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WATCH: Ahead of Midterms, 'Rigged' Exposes GOP's 10-Year Effort To Sabotage Democracy by Undermining Voting Rights


WATCH: Ahead of Midterms, 'Rigged' Exposes GOP's 10-Year Effort To Sabotage Democracy by Undermining Voting Rights

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As the GOP's attacks on voting rights continue across the United States—from Georgia to North Dakota and Kansas—and a massive coalition of progressive groups has formed to break the hold that powerful corporate and wealthy interests have on American democratic institutions, the recently released documentary Rigged: The Voter Suppression Playbook aims to reveal, "in chilling detail, the dark genius behind the ten-year Republican strategy to reverse the rising demographic tide of minority voters."


I sent a letter to the editor of the Rochester Post-Bulletin (MN) a couple months ago laying out the case for how republicans were working to destroy democracy. The editor in charge (Jay Furst) said he thought he would print it, but thought I should tone down the “destroy” part. I reluctantly said “subvert” would be an acceptable, but second choice. Mr. Furst was fired just before my reply. My letter was not printed. BTW, the Rochester PB editorial board called for an end to the Mueller investigation last winter. I ended my subscription after that. Recent letters from me have not been accepted. Luckily we do have a couple of smaller circulation papers in the area who are willing to print letters from a wide spectrum of views, even the far right. I hope others here at CD spread their opinions farther than just here, singing to the choir.


What we, as a nation, have lost” would be more like it. Nothing like closing the barn door after the horse has run off.  The Lying Son-of-a-Bush won the Presiduncy in 2000 'cause the election was rigged and he won in Ohio.  He won in Ohio because he won several traditionally DamnocRatic districts in Cleveland, and he won those districts in Cleveland 'cause they were using easily-rigged voting machines made my Diebold, whose CEO was one of Bush’s bribe-bundling ‘Rangers’.  Since 2000 RePoopLickens have gotten control of thirty
of our of fifty states and thereby control of “our” elections, and with Kavanaught now on the Sub-Prime Court, good luck with suits seeking to protect voting rights — much less to restore them where they’ve already been taken away.


here we are in the 21st century still engaged in this battle over fundamental rights.

Peruse the entire history of the US and it becomes clear that it has been one of battling over fundamental rights.


And there are myriad domestic enemies in GOP.


Round and round again until the climate kills us all off.


One could argue that it has been a battle for all countries. Rights have to be continually fought for. The enemies of freedom will never stop trying to rule through tyranny.


The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance.  — or something to that effect.   Unfortunately, America’s watch-
men persons fell asleep at the switch or – more likely – they were bought off . . .


John Philpot Curran (1750-1817), according to my Bartlett’s, although it appears that just about everybody has said something to similar effect.


The Republican Part has degenerated into a party that suppresses the vote and lies at every opportunity. Despite all the flag waving by Republicans their party doesn’t represent anything that is American as far as I can tell. It is just a party that now as condescended to getting votes by appealing to the worst parts of people’s character, particularly racism. I that reached the edges of the right and to keep going has to destroy democracy. It is has a president who often appears to be working for the best interests of an adversary, Russia and an argument could be made that he is controlled by Russia. He has probably hidden his tax returns to hide his close financial associations with Russia. His original campaign manager, Paul Manafort, has been paid in the past to help Russia work against the interests of the US. The Republicans can still win elections because fear and hate are effective for getting votes and so are lies. It appears that it is no longer possible to save the Republican Party from becoming a fascist party and the only hope may be the emergence of a center right party to replace the Republican Party. This is a very precarious situation as he head into the mid-term elections.


PROOFREAD, LRX — PLEASE PROOFREAD before posting (or at least - as I try to do - correct within the
30-minute time limit for editing . . . )


Maybe I’m Amazed At The Way You Hate Me.


The fight is NEVER over! We must all fight if we are to retain our democracy!


