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WATCH: Ahead of Midterms, 'Rigged' Exposes GOP's 10-Year Effort To Sabotage Democracy by Undermining Voting Rights


I can’t believe this article’s writer, and the comments, such ignorance and hate…It is the republican party that is trying to save our “democracy”. It is also the right who are against all the voter fraud democrats are trying to pursue of illegals, dead, and duplicate voters, totally doing anything to get back in power so they can destroy what obama didn’t finish. Too bad all you folks have such twisted views. With a total lack of respect for our country (including the flag) and common sense, I sincerely doubt our two parties will ever be able to meet in the middle.


Republicans suppress the vote in progressive districts, whereas Democrats suppress the vote in progressive districts.




Yes, you could argue that but my response was to this article regarding the US and in no way minimizes the unforgivable nature of the injustice perpetrated and perpetuated on black people.

Even in ancient Rome manumission bestowed the right to full citizenship in addition to freedom. In the US, for black folks–not white men we must remember–this has not been the case and, additionally, one of constant attempts by racist whites not only to restrict manumission only to reluctant freedom to blacks. It can further be argued that even this resented “freedom” for blacks has actually resulted in repeated re-enslavement of blacks in our penal system where they are not simply incarcerated disproportionately but in fact are the larger number of those incarcerated. Thus, mass incarceration as the new plantation. Then we see the disproportionate sentencing and severity of penalties for blacks for the same crimes committed by whites.

The type of slavery instituted in the US where the “freedom” of white men, boasting a “christian” ethos, rested and continues to reverberate today on the enslavement of blacks. For black people the right to vote has special significance due to their repeated experiences of exclusion and cyclical lynchings–note the ease and almost daily murder of blacks mainly by cops but at times also by fearful whites. They continue to experience one of the most barbaric forms of slavery.


See you just joined-- for what?


And another point made in the article and documentary that you have, hopefully watched and considered, was that it was the election of Obama that triggered this unprecedented voter suppression.

Yes and since it will need the collective will to reverse this and restore our eco-systems then historically excluded people such as black and indigenous must be given due respect and inclusion in the political process.


Well, you can just move along then, right?
I find your misguided, ridiculous comment very very sad.

Watch the film, get a better sense of what is actually going/has been going on regarding voter suppression; Rush Limbaugh and Fox Snuz aren’t ever going to tell you the truth, about anything.


We can Make “DEMOCRACY” Great Again!"