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Washington’s War on Poor Grad Students


Washington’s War on Poor Grad Students

Jill Richardson

Imagine having to pay thousands of dollars of taxes on virtually no income.


How else will the billionaires pay for the cost of their private jets? We have to have some sort of balance going there–you give with one hand, you take away with the other. BTW–not every PhD student gets tuition waivers or part-time jobs at the university. I had to pay tuition, get loans, AND hold a job off campus. Maybe fortunately for me, I just graduated, before the zombies in Congress put this death-plan into place…


Excellent article Thank you.


Same with me…when I was a graduate student, working on my PsyD, I had to work part-time, maintain my household (because I was an older student), plus do practicum work for free…no stipend of any kind. I’m drowning in school loan debt. The future for our kids and even for adults who want to go back to school, like I did, is looking dismal. Why would our government wish to have a bunch of dummies instead of well educated citizens…well…I guess I can answer that one…zombies all…or sheep…or whatever.


It is easy to understand. The .01% want only well educated, motivated, bright and educated working on Wall Street since that is the only place people with advanced degrees can make enough to pay off their debt. In the process, of course, the will become minions and mercenaries of the .01% and are less likely to educate or lead a revolt of the masses. An insidious and brilliant if evil
policy that has been on going for over a hundred years.,


“Gut graduate education in America and you’ll gut education as a whole.”

Gutting education IS the goal. That is why DeVoid is Secretary of Education. There are probably few things more frightening to the oligarchy than a liberally educated population.


The USA is a funny place… My son did a year at CalPoly and was not overly thrilled - they didn’t let him take the classes he wished for, so he was bored. He thought that was a waste of $22,000 and this year he decided to study in Denmark. Tuition is free and as he holds dual citizenship, he receives a monthly living allowance of $950. At the Danish Technical University, PhD student are paid between $4,700 and $5,700 per month (including pension payments) depending on their seniority.

I would add that for somebody with a middle class income, when you include the costs of education and healthcare, I would say “taxes” are higher in the USA than in Denmark.


Obviously, Republican lawmakers feel that only the offspring of the well-to-do deserve to be well-educated. Their ideology blinds them to many things, one of which is the value to society of an educated citizenry. Making higher education possible for all who want it is one of the best investments that a society can make. History has proven this. There is no question about it. But these days it seems that our greatest resource, which is people, does not rank very high on their agenda. Scientists are either ignored or disrespected, teachers are blamed for everything, intellectuals are reviled.

At the same time, high-ranking Military Officers, Corporate CEO’s and Billionaire Hedge Fund Managers are admired and respected, almost to the point of worship.

The ideologues of the Right, and their anti-intellectual, anti-science, authoritarian short-sighted policies are well on the way to doing permanent damage to this country.


Most of the people that did what both you and ncycat did (and many others especially women) made many sacrifices for their education. It makes it all the more important to make the most of this knowledge. This tax plan is one thing that needs to go in my opinion.


Excuse me- there is a big difference between educated and smart. Dump and his cabinet are educated. Are they smart or even decent as humans?