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Washington Watch: Charlottesville and Beyond: The Never-ending Struggle


Washington Watch: Charlottesville and Beyond: The Never-ending Struggle

James Zogby

The tragic and deeply disturbing events in Charlottesville last week provoked a debate as old as America, itself. Our nation watched as a motley collection of bigots descended on that town, ostensibly to "save" the statues of their Confederate heroes. Some were armed, and many chanted Nazi-era slogans about racial purity and their definition of "true Americanism". They were confronted by opponents who responded with affirmations of what they called "American values" of diversity and tolerance.


“It is possible to read the history of this country as one long struggle to extend the liberties established in our Constitution to everyone in America.”
― Molly Ivins

It just goes to show how undemocratic our Constitution is. Struggle may well be a part of life for myriad reasons, but to struggle for human rights, and keep fighting the same fight for centuries reveals real structural flaws in the document on which our society is organized. The 21st century has arrived, and corporations are actually gaining human rights through the Courts, as people are losing ones that have been codified through amendment to the Constitution. The oligarchs of this nation have been stirring this Kool-Aid for a very long time, and We the People have been, for the most part, drinking it in.

If we don’t start envisioning a better world, it isn’t going to happen. And with that, kudos to the late Gene Roddenberry!