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Washington’s New Lock-Step March of Folly


Washington’s New Lock-Step March of Folly

Robert Parry

As polls show Hillary Clinton closing in on victory, Official Washington’s neoconservative (and liberal-hawk) foreign policy establishment is rubbing its hands in anticipation of more war and more strife, including a U.S. military escalation in Syria, a take-down of Iran, and a showdown with nuclear-armed Russia.


Syria and the Left: Time to Break the Silents.


If there were a reason to vote for Trump, this would be it. In the bygone days of MAD, military historians tended to agree that serious war was outmoded because of the mutually assured destruction and the nightmare of a nuclear winter. Then George Bush came along and made war doable again, not to say fun. Bernie Sanders was a huge disappointment in several ways, but his failure to pick up the anti-war standard is the biggest. When the chain of causation is examined carefully, election fraud is the evil genius behind it all. The "red shift" described by Jonathan Simon in his book, Code Red, described how the militant right has taken power, and it isn't because the general public has become fundamentalist Christian and radical supporters of Israel's apartheid state.


American foreign policy is not center or left or 'right'.
Rather, it is an extremist political disorder resembling an obsessive compulsive sociopathic illness.
Yeah, let's double down on yet more madness as this will surely solve the problems in the middle east?!?!


After watching Congressional Democrats rubber stamp Obama's corporate giveaways and watching the Democratic Party voters (who serially criticized Dubya) proceed to rationalize and sometimes cheer Obama expanding Dubya's legacy, to say "most Democrats would be hesitant to challenge their Party's new President" wins the understatement of the year award.

This issue is precisely why Clinton will be at least as dangerous a POTUS as Trump and possibly more dangerous.


It seems to be the death of an empire, overreaching until they self destruct. As we saw in Iraq and Libya, it never ends they way they think it will. So self assured are they that they are supreme and their will should be exerted around the world, they will bring on their own end.
Russia and China will not fold to the will of the Us as is expected. Netanyahu thinks he will run the middle east once the Shi'ite countries are taken out. The US thinks they can stop the trade relations between Russia, Iran and China. Both are sadly mistaken, it just may be the last of the neocons this time.
This kind of group think is going to be their undoing.
I don't think even a strong anti-war opposition in this country will work. They have proven they don't abide by the laws in this country or international laws, so they will have to be shown that they are not going to win.
Sadly, we suffer while they self destruct.


The neocons are working in the perceived interests of Israel, everyone else be damned.


The US gubmit does not follow the will of the electorate or laws...the US gubmit follows the orders it receives from its corporate owners. Eternal wars and occupations are one of the corporate owners' most lucrative profit centers.

Obama and Clinton are pushing to restart the cold war with Russia so the corporate owners have a more diverse portfolio...prudent investment strategy indeed !


The Well-bred Weakness of the Masses:


" No serious dissent is allowed; no contrarian thoughts expressed; no thinking through where the schemes might end up-unless you want to be marginalized as an Assad "apologist" or a Putin "puppet." AND RIGHT NOW, THERE DOESN'T SEEM TO BE ANY PRACTICAL WAY TO STOP THIS MARCH TO FOLLY."

The reason there is no practical way to stop this folly is that Amerika is, and has been, at least since the Korean so-called war, a military dictatorship that is supported by the economic elite and their fawning parasites in the MSM, that have always been cheerleaders for the warmongers and have been able to brainwash the majority that the U.S. is a democracy, in it's foreign policies, instead of a totalitarian, fascist regime with a carte blanche license kill and to invade countries at will, around the world to murder untold thousands of innocent people in the name of " defending liberty"; bringing them "freedom and democracy"; " " stopping terrorism": we have to stop them over there, or we will have to fight them here"; when nothing could be further from the truth!


More and more of these articles are coming out citing "Government officials". You , the voter , are being set up. The groundwork being laid to suggest that any questions regarding the outcome of the vote is because of Russia faking those accounts of fraud.

The electoral process itself has been totally compromised by the US Government. They are deliberately leaking all of this misinformation in anticipation of a fraud they plan to foist on the people. Any that protest the outcome will be treated like those water protectors in North Dakota both as enemies of the state and tools of the Russian Government. You WILL accept the leader that has been selected for you.

This makes McCarthy look like a choirboy in comparison.


"Peace and love to the world is the only answer." Instead of God bless America; how about God bless the world?

