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WATCH: AOC Endorses Bernie Sanders at NYC Rally

Of course it is. You aren’t bringing anyone along with your endorsement and AOC will bring millions over to Bernie.

I agree, but if I were betting in Vegas, I would bet that Bernie has no chance to be nominated for POTUS in 2020. BUT THAT IS ONE BET I WOULD LIKE TO LOSE!

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We may not like the choices every time, but we still have to choose, or let someone else do it for us in one way or another.
Would we want a person at our dinner table who would make fun of anyone, who couldn’t keep their nose from dripping moisture having been stuck up in the clouds? And when it came down from the clouds briefly, it grew to unimaginable length.
On the other hand we might like the company of the world’s best looking, most intelligent, most non-racist, self proclaimed most honest person ever.
Is it really an honest choice in reality?

That just could be a tiny problem.

Core beliefs are basic truths :-)))

Hi Ditton, and thank you for this Mr Weaver and his information! Yes, I like to think of the Green New Deal as a natural continuation of what FDR started. : )

Weaver is me, it’s my middle name :-)))

I can see the CORPORATE OVERLOARDS already trying to bring Warren down----her 2% wealth tax has been resonating -------THE OVERLOARDS ARE NOT HAPPY! And my reading is they don’t see Bernie going anywhere----though yes they just pretend he is not there—and it seems to work. And the two people who are getting the attention are Mayor Pete and Klobuchar ------they know Biden is not up to this.

I think all these candidates fail at calling out the media----and if they do call the media out it should not be about themselves.


You are most welcome…I hope you explore the site and enjoy what you find.

I think his judgment is excellent. I would have happily voted for him as an independent in 2016, but I don’t think most voters were ready for something like that, and I’m not convinced going indy would have accomplished much more than splintering and dividing people.

Plus, for Bernie, his main priorities included beating Trump, builiding a bottom-up grassroots movement, and changing the Democratic party from within. The point being, he used the leverage they had (as a result of these rigging issues and the support he garnered during the primaries) to push through reforms - and he helped usher in a whole new generation of corporate free progressive candidates entering the races. We are still seeing that effect - along with his shaping of the entire debate with the issues being brought forth. There is no Elizabeth Warren as she currently “incarnates” without Bernie Sanders. And all of the candidates in the debates are debating on the issues as he influenced them.

Historically, too, many presidents have run more than once in a primary - losing the first time, but winning a second or third primary and then going on to win in a general. So his odds are better this time around.

The same isn’t the case if a candidate has run in a general and lost. That’s why - strictly in terms of numbers and odds (and not the quality of the candidate) - it doesn’t make sense for Clinton to run a second time. Not the primary - but the general.

But Bernie stands a chance - and running as a Democrat. Independents just haven’t been able to do that - so his odds are better going this way - and in spite of how rigged the system is.

So yes - I have my hopes with a grain of proverbial salt - but I think it’s nothing of short insanity for people not to throw their hats into the rink with a candidate of his calibur. (I don’t think Bernie is perfect - I’ve disagreed with him on issues - but I don’t know any candidate I’ve haven’t disagreed with about something - including Stein and other 3rd party/independents who are more “uncompromising.”)

Given how many candidates have entered the race - his 18% is excellent. And - you have to take that poll in the perspective of others. He’s basically in a tie with Warren for second place. (And we’re starting to see, in some areas, a three way first place - and in other areas, Bernie’s in first place - like New Hampshire, I think it is.) So I don’t see why you’re saying “only” except for the fact that the superdelegates may make the decision (and that’s basically a corrupt system).

But either way - we walk away with progress because Bernie Sanders entered the race. And any third party or independent candidate owes him for that - whether it’s 2016 or 2020.

So yes - I think it’s reasonable to believe we have a shot - and to fight for it. Given what he could and would do as POTUS - too much is at stake for ordinary Americans, people of other nations and the entire planet - not to.

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