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Wasserman Schultz Has a Change of Heart, But Too Little, Too Late


Wasserman Schultz Has a Change of Heart, But Too Little, Too Late

Bill Moyers, Michael Winship

Return with us now to the saga of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the soul of the Democratic Party.

First, a quick recap: Rep. Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), chair of the Democratic National Committee, also has been an advocate for the payday loan industry. The website Think Progress even described her as the “top Democratic ally” of “predatory payday lenders.” You know — the bottom-feeding bloodsuckers of the working poor. Yes, them.


The "DLC lust for loot" did NOT wait for the "Clinton years".

Within the first year of the DLC's existence Congressional Democrats enabled Ronny Raygun's 1986 tax "reform" to be enacted. 1986 tax "reform" ushered in the most regressive income tax code revisions in history. Congressional Democrats continue to praise 1986 "reform" as a bipartisan effort that they and Obama told us would be a model for Obama's second highest second term priority...tax reform to reduce corporate taxes. Fortunately, Obama has been spending so much time fighting opposition to his highest second term priority (TPP/TTIP) that he will probably not have time to give us a second helping of 1986 regressive tax "reform".


Nothing paints a starker contrast to what has been at stake in this primary season than Wasserman-Schultz supporting the payday loansharking industry, while Bernie Sanders advocates setting up postal banking for low-income Americans that would, among other things, offer low-interest, small dollar loans to those whose only option right now are said legal loan sharks. Wasserman-Schultz richly deserves to be tossed out on her ear, so please support Tim Canova, and work to defeat Hillary in November! #NeverHillary.


Spot On. Continue to expose the purveyors of empire and privilege no matter their party affiliation. Hopefully, the movement which Bernie agreed to serve, but did not create, will continue to rise like the tide and drown them all.


This style of writing drives me nuts. The headline says "Wasserman Schultz Has a Change of Heart, But Too Little, Too Late" - so that's what I want to read about. Right?

First, a quick recap:

That "quick recap" occupied 25 paragraphs in a 31 paragraph article. The author could just as easily have said "Debbie changed her vote on the pending payday loan resolution" and then provided a "quick" 25 paragraph rehash of her previous record and then detail her recent "change of heart".


Heart? Bologna! D W-S is as corrupt a political creature as her mistress, HRC, and neither of them demonstrate any "heart" when they abuse the public, the poor, victims of war and destabilization, serve Banker/Wall Street parasites and Corporate greed, etc, etc. By and large they and those they serve are devoid of "heart' and demonstrably so!

By contrast, as Cuba Gooding's character in "Jerry McGuiire" so strongly put it, Bernie Sanders Is ALL HEART mofo!


You can bet your last nickle that neither Clinton or Trump will allow a return to Postal banking, the only real solution to payday lending problems.


When you have column space to fill, you fill column space even if it is as devoid of reason as a libertarian.


I would never support HRH or DWS.


Why would a citizen of the nation knowingly invite corruption? Seems to me that little problem is already completely out of control.


DWS = Corruption. She sold out. Otherwise she would never have supported payday lending to start with.


Schultz represents the new Clinton Democrat friendly with banking and other special interest just look at the Monsanto connection to her and Bill as described here http://naturalsociety.com/hillary-clinton-supports-gmos-again-68509/ On every important economic issue Clintonites back the special interest....I would vote for anyone else.


Each to their own, I suppose. I've never found anything Bill writes to be unworthy of my time. Then again, I appreciate information, not sound-bytes.


I have no quibble with what they (Moyers & Winship) have to say. It's the way they and many others go about saying it. That should have been clear from my comment.

And it's not about sound bytes versus verbosity. It's about grabbing the readers' attention then dragging us through multiple paragraphs of review (most with which the intelligent reader is already familiar) before making their point.

.. like I said in my original post ..


My feeling is that you can't really "change your mind" on something like this. Really? She just had a spiritual epiphany? The term flip-flop just never goes out of style.


More calculus from the neocons. F***''em.


At the convention, to show Bernie supporters the DNC really wants us: Wasserman Schultz needs to resign, Malloy and Frank need to remove themselves from the rules committee, Hillary needs to release her Wall St transcripts, Obama needs to promise not to pardon Hillary, and the platform needs to be completely staffed with Bernie people. How can they call CA before over 2 million mail in votes have been counted? Still disappointed in Brown, Boxer and Pelosi. Still hopeful that Bernie continues his path to the White House!