Election rigging goes way back with these gangsters, many decades:

Start 11 minutes in on the first one, or the whole thing if you want:




plus this story and many others

its been rampant ever since it was known by all that corporate interests were not in line with public interests, so the only way corporations could win politically is by fixing the game. Election rigging goes way back with these gangsters, many decades:


(Lrx, I stopped trying to read your post because of all the typos. I wish you’d proofread it before posting.)


Well, no matter how bad it gets, I’m not ever going to stop fighting and I will never give up! There ALWAYS has to be SOMETHING that we the people can do to make things better. I believe that these extremely wealthy, bigoted, lying, greedy, power hungry Republican men and women are using a divide and conquer strategy. They are using lies, fear, bigotry, and billions of dollars to take over the one remaining world super power, which is America, all for only themselves. They are using these lies and massive amounts of right wing propaganda and their divide and conquer techniques because they know that if all of us, all of the millions of us Americans who have to work every day for our living, people that they have been robbing of fair wages and benefits, clean air, clean water, proper justice, and access to necessary health care and education, and who have gone so far as to try to rob us of the truth, of decency, and proper morality and who have cynically dared to pervert our faith in our Christian God by twisting the words of God to serve their own evil purposes by saturating it with bigotry, lies, and the exaltation of greed and even daring to commit idolatry by turning God into Mammon, that if all of us working people ever stood together in one huge group and fought together for the benefit of all of us, that we would become an unstoppable force that would have the power to put them out of the business of this massive robbery and corruption, and that we actually could restore our democratic republic and its institutions and make our government truly serve the American people, instead of this minority of wealthy corporate overlords who are tearing everything that makes America great down with both hands as fast as they can.

So I will never give up fighting them because they are evil and are destroying, plundering, and robbing me and everyone else of everything that I care about, my religion, my country, the environment, mine and all other average Americans access to health care and access to education and justice, trying to stop our concern for one another and our ability to help each other, taking away access to the truth by calling truth lies and lies the truth, and trying to end all of our freedoms under our Constitution except the right to bear arms, and by destroying our democratic republic, and our common wealth, in order to create tyranny and dictatorship because of their own lust for absolute power and massive greed only for themselves. I will vote against these evil republicans in every election and every primary for as long as I live and still have the right to vote, and I will be as politically active as I can be and encourage others to also do so. Every vote, every donation, every person counts, because when our government goes wrong, it is not the time to get disgusted and stay away and refuse to participate, it is the time to get even more involved and to work even harder and to get others to help. This is a true emergency!

The more of us working to make it better, the better it will get. We need everyone’s ideas. Everyone is needed and everyone is important, never doubt that, no matter what happens or how anyone treats you. We must not allow petty, childish foibles to get in our way. This is not just about us. It is about everyone in America, our country, our freedom, our planet’s future, thousands of species of plants and animals including the entire human race, our children, our relatives, and our respect for God the Creator, and everything that we care about and hold dear because it’s all at stake. There are only two choices, one is to allow wealthy despots to take over and run America by the wealthy and for the wealthy and to allow them to rob us, plunder all of America’s natural resources for only themselves until they turn America into an ininhabitable toxic waste dump of death, where one half of America is underwater, and the other half is on fire, and to make the paradigm be everyone for themselves only, as no one will be encouraged or even allowed to care for or help anyone, a bigoted, selfish fake Christianity that worships Mammon, for greed and wealth, and that will turn America into a fake democracy that is really a fascist heretical Christian theocratic oligarchic totalitarian dictatorship run by the one percent for the one percent where the 99 percent have very few rights at all, sort of like Putin’s Russia, or instead, we the people, us 99 percent, restore our democratic republic and fix our broken institutions and restore government of the people, by the people, and for ALL of the American people regardless of one’s race, sex, ethnicity, income, etc. so that we are all one American people, as in e pluribus unum, or one nation out of many, which used to be America’s motto and should be restored as our motto, as we will by contrast be all for one and one for all. We must decide which version of America we want. We must choose between a dictatorship run by and for the few wealthiest Americans, that pollutes and plunders our country and promotes injustice, where all wealth goes to only the top, and will lead us to disaster, versus a democratic republic run by and for the many, people of all different socioeconomic statuses and categories, that will clean up our country and get rid of corruption and injustice and stop global warming and pollution with health care and proper education and jobs for all to share America with one another.

