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Washington State: Charter School Backers Want to Oust Judge Who Authored Anti-Charter Decision


Washington State: Charter School Backers Want to Oust Judge Who Authored Anti-Charter Decision

Diane Ravitch

Voters of Washington State, wake up!

The billionaires who have been trying to privatize your public schools are up to their old tricks.

Bill Gates and his pals have been pushing charters schools since the late 1990s. There have been four referenda on charter schools in Washington State. The privatizers lost the first three, but swamped the race with millions in their 2012 campaign and won by a razor-thin margin, defeating the NAACP, teachers, parents, the League of Women Voters, and school board members.


Just how much money did Bill Gates make selling "his" software and its many "upgrades" to governmental agencies around the country? I don't know the answer, but it's a BFN (big fucking number). What a greedy pig to want more. What a fucking greedy pig.


Allen, Gates and Hastings are sociopaths.


Right there with you Ms. Ravitch in the anti-Charter school fight. But didn't you endorse Hillary for Prez? Bill Gates is a buddy of hers and Bills. Won't there be a continuation of Obama's privatization of education agenda under Clinton?


Okay, let's put some money where our mouths are. Contribute to Madsen's campaign.


I cannot afford much, so I gave what I could. I urge others to do the same.



I live in Washington state. First, Paul Allen he does not care about kids at all. On Lopez island in the San Juan islands was a summer campground for kids, ages about 9-16 years old. Camp Nor'Wester existed since about 1935 till about 2000's, or so on Lopez island, until Paul Allen bought the property where Camp Nor'Wester existed. Paul Allen's first move, evict the kids, and Camp Nor'Wester, punk move Paul. He then proceeded to build himself a huge mansion home. Also, he forced the kids to move to a remote island that is not serviced by the Washington state ferries. Paul Allen, Bill Gates, and all these other billionaires can care less about public schools, or the Special Education kids, poor kids, or any kids that need special attention. Charter Schools to them is a cash cow. Bill Gates sitting on 75 billion dollars, and Paul Allen want more, horrible, dreadful excuses for human life!


Unplug the technocracy


I am extremely disappointed that she backed HRC as I have admired this woman for some time. She has always struck me as supporter of public education and against this Charter School mess. HRC is no fan of public education, considers Gates a close family friend--and he hates public education, donates millions to charter school operations. He is also a fan of GMO foods, Monsanto, Bayer, Dupont and against the labeling of foods with GMOs. She has lost all credibility and needs to go away.


Wasn't Ravitch one of Dubya's architects of no child left a dime ?


Bingo, you are correct. Former Assistant Secretary of Education Ravitch praised Dubya, and congress in 2005 for,"No Child Left Behind." Four years later she change her mind, and wrote a book about her mind change, by then public schools, teachers, students, and families were already screwed over badly. The damage was done. I can't end this without mentioning Campbell Brown. This women is a corporation prostitute, who it appears has no problem throwing defenseless children underneath the school bus.


Thanks, Diane. Very timely article. I fill out my ballot tomorrow.
Again, thanks.


It's a mess. We do not elect federal judges; they are appointed. We do elect judges at the state, county and municipal elections in non-partisan elections. Voters don't know the candidate's political affiliation.

Voters also generally don't have any direct knowledge about judges' records either. In my state, the conduct of candidates for the judiciary are rated by lawyers. (There's a group of trustworthy people!) The results of the rating process are printed in the voter guides, but it doesn't tell you much about who these people are. It is impossible to make an informed choice, so I don't vote those ballot lines except in those rare instances when I have direct knowledge about a particular judge.

The appointment of judges is also tricky as those are political appointments made by whomever happens to be in power at the time. The Supreme Court is the perfect example of the political gridlock gripping government. The US is stuck with nothing less than an activist court (left leaning or right leaning)--unelected--making law. Just nine people making law for a nation of millions. Something pretty anti-democratic about that, too.

And, to make matters worse, because federal judge slots are appointed, a vacancy rate of 10% hangs over the nation because Congress won't confirm the nominations for political reasons. This explains the vacancy on the Supreme Court right now, along with the 90 vacancies on appeals and district courts as well.

It's some kind of crazy system.