I get so sick and tired of American exceptionalism."War is over if we want it." But that is the whole problem, the wrong people do not want it over! To the warmongers and economic, elite that control America: WAR IS THE ONLY ANSWER!


Gabbard endorsed Sanders. Before she did she resigned her position in the DNC - in sharp contrast to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who used the DNC to support Clinton and attack Sanders. Gabbard nominated Bernie for President at the Democratic National Convention and, after Sanders lost, announced she'd be voting for Clinton.

Gabbard is a true anti-war progressive and may well be the face of the future anti-war/progressive movement.

It's doubtful Clinton or the Democratic establishment will forgive her for that.

But I think Gabbard has the chops to make it anyway.

After seeing (and thanking) her at a rally for Sanders in Oregon, I was very impressed with her friendliness and strength of character. I never before sent money to the campaign of a congressional candidate in another state, but I did for Tulsi - and will continue to do so.

She deserves our support.

"There is no denying that the interventionist wars in Iraq and Libya that were propagated as necessary to relieve human suffering have, in fact, increased human suffering in those countries many times over."



If you scratch beneath the surface it very apparent that the truth of what happened post WW2 has been deliberately distorted. It was a lie that went on for decades. Mr Kennan , the person who helped design the "Contain Russia " Strategy said as much when he claimed in later life there no reason for the Cold war.

The Korean war was a fraud orchestrated by the USA. It did not ever have to happen as with dozens of conflicts that occurred after that from Vietnam to Afghanistan.

The "There is a missile gap" time period in US Histroy is a prime example as to how these guys operated. The US Government claimed a missile gap in Russia,s favor of several hundred ICBMs at a time when the USSR had less then a dozen of those things.

Now when a Russia sees this and sees the US Government investing billions in more missiles to counter that which does not exist, how were they ro react? If they claimed they only had a dozen, the US would have attacked.


Sad but based on experience, all too true. As I've written on several posts responding to HRC's few reliable apologists and LEV folk here, a major part of my concern is that so many D's will just sit back in their easy chairs after the election, feeling that they can rest now that a D is back in the White House. They'll defend her without hesitation. Most of them will keep silent about the expansion of war, of fossil fuel use, and of poverty, denigrating all those who raise their voices in dissent.


:..The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said..." (Daily Mail)

Yes...a key point. Why does not the routine attribution of such claims to "anonymous government sources" result in public dismissal of the claims? Is it not obvious that disinformation campaigns are at work?

Unfortunately, the m.o. of those "sources" is to give willing publishers and "reporters" a steady supply of material. Whether it's truth or fiction hardly matters - especially if it conveniently fits the overall narrative of their biases.


Thanks for your passionate response. People seem to think nuclear war is nothing to worry about and few know the story you tell, of a Russian who saved us from hell on earth. I think the logic today is that limited wars can be fought. Today's nukes are not the monsters of yesterday. They are "tactical". I have no doubt there are weapons today the public knows nothing about, weapons such as the one that destroyed the WTC: a very "tactical" weapon. Destruction is still mutually assured, but confrontations in proxy wars, short of a full scale super power confrontation seem to be the game to play. The clock is 3 minutes to midnight. The probability is increasing. The insanity of the powers-that-be, Clinton and her ilk, has never been more clear than it is today. I voted Green. Had to write her in here in NC. She's the only candidate who is not insane.


It seems that the only thing that will preserve the US from total lunacy and WWIII is the election of Stein as president, There may still be a chance. The people of the US have to overcome their compulsion to lead the march into the world's devastation is to overcome their aversion to Dr. Stein.


The author asks for a clear "where do I stand" statement that is suggesting that siding with Assad is the same as siding with the US and the Jihadists.

Where I stand is with the Syrian people. Let them decide and if they select Assad in what are deemed fair elections (as the last were according to international monitors) that becomes their choice.

While I then can make a personal choice as to what goods I might buy from Syrians or the role of our own government in its dealings with the same , or condemn actions they might take against other Countries in the World , neither I or any country in the world have the right to dictate to the Syrians the government it should have,.

This especially dealing with the use of force and violence to deal with the same. If one is anti-war , they can not be for the use of war and violence when one thinks it ok unless in very limited circumstances with the definition of when these circumstances are occurring , left out of the hands of Government.

As such the author , in equating this stance with being a pro-assad fetishist is off the mark.


The neocons are working in the interest of global capitalism, of the world bank, 1% of the 1%. Israel is a troublesome extension of the CIA.