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Watch as Trumpian "Fake News" Claim Backfires Spectacularly on US Ambassador to Netherlands


Watch as Trumpian "Fake News" Claim Backfires Spectacularly on US Ambassador to Netherlands

Julia Conley, staff writer

Already subject to criticism from the Dutch for his right-wing views, ambassador attracts ridicule for lying to reporter in live interview


After decades of ever more obvious serial lies from the GOP and their faux news propaganda platform, anybody who still has the ability to distinguish between truth and fiction has left the GOP. All who remain are serial liars and serial deniers.

Good to see former US allies and other nations not appeasing Trump and the GOP the way the allies appeased Hitler.

Although the US has had an epidemic of fake news at least since the media identified the gubmit’s “credibility gap” a half century ago, Trump fails to mention that he and the GOP are the source of far more fake news than all other sources of fake news combined.


Wave that kakistocrat flag, Mr. Ambassador/
Wave it wide and high/
Summertime’s done come and gone/
My oh my…


Hoekstra is just another in a long string of Trumpbarassments.

Nikki Haley, Flynn, Scaramucci., Jared, Don Jr, Sessions…Trumpbarassments one and all.


These people are delusional. And I know personally people who are delusional. And I recognize delusion when I see it.


The important thing to keep in mind is that evidence has no meaning to Trump and his gang of liars. Remember when Trump claimed he opposed the Iraq war only to be confronted with a radio broadcast in which he clearly said he supported going to war. That didn’t stop from continuing to claim he was against the war. In Trump world the only thing that matters is a statement supports your view, not whether it is true or not. He also call errors in the news media fake news in they aren’t news at all, they are errors. Fake news is completely fabricated news with no consideration of truth. It appears that Hoekstra is following the Trump playbook well. Lie all you want and never apologize for anything.


Another incompetent, lying Trump political appointee! I hope the Netherlands sends his ass packing!



Somebody said Trump believes his contradictions. Fervently.


Some of us in Michigan are relieved to be rid of Hoekstra. I hope my fellow citizens join me in apologizing for inflicting him on the good people of the Netherlands.