I know one thing for sure, that right wing republicans are liars and bigots and that they are completely wrong about everything. I also know that democrats have not always served us right either, but they are the only opposing party strong enough to have any hope of pushing back and defeating these evil republicans, so we have no choice but to vote for and work with the democrats. There ARE some good democrats who care and who do their best to do what is right! I don’t see ANY republicans doing anything good at all! If democrats get more power, then the corporate overlords will then inevitably try to corrupt the democrats, as they have already bought out the entire Republican Party, so we will have to remain diligent and vigilant and weed out any bad corrupt sell out democrats by primarying them out. It will take work because the left is right, but imperfect and not what it ought to be so we must work to improve it by remaining involved. Democracy is self government and if we the people don’t do it then the bad guys will take it over, which is exactly what has been going on. This has been happening for many years. We have all been way too complacent. We have dug ourselves into a deep hole that cannot be fixed quickly or easily and any right wingers will fight us tooth and nail all the way, as they are wanting to tear down what we want to build up. Too few Americans even bother to vote and unless more people participate we will all lose our freedom and democracy will die, and we will all live in a horrible right wing dictatorship, perhaps forever, practically as slaves. Once that happens, Democracy and our freedom will be very hard if not impossible to restore. We must NEVER allow this to happen and we are very close to losing it right now, so vote, because all of our lives DO ACTUALLY depend on it!

There are plenty of resources in this country to go around for everyone in America to have a decent healthy and happy sustainable eco friendly way of life if we will only share and care for each other as Christ told us to do in the Gospels. We can even save lives and save money if we do this. But there are not enough resources for everyone to all be millionaires and billionaires, but this is not essential to a good or happy life. Many wealthy people are not as happy as we all might imagine. Money can’t buy everything. Americans need to develop their spirituality and their inner beings more than we do. We are way too selfish and materialistic to a fault and have forgotten the joy of sharing and caring for others. So we must choose, whether we want to live according to a policy of every person only for themselves, versus living according to a policy of all for one and one for all. Now you decide which way you think is best.


Well, I for one, am so angry that I can never be bought off, besides I’m so precious that I’m priceless! The only way these republicans can ever stop me is to kill me, and I’m not even afraid to die for what I believe in anymore!


This is a good music video. I like AC/DC, but what does this have to do with the topic that we are discussing here or your comment above the video? I don’t understand.


Yes, you get it! I’m with you!


Absolutely. As has been stated in countless way, democracy is not a spectator sport. But the ubiquitous propaganda that we’ve been marinated in for our whole lives kept saying something different. When I was 11-12-13 yrs old back in the 1950’s we were given a general scenario that everything had already been worked out. That our national forebears fought for and won the civic virtues that we all need for a wonderful life. That they got it right. All that’s needed is to put our requests into the freedom and democracy machine and pull the lever. Presto, instant Ozzie and Harriet. Happy, happy Americans. It took a bit of time and reality to understand that democracy, fundamental human rights , fundamental needs, fundamental rational governance to create that which we see as normal and fruitful will not happen by cheerleading. Boy did we learn that. We have all of history to learn from but essentially, decency is pretty basic. It’s something our species inherits from birth. And there’s no plan ‘B’. We have to make it work. It is amazing how historically such relatively small numbers of bad actors have gotten away with what they have. Now that same perniciousness and greed (something the Ten Commandants somehow overlooked) has taken it’s narrow minded view of the world and the people in it and added nature itself. Physics and biology have set the goalposts. We have one choice. Death by cheerleading is not an option. We’re in this to win. Now and forever. For basic human decency that makes life so special and which nurtures the attributes that nature endowed to us. And for the common sense to understand the obvious warning signs nature is giving us.