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WATCH: Ahead of Midterms, 'Rigged' Exposes GOP's 10-Year Effort To Sabotage Democracy by Undermining Voting Rights


I know how Trump hates Rosie O’Donnell, and thought this song as a fitting reminder.


We need to consider mandatory voting for all citizens. Other countries have it, and we should have it, too, so that evil ones cannot prevent the exercise of American rights.


It is amazing to think the Democrats have to win the popular vote by 6-7% to even have a decent shot at maybe taking the House.


GOP tactics to maintain a majority in both Houses of Congress:

  1. Gerrymandering on steroids
  2. Restrict access to the voting booth by the poor, students, and the elderly.
  3. Eliminate valid voter registration forms based on party a!iliation.

And when all else fails … cancel the election.


I’d like to know what role the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has played in creating this mess! They word under the radar framing state legislation on many issues including pushing increasingly punitive measures to lock people up in private prisons! They’ve got blood and ink on their hands!


Look on the bright side, the fact that the Republican Party knows that they are losing political power and they have to resort to cheating and rigging elections in order to retain their political power, tells me they are running scared!


Of course Republicans rig elections but to only point your finger at them misses how corrupt their other half, Democrats, do the same.

Bottom line is that this entire system has been corrupted.


I watched this film. It’s worth of your time to do so as well, just saying’.
The subverting of the vote was/has been purposeful and planned, well funded and diabolically
thought-controled by state legislators, the RNC and the righty-wing-y ‘think tanks’.


Exactly, spot on.


Unrig it:


Primaries are different than elections. Primaries are like holding a vote for president of the local Moose Club or VFW. The politcal parties, like those entities, are private clubs and can make up whatever rules they like.
The problem is that money is so entrenched in our politcal system, and that states, not the federal government, control our elections, that it is now almost impossible to have a legitimate election where everyone is given the equal opportunity to participate.
Fixing the system would be relatively easy, that is if big money wasn’t involved. But it is, so changing what we have, short of a revolution, will be almost impossible.


If the DNC hadn’t rigged the nomination for Hillary in 2016, Bernie would be POTUS now, and it would be harder for the GOP to rig elections, block voters, etc.


I have this as a mantra whenever I try to encourage participation in the constant battles along with the phrase that if we do not continue to fight battles more and more civic rights will be removed and thrown into the dustbin of history.


Additional important information for your listening pleasure.


“The suppression of American voters is something we thought our country had moved past, and yet here we are in the 21st century still engaged in this battle over fundamental rights.”

Whoever wrote that thought hasn’t been paying very close attention to our current voting system. Just look back at the elections that got Bush II elected for evidence that this has been on ongoing issue. Gerrymandering is another example of voter suppression, which dilutes the value of individual votes. Then there’s that whole Electoral College thing that proves that we’ve never been a democracy in the first place. While the Republicans seem most often to be the beneficiaries of these irregularities, the Democrats–by their unwillingness to do anything about it–are equally guilty. I haven’t seen much movement on their part to brings up back to a paper-trail vote in spite of the horrendous vulnerability to hacking that is our present election system.


Part of the problem is that there are too many republican governors. They are not about to get off their duffs to change anything toward fairness.


Yes but along with eradicating the Electoral College and the gerrymander…publicly funded elections and to make the reactionaries’ rationalizations as moot issue free, publicly funded SS IDs with photos on them.


So,Nader thinks Mike Bloomberg is some clean government hero now? Shall,we all just place bets on our favorite oiligarchs?


Greg, any chance you have contact information for them? We can all at least sound off by jamming their phone lines.


Some of them are about to be kicked in their duffs. Along with, there is hope, many of their toady state legislators. If we can herd these folks back into the Know Nothing states where they belong, the country just might move forward.