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Washington’s Multi-Million-Dollar Saudi PR Machine

Washington’s Multi-Million-Dollar Saudi PR Machine

Eli Clifton

Public image isn’t something one can always control, but Saudi Arabia is spending millions of dollars on Washington lobbyists and PR firms to improve the Kingdom’s reputation in the West. The execution of Shiite leader Sheik Nimr Baqr al-Nimr, followed by an attack on the Saudi embassy in Tehran and the Kingdom’s severing of diplomatic relations with Iran, would seem to offer few upsides for the Saudi government.

If Justice, rather than power and profit, was the ruling principle of our world, those firms that aided and abetted criminal activity would be prosecuted in the same way that individuals are held to account when they act as accomplices to criminal acts.

I use the term “Mars rules” to explain the hegemonic dominance of the military. Needless to say, it’s the war profiteers who exhibit the greatest lack of conscience in regularly selling heinous weapons to regimes that have used them, and will continue to use them on innocent persons.

However, to hold the Saudis accountable means that the operations of the U.S. M.I.C. must come equally into question since both entities increasingly use weapons against civilian populations and do so with impunity (apart from the karmic imprint which will one day be paid in full).

“Saudi Arabia is looking to complete a $1.29 billion purchase of U.S. weapons, in part to replenish bombs and missiles used in Yemen. Reuters reports that a $11.25 billion purchase of Lockheed Martin warships is also expected to move forward, according to “military and industry sources.” The Congressional Research Service reports that Saudi Arabia topped the list of arms transfer recipients among developing nations from 2007 to 2014 with $86 billion in agreements, giving US defense contractors ample incentive to lend their own lobbying and PR firepower to the Kingdom’s efforts to manage public opinion.”

Those who arm the killers become them.

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Throwing " cheese " around Washington, D.C. always brings out the rats. Works like a charm which is why Saudi Arabia and their Friendly Usual Suspects, do it. John Podesta? Why am I not surprised? What a pant load that guy is.


How much could the Saudis be paying the perps and collaborators for their silence on 9/11?

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I was surprised the author failed to mention the Podesta Group’s initimate association with the Democraroc Party. It was founded by John and Tony Podesta, brothers who have worked for democrats going all the way back decades. John is better known, having worked for Clinton and Obama and currently chair of Hillary’s 2016 campaign and founder of Center for American Progress and think progress.com. John has evidently has taken a break from official connection with the lobbying firm still run by his brother, but his friendly attitude to the Saudi tyrants has been shared by all his bosses.