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Wasserman Schultz Faces FEC Complaint from Progressive Challenger


Wasserman Schultz Faces FEC Complaint from Progressive Challenger

Nika Knight, staff writer

With less than a month before the Florida congressional primary on August 30, incumbent Debbie Wasserman Schultz is facing a potential Federal Elections Committee (FEC) complaint from progressive challenger and law professor Tim Canova.


This conniving little witch has more trouble coming as the DNC lawsuit is moving forward. She will need Hillary’s protection if she ever expects to survive the bumpy road ahead.
Go Canova


Crooked Debbie, employed by Crooked Hillary.


Tim Canova talks with Larry King in the first 8 minutes of King’s show on RT last Friday:

Tim Canova says he will file an official complaint against primary opponent Wasserman Schultz


These colluding DNC / Clinton fools are handing the White House to the horrific Trump.

Millions of people already know that the main people to blame for Trump are the DNC and the Clinton campaign.

We need to keep our feet planted in the truth, when the massive corporate propaganda tidal wave of “Blame Sanders! Blame Stein!” washes over us.


This slimy weasel, DWS, needs to be declawed, and there isn’t a single thing anybody can do about it.

People like her were confident that The New Decider (Crooked Hillary) would be able to steal the WH, so she went all-in helping make it so.

With friends like the corrupt Clintons backing you, there isn’t a snowflake’s chance in hell that you’ll be mortally wounded…or even scratched.


The Mighty Wurlitzer (mainstream media) has nothing to say about this, of course, like the contents of other leaked DNC emails… “Emails? What emails? Focus on those insidious Russian hackers, folks! Focus, folks! Focus!”


If push comes to shove, Clinton will certainly throw DWS under any available bus.


Is it any wonder voters by the millions do not trust the Clinton campaign, DNC and Little Debbie? It was a sharp stick into the eyes of all voters by Clinton when D W-S was forced to resign for tampering/malfeasance favoritism/corruption and immediately hired by Clinton. There is no honor among thieves…



Birds of a feather…


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DWS’ replacement at the DNC helm will be at least as fascist as she is since such appointments become final only after Wall Street gives the nod.


Unlikely - What’s more likely to happen is that win or lose, indicted for breaking FEC rules or not, Debbie already has a job waiting for her in the Clinton Administration.

The DNC is counting on the public’s short attention span as they blame all of this on the Russians. Meanwhile, Tim Canova will win her seat in the House, but he’ll be hog-tied as a law maker as he’s denied any meaningful Committee appointments while facing a corporate primary challenger in 2018.


Now that heads are beginning to roll at the DNC, I AM HOPING some unhappy folks will begin to spill the beans. However, I know better. They are all anticipating WH jobs if their candidate makes it through the next couple of months and slithers into the WH. People most stand up and become outraged about the lies and cheating and scheming and corruption. Good luck to Tim Canova.


So maybe you expected honesty from DWS or what. Remember she is the best friend that the Florida Loan Shark industry ever had. She fits well with the dark queen.


Hi BillGee. What job do you think will be waiting for Debbie in the Clinton Administration? Hillary’s BFF? Maybe Hillary will make BFF a new cabinet position. Or maybe Debbie can be Hillary’s Lewinsky. Probably not – that’s Huma’s job.


Can the Canova primary challenge to DWS be seen as the first flowering of a “Tea Party of the Left” strategy to knock out centrist Democratic incumbents? Everyone is scurrying to the extremes. Unless we are intending to fight a civil war, the left and right populists will need to find some areas of agreement. The anti-elitist anger on the right and the anti-Wall Street impulse of the left sound like different arrangements of the same song.


I hope it isn’t hair stylist to Her Royal Heinous.


She too may have an unfortunate suicide in her future…


This comes as no surprise to me. DWS has no concept of ethical behavior.