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Washington Post Squeezes Four Anti-Sanders Stories Out of One Tax Study Over Seven Hours


Washington Post Squeezes Four Anti-Sanders Stories Out of One Tax Study Over Seven Hours

Adam Johnson

Surely one study can’t be this important?


I have fun emailing/calling the rat bastards at the WaPost, NYtimes, National Petroleum Radio etc. MSNBC, yup, they suck too. Ugh.
So everyone, call these asshats out!




This goes right up there with describing the Corporate media as leftist or left-leaning or left wing, etc. ad nauseum:

“Study: Bernie Sanders’ Single-Payer Plan Is Twice as Expensive as He Says,” 5/9/16) described them as being “left-leaning”—though to depict an organization funded by the likes of Bill Gates, Pete Peterson and JPMorgan Chase as leaning “left” is to render the description meaningless."

If newspapers like the Washington Post weren't the think tank seeding grounds of the likes of the Koch Brothers, then we'd see lots of these same ZEROES (His Healthcare Plan Is Short $17,000,000,000,000” (5/9/16)—by Max Ehrenfreund--explaining the following:

  1. What's lost and wasted on WAR and maiming thousands of human beings annually
  2. What's been handed over to the Big Banks so they could continue their crooked house-of-bets- version of capitalism by creating economies that are hypothetically "too big to fail" when they are propped up by insecure assets or none at all.
  3. What's been evaded and/or avoided by Big Corporations when it comes to tax shelters, off-shore tax havens, and outright tax evasion

Yeah... let's hear it for those zeroes when applied to the REAL theft to this nation and economy!

Imagine if instead of the LIES about Sanders' medical program the info recently published on this site showing how much money would be SAVED were put in its place.

Of course the Washington Post reporters leave out the cost-savings incurred from doing away with the insurance middle-man embezzlers and all the bureaucratic paperwork that taxes time and resources from every hospital and medical office in the land of the hardly healthy.

Truth in journalism no longer matters. It's only about who signs the checks and who funds those writing them.


This is why Bezos bought the Post. He wanted to be one of the oligarchy that will frame the story of the 2016 campaign and beyond.
A hippy must have kicked poor little Jeffrey when he was a boy. That, or he's hoping for a cabinet level post in the Clinton or trump administrations. Perhaps heading the Ministry of Truth.


Yup, all those other countries with single payer are in the tank. It's not like we don't have myriad examples of successful government-run health systems around the world. The WAPO is just another organ of wealth, ready to throw this nation under the wheels of the gravy train.


In June 2011 the Government Accountability Office (GAO) confirmed on page 131 of Report # GAO-11-696 that US taxpayers were on the hook for $16 trillion in various bail out to get the too-big-to-fail banks' tits out of the ringer from the 2008 meltdown that they caused. Five years later this information has yet to show up in the Washington Post and those 5 banks today control nearly half of all US bank assets compared to controlling one quarter of all US bank assets in 2008.

Taxpayers will be on the hook for exponentially more bail out money when the next crash comes as Clinton continues to enable the 5 banks to grow like Obama has.

Sanders' highest priority is to break up those banks, thereby freeing up $16 trillion to benefit the 99% instead of the 1% it does now. The Post needs to revise its figures to show Sanders' health care plan solvent, when you add in $1 trillion from his securities transaction tax.


Bezos has managed in a couple of years to ruin one of the outstanding independent newspapers left in the U. S.


As I've said before, I wish the man was as dangerous as these bastards' efforts would indicate.


That rag is NeoCon/AIPAC Central.


The propaganda machine at work. Can you imagine the fear that the Bernie agenda puts in the 1%? If the propaganda machine does not work, I fear they will murder him. Murder means nothing to most of these sociopaths.


Right, Marlborough. If we think we can watch the MSM and "resist the message" we're betting against a $300 Billion dollar-a-year industry. They frame the message in more than one way. Just when you think you're not being taken in by the straight-forward part of the message, the innuendo, the attitude and the appeal to your unconscious mind is sneaking in the back door. I admire your decision to boycott the MSM that pretends to bring you "information".


Odd.... Why hasn't Canada collapsed into total fiscal ruin?

Last time I was up in Toronto things looked a hell of a lot nicer than down here in that most USAn part of the USA called the "rust belt". Its like going from the third world to the first world

And my brother has always been totally satisfied with the medical care he gets there. He gets far more attention and care than I ever get in the US - where small family doctor practices are extinct, and the big-monopoly-hospital run doctors offices are now all that is left - run with absolute robotic industrial precision - culminating in the patient spending all of 90 seconds with the actual doctor. That is what I experienced today trying to get some help with a hurting knee. It was shocking- but Henry Ford and Frederick Winslow Taylor would be proud.


Ditto what the Dolan (Cablevision) family has done to Newsday on Long Island.


The corporate media has been brainwashing the American public for far too long and calling it news. The Fourth Estate is mostly war propaganda to support the MIC of the Fourth Reich.


We hear ad nauseum: BERNIE HAS NO CHANCE; BERNIE SHOULD GET OUT; and too many more other Bernie pejoratives to list here. But to paraphrase Gandhi: first they ignore you; then they laugh at you; then they demonize you; and then you win!
The good news is that the ,01% like Bezos, must be in the later phase where they are starting to worry about Bernie gaining too much political strength and being a real threat to their whore!


Johnson sez: "The State Department, while under Clinton’s charge, donated millions to the [Urban] Institute (as it did before and after her tenure)."

Whoa, time out ... the State Department 'donated'? As a publicly funded ministry of the U.S. federal government, it has no money of its own to donate.

If it specifically paid to commission a report, that's one thing; otherwise: "The State Department funneled millions of taxpayer dollars to ... "


I'm on board, wicklund. Boycott the American Pravda run by the financial elite.


Everything you say is true. But for the giant war of profit Clinton will stick in there somewhere.


This is information about the cost of our current system for the year 2014. Multiply it by ten for a ten year projection, and don't even include the 5.3% inflationary costs during those years and you get 30 trillion dollars.

U.S. health care spending grew 5.3 percent in 2014, reaching $3.0 trillion or $9,523 per person. As a share of the nation's Gross Domestic Product, health spending accounted for 17.5 percent.
(Article found here: http://tinyurl.com/opcgw48 )

The following is from the WP article criticizing Sander's plan:

The studies, published jointly by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center and the Urban Institute in Washington, conclude that Sanders's plans are short a total of more than $18 trillion over a decade. His programs would cost the federal government about $33 trillion over that period, almost all of which would go toward Sanders's proposed system of national health insurance. Yet the Democratic presidential candidate has put forward just $15 trillion in new taxes, the authors concluded.
(The above excerpt found in second paragraph here: http://tinyurl.com/hv36r8y )

Obviously, they "facts" of the four articles are poor journalism, if not intentionally skewed. How can you discuss Sanders plan and not compare it to the present system, which will cost more and do less, all bad for humans in the US but good if those humans are the top dogs in the health insurance industry. Single-payer saves money hands down, Go to Labor Campaign for Single Payer, Health Care Now, Physicians for a National Health Program, or google the econometric study on the positive effects of single-payer done by the California Nurses Association a few years ago, now the National Nursed United,