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Washington vs. The Squad

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/17/washington-vs-squad


Let’s all say it together: Pelosi is much more comfortable serving the corporate-friendly Blue Dogs in her caucus than the worker-friendly progressives in her caucus.

As such, she’d rather Trump get re-elected than Bernie Sanders. Her big donor gravy train is safer with Trump.


“ . . . originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe . . . ” This rather well characterizes the government of the country of origin of three of these women, who with the fourth splendidly exemplify what it means to be a public servant, something incomprehensible to the current catastrophizer-in-chief.


Looks like.

Can’t really be too surprised Trump has resisted calling for impeachment.

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Title should read:

Wall Street vs The Squad


Oh Nancy Pelosi:
GO back to the 20th century—even though your 9 grandchildren have to live in the 21st century—which started some time ago.
YOU seem to think that nothing has changed in all that time—haven’t you noticed how unhappy and angry citizens are with America? And It’s not just being horrified with Trump either;
YOU need to realize that the world you grew up in doesn’t exist anymore. Look at it this way—Greta Thunberg, a 16 year old girl spoke about a necessity that we need to address–Climate Crisis—, and the world LISTENED!
When an unknown girl from another nations speaks—and the WORLD LISTENS—that means that we are now in a different world----and that world needs to change NOW! Move with the times, Nancy—or just step out of the way!


The author does not mention another feature of Washington, the inside the Beltway press, that also are hostile to the four representatives and the vision and theory of change they represent.


Pelosi responds to her contributors just as any establishment politician does, just as corporations respond to their shareholders.


That’s just it. There weren’t 20 Democrat candidates on stage, giving lip service to the platform Bernie’s been advancing for decades (as America sank into tag-team oligarchy). There were 17 sneering jackals, only there to stomp down universal healthcare, the Green New Deal, Black Lives Matter, anti-usury legislation, freedom of the press, dissent and transparency, regenerative agriculture… Imagine 30-40 MORE uppity, woke congresscritters, fighting FOR us? You thought this’d be easy?


Getting me a tshirt that says" I stand with the squad".


Wow. I had no idea about this guy. Thank you for the link. So worth the read…

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what a misleading headline, its the GOP vs the Squad, Pelosi and the Democrats obviously defended then strongly.
As for the previous dust-up, it was a two way street. The squad’s criticism of the Democratic leadership’s approval of the immigration funding bill was over the top. That bill provided much humanitarian assistance as well as enforcement funding. Both sides in the Democratic debate should have understood that with GOP in control of the Senate there was no perfect solution and reasonable people could well disagree on the best strategy.
And remember, demonizing Pelosi can only work for the advantage of the GOP ad their bigoted, polluting coalition. Indeed I suspect some of the nasty anti-Pelosi comments on sites such as CD are GOP trolls hoping to dupe the gullible.

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I agree with the author Pelosi must bear some of the responsibility for these attacks on the Squad.

She is obviously a Right Wing Corporate Democrat and her goal is not to serve the needs of the people but to protect Corporate Donations.

Her snide sarcastic remarks about the goals of the Progressive Women has opened the door for Bigots like Trump to agree with Nancy and allowed the Right Wing Cable Media to call Progressive Humanitarian ideals radical far Left Wing Socialist ideas.

We have to Normalize the ideas that Bernie is advocating for otherwise we will sink further into the abyss of Corporate Fascist Control and leave WE THE PEOPLE struggling for the scraps.


DT did Pelosi (and thus himself) as huge favour by tweeting that garbage. The worst thing for DT is the populist progressives members going to war with corporate-owned Democrats. Progressives would win that war, which would make Trumps’s chances for re-election slim-to-none. So he tweets racism, Pelosi leaps to the Squad’s defense, and suddenly focus is off what crooks the Democratic leadership really are. As long as the fight is about identity politics and not class, Pelosi and crew get to stay in control of the Democrats and DT wins.

That’s a hoot Barry, you think we’re gop trolls. In case you haven’t noticed, Pelosi and the rest of the DINO’s already work for the gop, calling them on it can’t possibly make things worse than they already are.


In 2016, Gottheimer flipped a northern New Jersey congressional seat that had been in Republican hands for more than two decades, representing a slew of Wall Street commuters,*

So he’s Wall Street Blue, so are all of the Dem ‘leadership’ and moderate ‘centrists’

As I’ve been saying for at least a decade`


Um, barry, it turns out The Squad and lots of other Dems have every reason to criticize Pelosi’s handling of the immigration funding bill. In her rush to pass whatever, she effed up. Chuck Schumer said so in a meeting with 30 members of the House Progressive Caucus. From an article at The Intercept:

“Schumer, in response to questions, told the Progressive Caucus members that the Senate had always expected the House to pass a stronger bill, after which the two chambers would negotiate a compromise — either informally or through a conference committee. Instead, House leaders simply waved through the Senate bill without letting him know they planned to cave.”

Here’s the article…


He’s another gop plant inside the dem party. If he talked working people the way he talks to fellow congress critters, he’d get knocked on his ass, and rightly so.