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Washington State Lauches Suit Against Monsanto for Toxic PCB Pollution


Washington State Lauches Suit Against Monsanto for Toxic PCB Pollution

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Washington on Thursday became the first U.S. state to file a lawsuit against Monsanto for damages related to the company's production of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).

Monsanto was the only U.S. company to produce the toxic industrial chemicals from 1935 to 1979, when they were banned by the Toxic Substances Control Act.


Law suit? How about the guillotine instead?


Monsanto: lawsuit "lacks merit"...perhaps Hugh Grant, the CEO of Monsanto could be the deputy EPA administrator to assist Scott Pruitt with the total dismantlement of any and all environmental regulatory oversight in the U.S. The pair could pollute all the major rivers, lakes, aquifers, and streams (and their banks) in the U S without looking back. Monsanto will settle out of court with the state and continue their destruction (BAU) around the world

My great grandparents homesteaded in North Central Washington in the late 19th Century before Washington became a state. My family are five-generations born in the beautiful state. And I feel so privileged to live in the Evergreen State and am extremely proud of our long line of highly effective Dem. Governors and Attorneys General...forward thinking, compassionate, capable, and consistently represent the best interests and advocate for the well-being of the state's residents and those of our surrounding states along with our neighbor to the North, Canada.


Seatower, I wish I had those sort of accolades for the state of MO which is not my blood's home state but the natural world here too is a glorious affair. But waning as in many other beleaguered areas on the globe.

It is however home to, you guessed it............Voldemort otherwise known as Monsanto and his bought and paid for political and pathetic politicians. Roy Blunt comes to mind and then there's Claire McCaskill, on the take as well.

A rough world it is when you care about something besides money.


Bravo to Washington State!

So-called "regulatory" agencies now wholly-owned subsidiaries of agri-business/Monsatan, big-oil/gas, big-pharma, corporate factory "farming", and other polluters of any corporate entity! Through the "revolving-door" of corporate agents in, out and back-again of such agencies, corporate/"lobbyist" subversion, entirely corrupted by big-money and influence, with of course the collusion of a compliant, complicit, and corrupt Congress, courts, and WH - both parties seeking corporate campaign-contribution bribes and neck-deep in the frauds and crimes, subservient to money and profits, not serving the people's interests or safety!


No Doubt.

Ours settled up along the Kettle.

Gotta respect the Land it is all that we have


I fear nothing will happen until corporate officers are held criminally liable with the possibility of real prison sentences...and not in Club Med federal facilities.


Yay finally WA does something that I can be proud of!


Don't sue Monsanto...shut them down!
And, while you're at it ask Michigan to nail Nestle to the wall for stealing water when Flint is in trouble.
Is this really what making America great is all about; corporations screwing with people and trashing the environment? Too bad ther isn't a planet-B


Exactly right.


Is there still any doubt that the corporate personages are psychopaths?