huntng for food plays such a large role in peoples lives up there)


If we don't get " the kitchen table issues " squared away pretty soon about 35- 40% of the American people will find themselves eating their meals on public outdoor picnic tables. And, have Beltway/Wall St. demagogues like Trump, Cruz, Bezos, et al lecturing them 24/7 about, " all the great things we're going to do, all the great plans we got and how we're going to make America great, again. " Yes, it could really happen here. Right Wing Agitprop is surely coming to a theatre or church in your neighborhood, and soon. Just look for the online advertisement in today's WaPo. Or, maybe it'll just be a Sunday night TV show?:sunglasses:


I have seen hyper inflation. In Azerbaijan 1991 and 1992. When I first arrived the manat, their currency, was tied to the ruble which had been tied to the dollar was a 15 manat's to a dollar and when I left it was 650 some manat's to the dollar. Think about this. If you were on a fixed income of $6,500 per month and there was this type of hyper inflation you would now have the equivalent of $10 per month to live on.

I saw awful consequences of this. Things like women, many married, prostituting themselves to live. We had to weld windows down because the glass would be stolen for scrap value. There was a coup and when we returned the locals had stolen the controls for a pipe coating plant for the copper scrap value of around $100 dollars. It cost us 3 or 4 million dollars to replace those controls.

We gave steel toed boots to the local warehouse workers and one of two things happened. They left the boots at home because they were the best pair of shoes that they had or they came back with the boots missing the steel toes because they sold the steel for scrap.

This film shows a child smiling with a pile of money in Zimbabwe. It really does not depict the dire consequences of hyper inflation.

The thing that I learned most was I was told that the Soviet Union and their people were bad all my youth, when I got there I met some of the nicest most innocent people that I had ever met. This did a lot to open my mind to critical thinking.

Inflation, that is designed into our banking system, is the basis of the evil of the rich. If you have plenty of money today, always in the back of your mind, you may not have enough tomorrow. Thus, this increases selfishness and the necessity to keep making more.


We can't have economic equality until the rich are rendered powerless to bribe politicians and form public opinion.