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Washington Post Tells Readers the Elite Will Lie, Cheat, and Steal to Pass Their Trade Deals


Washington Post Tells Readers the Elite Will Lie, Cheat, and Steal to Pass Their Trade Deals

Dean Baker

The Washington Post has established itself over many decades as a major mouthpiece of elite opinion. Its editorial pages argue strongly for the interests of the wealthy, with scarcely concealed contempt for people who have to work for a living. (They do support alms for the poor, hence they are okay with programs like food stamps and TANF.)


Thank you, Mr. Dean for courageously speaking up about this deal and one insidious role played by The Fed. If it’s true that 58% agree with this trade pact, it’s because it’s being sold to the public through the usual web of lies starting with the Big One: that it will create more jobs.

I heard an ad on the radio earlier promoting how clean natural gas is… with nary a mention to the polluted water tables left behind by The Frackers.

Always the truth is inverted or so narrow a piece of the puzzle exposed as to render the item under discussion a completely fabricated deception. It is this language of semblances that is fed to the public along with food that is only the “substantial equivalent” of the real thing and thus another deceptive semblance.


I continue to be humbled by the sheer brute force of hubris. Ill gotten privilege based on the legacy of dissociation from the interconnected cycles of life is and has been a tower of babel. Each brick contains just enough weight and ‘glue’ to stay in place as they are applied at the top and the bricks at the base evaporate. It has become a deadly humorless re-sketch cartoon of itself in denial that its sucking wind of change irrevocably blows through the cracks of its design. It is smoke and mirrors in ideation, and a serpinski premise materially.

What do I mean by Serpinski premise? Think of the childrens’ game of starting with a structure to compete to find the piece(s) that can be removed without making the structure collapse. Now put that into a mathematical formula of triangulation and literally a 2-D triangle and/or 3-D pyramid.

Fractional reserve banking and the explosion of debt-based money has blown up the largest bubble ever known. The hot air of ‘constant growth’ is colonization on steroids. The propogators of the system know this inside and out. Why after the advertising of ‘getting ahead’ do we have more people impoverished than ever before? Because the model of ‘externalized costs’ (such a bland and acceptable, seemingly only mathematical term) of predatory capitalism requires that this not be seen (eliminated from public discourse/media).

The history is not to be taught (think Zinn, Galleano, Pickety, and so many countless others: majority and diversity). That those who are impoverished by the inverse balance of constant growth that is the predatory usurpation of human rights to land, traditional agricultural practices that DO evolve and adapt, etc - are to be criminalized when claiming the rights that the systematized predation rips away like a cartoon Lucy grabbing the football.

It is a narcissistic neoteny (infantilized characteristics clung to and claimed as maturity) writ large. So as to prevent having to be held accountable, all failings are denied (externalized). What the predatory system(s) fail(s) to see is that its mirror was shattered from the start and it has for centuries been grabbing at shards and the blood has flowed because those shards are its warring on the void it propagates. It is also demonstrably incapable of recognizing its exponentially intensifying toxicity. Of course there is a equally massive, brittle secrecy - it, by its very nature, must hide from itself.

The scramble of the idea sphere it propagates remains riddled with centuries old voids - but unlike the human spirit, it is unable to envision the elegance and dynamics and coherent content from which it has been extracting, nor the consequences, nor the alternatives. Continually and commensurately blinded by the very blindness caused from all that it has claimed does not matter, does not exist and the commensurate delusional demonizations of the same.



It seems that there is possibility of common ground on this issue, at least, with those on the rightward side of the spectrum. I can’t imagine too many thoughtless “USA! USA! USA!” conservatives who would be for TPP were it explained to them as giving a bunch of multi-national corporations precedence over our laws and sovereignity.

The other thing I also consistently find, when I talk to folks on any part of the political spectrum, is that everyone thinks the bankers who were responsible for the crash should be prosecuted.


Like it’s been called, “NAFTA on steroids”! And we all know how well that turned out for amerikan workers, don’t we!